Friday, April 30, 2010

Rep. Latourette, Mayor Wegar and Mayor Anderson Support Raising Taxes: Endorse Issue 5

A second major piece of literature was delivered today in order doop Lake County Residents into voting for Issue 5.  Let's be clear: Issue 5 is a tax increase and a new tax.

Rep. Steve Latourette is placed prominently on the literature next to Commissioner Bob Aufuldish.

Steve Latourette is an embarrassment now.  Grandstanding in Washington is one thing, but supporting tax increases is another.

Here is a link to Friends of MRDD list of endorsement for Issue 5.  Rep. Fende, Mayor Bonde, and Commissioner Aufuldish supporting a tax increase?  No surprise.

But, Rep. Latourette (R, OH-14), Mayor Bob Wegar (R, Willoughby Hills), and Mayor Anderson (R, Willoughby)?!  Yikes.

Rep. Latourette, Mayor Wegar and Mayor Anderson are supporting a tax increase.

Here is the piece


Editorial: Help United Way reach its food goal - The News-Herald Opinion-Lot'$ of People Profiting from Non-Profit!

A few months ago Kathy Sak over at her Inside Lake County blog posted the information about the salaries of local charity executive directors.  Kathy pointed out that Lake County United Way Director makes $117, 000 just in salary.

Editorial: Help United Way reach its food goal - The News-Herald Opinion : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

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At that Salary Ms. Foley better be out there hustling...hustling to get donations and not just pay her and the staff.

We strongly support private citizens giving to charity out of their abundance, and hope that this takes the burden off the the tax payer.  However, there are a number of people profiting from their work for non-profits, charities, and boards.

Take Elfriede Roman, director of the Lake County Board of Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities (MR/DD. ) Her salary is $135,924.10, not including benefits, etc. Again, hat-tip to Kathy Sak for this info.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pathetic: Schneider's Campaign Website

November's election is a long way away....

While googling around though the web browser stumbled across Rep. Mark Schneider's pathetic website.  Rep. Schneider is a great campaigner, the guy is everywhere.  But, what's up with his garbage website?

Former Rep. Ron Young is a strong candidate...Rep. Schneider better get serious.

Blog: Grendell, the governor and Mansiongate - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Sen. Grendell to the rescue!

Blog: Grendell, the governor and Mansiongate - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

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UPDATE: Legislative Committee Finances: A lot of money will be spent in Lake County

The Ohio House Democrat Caucus will spend at least a million dollars in Lake County.

Pretty consistent pattern with the legislative committee fundd; the party in power has a lot more money--about $2 million more!

Short and sweet: The House Democrat Caucus will spend more than a million dollars to defend Rep. Lorraine Fende (D, OH-62) and Rep. Mark Schneider (D, OH-63).

Rep. Ron Young stands a chance at keeping up with Rep. Schneider's fund raising, but it will be tough. Councilman Fiebig, however, will not be able to keep up with Rep. Fende's fundraising. Instead, Councilman Fiebig MUST fight the ground war against Rep. Fende; which, he seems to have started doing.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lake County House Races

Consider this the post that will live all spring and summer!

We were talking today about the State of OH-62 and OH-63, that is, the Ohio House races in which Rep. Fende (D, OH-62) and Rep. Schneider (D, OH-63) will have to defend their incumbencies (note: I did not say their seat).

Councilman Dave Fiebig's signs have sprouted up around Western Lake County, and his website got a much needed over haul.  It looks much better!  Councilman Fiebig fully integrated his site with the usual, popular social media, including a video on YouTube.  Keep it up!

However, Rep. Fende does not even seem to have lifted a finger, yet.  No website.  No signs. no sign of life. Is she lazy?  Yes. Is she a poor campaigner? Yes.  Fende can raise a whole lot of $$$$$ though!

What does her lack of prescence thus far mean?  Is it her laziness?  Somewhat.  Is it how she views her competitor?  Maybe.

More on OH-63 today....

Stay tuned!

Issue 5: Lake County Board of MR/DD

No surprise here: The News-Herald endorsed Issue 5, the replacement levy to support Lake county Board of MR/DD.

Based on the "puff pieces" the News-Herald did laying the ground work for this endorsement we were waiting for the actual endorsement.

Issue 5 is being pushed on the public by "Friends of MRDD Citizens Committee" whose Treasurer is Sue Degirolamo.  Ms. Degirolamo is prepared to spend $101, 000 of the political action committee's money to raise your property taxes.  This PAC sent a glossy mailer that claims "-Not A New Tax

That's a lie! Lie!

Issue 5 is a new tax.  Issue 5 will raise your property taxes from about $58 to about $101 per $100, 000.

There is definitely grounds for a complaint about Ms. Degirolamo's misleading campaign literature.

Does anyone in Lake County have the courage to say that this is the wrong time to ask us for more money?  Does one elected official have the courage to lead, and tell the MR/DD Board something like "sorry, you can't ask for more within your means."?  Or, "sorry, we are already paying several of your employees better than $80, 000 a year, making 15% contributions to PERS for them, ..., letting you have a good job."?

Sadly, no.

Instead, our local elected officials bury their heads in the sand, punt to the voters, and stand back while the News-Herald does the heavy lifting.

Monday, April 26, 2010

OH-18: Who will (and won't) replace Tim Grendell this Fall

Sen. Tim Grendell (R, OH-18) is going to win May 4th's primary for the 98th House District Seat.  Sen. Grendell will go onto to STOMP whatever "also ran" opposition that the Democrats sacrifice this fall.

That's easy enough.

