Friday, April 30, 2010

Rep. Latourette, Mayor Wegar and Mayor Anderson Support Raising Taxes: Endorse Issue 5

A second major piece of literature was delivered today in order doop Lake County Residents into voting for Issue 5.  Let's be clear: Issue 5 is a tax increase and a new tax.

Rep. Steve Latourette is placed prominently on the literature next to Commissioner Bob Aufuldish.

Steve Latourette is an embarrassment now.  Grandstanding in Washington is one thing, but supporting tax increases is another.

Here is a link to Friends of MRDD list of endorsement for Issue 5.  Rep. Fende, Mayor Bonde, and Commissioner Aufuldish supporting a tax increase?  No surprise.

But, Rep. Latourette (R, OH-14), Mayor Bob Wegar (R, Willoughby Hills), and Mayor Anderson (R, Willoughby)?!  Yikes.

Rep. Latourette, Mayor Wegar and Mayor Anderson are supporting a tax increase.

Here is the piece



  1. LakeCounty, Whats your take on this ? Passing failing.
    I believe it will be a larger turnout then expected and it will fail 59% to 41%
    What say you? TERM>>

  2. It's a tough one to call. The "Friends of MR/DD" have raised $101, 000 and will have spent all of it to try to pass this levy.

    The problem is that Friends of MR/DD PAC got the News-Herald to make their case for the past three months, and an endorsement. Basically, they made the case that "Who would vote against this?" So, I don't have a good sense of which way this will break.

    I think it will be close.

    Now, I understand people like Bob Aufuldish and Lorraine Fende, but Latourette, Wegar and Anderson supporting the levy?

    Latourette, Wegar, and Anderson let their communities down.

  3. Same Circus just different clowns

  4. Sorry, not very good at picking horses either!

  5. Unless you have someone Mentally Retarded, you don't know. I hope nonr of you ever have to deal with that. But if you do, I hope someone votes for your side to help you fund it.


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