Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Democrats Spending a Lot of Time on Primaries and Tax Levies

Lake and Geauga Candidate and Issue Filings for the March 6 Primary

Commissioners Move to Raise your Taxes (w/your consent)

Only you, well a majority of you, can help the Lake County Commissioners raise property taxes on all of us.  According to the News-less-Herald, avoider of all news the establishment around here doesn't like, "Lake County Commissioners voted Tuesday ...." to give you the chance to raise taxes.

Bob Awful-dish and Dan Troy  should be reminded during their campaigns of the numerous times they have helped raise taxes.  They won't care though.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dan Troy Friend of Frank Russo and Jimmy Dimora is Running for the Ohio House

Lorraine Fende is useless and thankfully leaving the State Legislature.  Side note: After divorcing Daniel Serge years ago, the Mayfield Heights Fire Captain that went to jail for secretly taping children, is marrying the Judge she has been shacking up with for years--Larry Allen.

Now, we have the possibility of having Dan Troy replace her.  It can't get much worse.
Dan, Dan, Dan.  It makes sense now; all those articles with you talking about the size of government and spending.  Those articles didn't seem like you.  It is clear now.


More Choices

That magical time is approaching: the deadline to file petitions to appear on the March Primary Ballot.

Leroy Township Trustee Linda Buhrenne is going to compete for the Republican nomination.

At least we are getting rid of RINO Sines.  At least the entry of another republican candidate will force Dave Fiebig act more conservative.

Primaries are good and bad.  On one hand there is competition in the market place of ideas.  On ther other hand it is possible that candidates are bruised from a political beating.

Taxn' Ted and Judy Moran...nothing good can come from that either.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Do we have another choice?

Welp, the filing deadline is around the corner--and, we have some candidates declaring by pulling and filing petitions.

Never-seen-a-tax-he-didn't-like---TED Andrzejewski has filed petitions to run for County Commissioner.

Tax-Hike-Ted is currently trying to raise taxes on Eastlake so that he can continue to lavish generous pay and benefits on "the workers."  Eastlake residents must be ecstatic that may be able to get rid of Tax-Hike-Ted.  Ted's levy failed last November and now he is going for three more in March!

An old favorite is back again.

Councilman Dave Fiebig fresh off a loss against Lorraine Fende last year and an income tax hike in Willoughby Hills has also pulled petitions to run for County Commissioner.

If you think about it Fiebig would be a good replacement for Sines.  Think back to the almost primary challenge of Eastlake resident Mike Zuren that threatened Councilman Fiebig.  Fiebg was known on these pages as the self described moderate.

As you al know Willoughby Hills is filthy with people who want to raise taxes and reward the workers.  Weger, Somich, Reichelt, Chris Collins, ....Unfortunately, the stench of the recent income tax increase in Willoughby Hills will follow Fiebig.  It may not be fair, but neither is life.