Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Euclid: Another day, another fee, another tax, ...

We covered all throughout the Spring Euclid City Council's and Mayor Bill Cervenik's plot(s) to raise taxes and fees.

During the last week of March Euclid City Council reached into its residents' and property owners' pockets to keep the City of Euclid's Government machine running strong.  See News-Herald coverage here.

Mayor Cevenik started bullying residents, property owners, and City Council last February and early March.  See coverage of the Euclid budget hearings here.  Mayor Cervenik was quoted saying
If its not approved by Council the City would be forced to follow through with police and fire layoffs.
A reliable source tells us that Councilwoman Jones was overheard saying
...becuase of the Mayor's threats to layoff police  and fire I am forced to votes for the fees.

We are told that rank and file Euclid Police Officers have said that the Euclid Police Department could easily absorb layoffs of a few officers.  When these Police Officers were pressed on the issue they said that Euclid's Police Department has enough "deadwood middle management types that take up space [by sitting around] at the police station" that could be put on the street to patrol if lower ranking officers were laid off.

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