Monday, March 7, 2011

NH: Public hearing on Lost Nation Airport set for Tuesday

There is a public meeting tommorow regarding the fate of Lost Nation Airport.

The bottom line: Lost Nation is failed, hobby airport.  The City of Willoughby, or any City of its size, has absolutely no business owning and operating an airport.  Lake County, with its whopping 230,000 residents, has no business getting involved with Lost Nation Airport.  The driving force behind Willoughby dumping Lost Nation on the County is Jim Brown and his friends.

Jim Brown (Classic Automotive Group and Classic Aviation) wants his own (essentially) private airport.  Brown built a hanger at Lost Nation.

Question: If Jim Brown and his friends think the airport is so valuable--why don't they buy the Lost Nation Airport?

Answer: Jim Brown won't his his own money if he can use the public's money.

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