Monday, March 28, 2011


Today, Mark Schneider has a court appearance for his alleged driving under the influence.  We are watching for the Plea Deal that he is negotiating.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Memo to Local Elected Officials: Tax Raises have Consequences

Caterpillar tells Illinois (paraphrasing) "you raised our income taxes, so we may leave!"

In a nut shell, the CEO of Caterpillar is unhappy that the State of Illinois raised income taxes 66%. Many governors from nearby States, and as far as Texas, wrote to the CEO and said "hey, come here! we have lower taxes!"

Good stuff.

So, in Ohio many local entities raised taxes and lied about the reasons they need to do it (read Willoughby Hills, Willoughby Eastlake Schools, Lakeland Community College, Concord and other Townships). Cities like Willoughby rushed to negotiate contracts and give their bargaining units raises.

Fast forward January 2011: John Kaisich and Shannon Jones roll into town (CBUS). Public sector unions attacked. Local government fund slashed.

Right on, right on.

At least the county commissioners cut the budget, maybe it was only about 6%.  It is actually shocking.  No immediate discussion of raising the sales tax.  County departments told to live with it.  Shocking.

We do see clearly now the lying that went on over the past year: Willoughby Hills' elected officials and Lakeland Officials and Willoughby-East Lake Board Members and Taxn' Trustee Galloaw (with other trustees), out of breath.

The picture is clear: these people lied about the need for tax increases.  Take Willoughby Hills.  There was $100's of carry over, not the approximately $30, 000 people were told.  These people lied.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Latourette Earns that Most Liberal Republican in Ohio Rating

Latourette on SB5:

LaTourette said he won't endorse the state collective bargaining bill. 'Being a lawyer, I've never seen the legal system more efficient than sitting down and negotiating over wages and benefits,' the former Lake County prosecutor said.

Latourette called the most liberal Republican Rep. in Ohio.

You are sad Steve. Pathetic. You really did become everything you said you wouldn't when you went to Washington.  You don't even try to hide your horn (RINO horn).

You won't run against Sherrod Brown.  You will bang the drums a little and make some noise, but you won't run.

Enjoy your houses in Virginia (i.e. the lobbyist wife's houses).

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

State lays off 99 tax workers | Columbus Dispatch Politics

State lays off 99 tax workers | Columbus Dispatch Politics

The tax department seems like a great place to start with layoffs.

This article points out common sense reforms that need to be utilized in every State Office. For instance, since 80% of people e-file their taxes the amount of visits to regional walk-in centers went down drastically. Less employees needed. We can not just keep the payroll bloated to be nice and the union rosters swollen.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Protesters greet Kozlowski during visit to Conneaut

Protesters greet Kozlowski during visit to Conneaut

Casey Kozlowski certainly was in the lion's den at the Conneaut City Council meeting. Angry pro-public-employ-union council members armed with window dressing resolutions and angry public employees foaming at the mouth greeted Kozlowski at the Council meeting.

Kozlowski is in a tough spot. OH-99 is D. No doubt about it.

The Ohio House would no doubt pass SB5 with amendements, however, it is not clear if Kozlowski will stand by his principals with his vote. Think about that carefully.

House leadership (Batchelder) could count up the votes and figure out which Representatives could be allowed to ceremonially vote "No" on an amended bill.

This would allow Kozlowski to pacify the deranged public employee protesters, union bosses, pro-union council members and the like.

How about Lake County?

Ron Young will not let us down.

Lorraine Fende is an idiot beholden to unions.

The Details: Governor Kaisich's "Jobs Budget"

Kasich said those governmental units will get money back by sharing services and relief from the state on such issues as requirements to pay prevailing (union) wages.
About 400 school districts are expected to see increases in state-generated funding. Kasich said aid to both K-12 and higher education "slightly increases" in his budget. The increases in state aid amount to $170 million for K-12 schools, $62 million for higher education, said Budget Director Tim Keen.

Here is Governor Kaisich's Budget and its estimated savings.  There will be a summary coming soon from the Governor's office.

The Jobs Budget                                                                                           

The Savings Book                                                                                           

Kasich's budget slashes aid to local goverments, libraries | Columbus Dispatch Politics

Kasich's budget slashes aid to local goverments, libraries | Columbus Dispatch Politics


The only problem is the Bob Weger's, the Dave Anderson's, the Keith Millers, the Morris Beverage (lying Morris Beverage) will be sticking their hands out for more.

