Monday, April 26, 2010

OH-18: Who will (and won't) replace Tim Grendell this Fall

Sen. Tim Grendell (R, OH-18) is going to win May 4th's primary for the 98th House District Seat.  Sen. Grendell will go onto to STOMP whatever "also ran" opposition that the Democrats sacrifice this fall.

That's easy enough.

Who will the Republican Senate Caucus replace Sen. Grendell to fill the rest of the term for which Grendel is currently serving?

Any ideas?

Let's digress for a moment.

We know what Democrats will seek to face the appointed repbulican: 1)"Liberal" Loraine Fende, AND 2)Dan "feed at the trough" Troy.  We all know Loraine is terrible campaigner, even in her stomping grounds of Western Lake County.  Also, Fende is unelectable in Geauga County; she is a loser outside of Western Lake County.  Dan Troy will be the Democrats OH-18 Senate candidate.

Now, back to who the Senate Republican caucus will nominate.

Our guess?  Judge Dianne Grendell.

Even though Trustee Chris Galloway is scheming and doing everything he can to maneuver and lobby for the is not going to happen.  Just like we said he would not really run for County Commissioner...he won't get the rest of the OH-18 term.

So, who will replace Grendell this fall at the OH-18 Senator?

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  1. Callender, Sines, Fellows, and Suponcic (Frank) are all higher on the list than Diane (who sued most of the current caucas over an appropriation back in 2000 or so).


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