Monday, April 26, 2010

News-Herald: Magistrate matching donations to Feed Lake County - UPDATE

Magistrate Jason Wuliger committed some serious cash to help those in less need, hats off!  It is great to see  an individual donate money, resources etc. and help those less in need.

Perhaps if more people did what Mr. Wuliger did local elected officials, boards (i.e. Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities) would ask the public for less.

One thing strikes us funny about this story though... a direct quote from the article:  "Wuliger said he did not want to take credit."  If this is the case, which we believe, why did the News-Herald run the story and give such prominent credit?  Disclaimer: He does deserve credit.

Is there a run for Judge in Mr. Wuliger's future?

Looks like good publicity if a judicial race is in Wuliger's future. Count on it.

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