Who will the Republican Senate Caucus replace Sen. Grendell to fill the rest of the term for which Grendel is currently serving?

Any ideas?

Let's digress for a moment.

We know what Democrats will seek to face the appointed repbulican: 1)"Liberal" Loraine Fende, AND 2)Dan "feed at the trough" Troy.  We all know Loraine is terrible campaigner, even in her stomping grounds of Western Lake County.  Also, Fende is unelectable in Geauga County; she is a loser outside of Western Lake County.  Dan Troy will be the Democrats OH-18 Senate candidate.

Now, back to who the Senate Republican caucus will nominate.

Our guess?  Judge Dianne Grendell.

Even though Trustee Chris Galloway is scheming and doing everything he can to maneuver and lobby for the is not going to happen.  Just like we said he would not really run for County Commissioner...he won't get the rest of the OH-18 term.

So, who will replace Grendell this fall at the OH-18 Senator?

News-Herald: Magistrate matching donations to Feed Lake County - UPDATE

Magistrate Jason Wuliger committed some serious cash to help those in less need, hats off!  It is great to see  an individual donate money, resources etc. and help those less in need.

Perhaps if more people did what Mr. Wuliger did local elected officials, boards (i.e. Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities) would ask the public for less.

One thing strikes us funny about this story though... a direct quote from the article:  "Wuliger said he did not want to take credit."  If this is the case, which we believe, why did the News-Herald run the story and give such prominent credit?  Disclaimer: He does deserve credit.

Is there a run for Judge in Mr. Wuliger's future?

Looks like good publicity if a judicial race is in Wuliger's future. Count on it.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lake County Developmental Disabilities Board has Political action Committee Spending a lot of $$$$ in order to Raise Your Taxes

The Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities wants to increase their take of your property taxes from $58.20 to $104.12 per $100, 000 of property valuation.

The News-Herald has run about three pieces this Winter and Spring making the Board's case, here is another one.

An interesting piece of news was reported last week: Friends of MRDD Citizens raised $101, 331.15 and spent $66, 825.87.  This tells us there a lot of people with a vested interest in seeing this levy pass.

Who could that be? Probably the employees whose salaries are shown below.  The top three salaries at this county government agency are:  $135, 924.10, $100, 981.66, and $96, 570.76.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Corruption has come to light recently in our neighbor Cuyahoga County.  At Cleveland.Com The Plain Dealer tells us how another political appointee, public employee, or whatever you want to call the former chief lawyer for the North East Ohio Regional Sewer District is accused of taking $100, 000's in bribes.

Question every penny spent by local government and its agents, agencies, etc.  Ask for documents.  Go to meetings.

Challenge every proposed levy (be it roads, sewers, schools) and every fee (trash, etc.).

Watch closely.  

Election: Replacement levy sought for Lake Board of Developmental Disabilities - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Election: Replacement levy sought for Lake Board of Developmental Disabilities - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

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We simply can not afford more taxes, fees, or anything else.  Local Government can't take anymore from my pocket because I have no more to give!

The general public can not keep fulfilling the responsibilities of people and families to take care of themselves.

See the great article here listing the salaries of executives and all employees at the Lake Board of Developmental Disabilities.  

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Euclid: Another day, another fee, another tax, ...

We covered all throughout the Spring Euclid City Council's and Mayor Bill Cervenik's plot(s) to raise taxes and fees.

During the last week of March Euclid City Council reached into its residents' and property owners' pockets to keep the City of Euclid's Government machine running strong.  See News-Herald coverage here.

Mayor Cevenik started bullying residents, property owners, and City Council last February and early March.  See coverage of the Euclid budget hearings here.  Mayor Cervenik was quoted saying
If its not approved by Council the City would be forced to follow through with police and fire layoffs.
A reliable source tells us that Councilwoman Jones was overheard saying
...becuase of the Mayor's threats to layoff police  and fire I am forced to votes for the fees.

We are told that rank and file Euclid Police Officers have said that the Euclid Police Department could easily absorb layoffs of a few officers.  When these Police Officers were pressed on the issue they said that Euclid's Police Department has enough "deadwood middle management types that take up space [by sitting around] at the police station" that could be put on the street to patrol if lower ranking officers were laid off.

Stay Tuned

Sorry to keep you in suspense and guessing around here the past few weeks.  We have received several inquiries about the lack of fresh content in our e-mail boxes.

The pleas from everyone are unbearable...thank-you!

We will be back in action tonight!

Could we be talking about local taxes later tonight, and the greedy hands of local government?  Count on it!

Could we be talking about the 11th circuit court of appeals race and the latest antics from one candidate?  Count on it!

Could we be talking about chatter from past legislators, office holders, and those hoping to get elected or switches offices?  Count on it!

Could we be talking about the big bucks some charities are paying their executives?  Oh yes!

Tune in!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today's Plain Dealer did a big pro-issue 1 piece today.  Here is the link at

I don't really care what the article has to say.  Ohio's Third Frontier Program is corporate welfare and a way to reward the politically connected and special interests.

Besides the rampant fraud, waste, abuse and lies associated with the Third Frontier program another big problem is that WE the TAXPAYERS are being asked to take on $700 million more in debt and bond servicing payments.

Bringing this issue home, to Lake County, the News-Herald reported that the Lake County Mayors and Managers Association endorsed Issue 1.  What a joke.  What do Lake County's Mayor's and Managers know about alleged high tech jobs and growth?  Do they even know the facts about Third Frontier? Mayor Ted Andrzejewski the spokesman issuing an endorsement statement?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  That's a good one.  The Mayor of Eastlake speaking on economic growth, funny.