Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stay Tuned

Sorry to keep you in suspense and guessing around here the past few weeks.  We have received several inquiries about the lack of fresh content in our e-mail boxes.

The pleas from everyone are unbearable...thank-you!

We will be back in action tonight!

Could we be talking about local taxes later tonight, and the greedy hands of local government?  Count on it!

Could we be talking about the 11th circuit court of appeals race and the latest antics from one candidate?  Count on it!

Could we be talking about chatter from past legislators, office holders, and those hoping to get elected or switches offices?  Count on it!

Could we be talking about the big bucks some charities are paying their executives?  Oh yes!

Tune in!


  1. could you show us how much of an increase to our taxes would be on say a $100,000 home if the MRDD levy passes? How much money does the old levy generate and who much will the new levy cost the homeowner next year? I can't make heads or tails on this levy not being new. [inside outside whatever] Please explain in laymans terms what is new?

  2. Quote from today's News-Herald:

    "The replacement would boost taxpayers' annual payment from $58.20 to $104.12 per $100,000 of property valuation, according to the county Auditor's Office. It also would generate an additional $8,066,523 — a total $21,533,039."

  3. Is this nuts? Where do they think property owners will come up with the money? Not 3% or10% that want almost double, try that with your employer. Kathy Sak on her blog. showed the wages of some of these people.


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