Lier Morris Beverage made it clear that he foresaw this state budget and finally admitted in the News-less-Herald that the levy snookered Lake County into approving (via misleading mailers) was to fight a budget cut.

Good thing Dave Anderson and Bob Weger negotiated all those contracts recently with safety forces.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kasich budget will include cuts, cuts, more cuts | Columbus Dispatch Politics

Kasich budget will include cuts, cuts, more cuts | Columbus Dispatch Politics

You can already hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth (not just form public sector sponges either).

Remember with the Rev. former Gov. Strickland threatened to cut (actually) proposed cuts to the libraries. Oh gosh. It was bad. Angry librarians put signs up next to the scratched DVDs urging people to write Rev. former Gov. Ted.

Now, with cuts to the local Gov. fund likely coming you can here, "Safety Levy!" being screamed by money hungry union friendly mayors and city councils.

Some have prepared.

The liar that is the head of Lake Land Community College said he saw this coming, but deceived the public with threats of turning people away.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lake Metroparks proposes zero-growth budget -

Lake Metroparks proposes zero-growth budget -

"Included in the budget is $8.56 mil for salaries, $1.23 mil for retirement benfits, and $983, 200 for health care."


That's for 126 employees! That is an AVERAGE TOTAL COMPENSATION OF $85, 501 (salary+bennies), or $67, 936 in direct salary on average.

That's the "middle class" that war is currently being waged on.

Life is good when you work for Ellen Folley Kessler and all the people and bussinesses that benefit from Lake Metro Parks.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Commisioners to Jim Brown and Dave Anderson: Go find your own money!

Commisioners to Jim Brown and Dave Anderson: Go find your own money!

The News-Herald today obtained quotes from all three Lake county Commisioners that translate to: Hey! If you want your own Airport (in Jim Brown's case) use your own money! Also, we are not going to correct your poor financial decisions (in Dave Anderson's case) to get involved with a failing airport that can't sustain itself.

Since the taxpayers won't be buying, Jim Brown won't be getting his own airport...for now! You better beleive that Jim Brown and Dave Anderson will by lobbying for other people's money to buy (in Jim Brown's case) and/or run (in the case of both Brown and Dave Anderson) the airport.

Monday, March 7, 2011

NH: Public hearing on Lost Nation Airport set for Tuesday

There is a public meeting tommorow regarding the fate of Lost Nation Airport.

The bottom line: Lost Nation is failed, hobby airport.  The City of Willoughby, or any City of its size, has absolutely no business owning and operating an airport.  Lake County, with its whopping 230,000 residents, has no business getting involved with Lost Nation Airport.  The driving force behind Willoughby dumping Lost Nation on the County is Jim Brown and his friends.

Jim Brown (Classic Automotive Group and Classic Aviation) wants his own (essentially) private airport.  Brown built a hanger at Lost Nation.

Question: If Jim Brown and his friends think the airport is so valuable--why don't they buy the Lost Nation Airport?

Answer: Jim Brown won't his his own money if he can use the public's money.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Grendell and Patton: This is talking about you!

While organized labor tends to support Democratic candidates, there are a number of Republican senators with ties to labor groups, especially police and fire unions, who have been reluctant to sever those ties by supporting this bill.

This is a Quote from the Raw Dealer about the Ohio Senate passing SB5.

Tim, you are so transparent.  Your campaign finance reports tell the story.  You too Tom Patton.

Grendell for Good Government is a taker of Public Union money.  Here is an example of Grendell taking money from the Fraternal Order of Police.  Wait.  Didn't Grendell try to exempt safety forces from SB5?

Grendell for Good Govt                                                                                           

Senate Bill 5 moves to floor for vote (UPDATED) -

Senate Bill 5 moves to floor for vote (UPDATED) -

To our amazement, the News-Herald is actually covering relavent news in near real time. Shocking.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

UPDATED: Sen Shannon Jones to introduce OMNIBUS of amendments to SB 5

Today State Sen Shannon Jones will introduce an omnibus resolution of amendments to SB5. A hearing will occur today with no vote. The committe that will have hearing today us expected to vote on Wednedsay or Thursday.

Coverage in the Dispatch, here.

The News-Less Herald is silent as usual.  The Raw Dealer does little better.

Wonder why Tom Patton is so quiet?

Ralph King and the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots cover Hollywood Tim Grendell's postering, here.

Tim, you have hacked off so many people that Latourette's job may be out of your reach for ever.