Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Sad Times: Michigan town is left pleading for bankruptcy

Today's NYtimes tells us the sad facts of today's financial lanscape: municipalities considering bankruptcy. 

Keep giving your friends in the public employee unions defined benefit pension programs and year-after-year raises (after faux wage freezes) and you too NE Ohio municipalities could face this dilema.

How about this? If the budget can't be balanced...cut all wages and benefits enough to do so? Perhaps lose the recreation department in some cases? Perhaps cut pension payments to retirees?  Just don't come begging to us.

Local Union Heavily Involved with Elected Officials (DAN TROY) and Politics under MORE Investigation

WOIO's website and its news coverage tonight discussed a subpoena issued to Plumber's Local No. 55.

Lake County Commissioner Dan Troy has been a major benefactor of local and international labor unions...and Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora.

On "Event Date" of 2/5/2008 "Citizens for Troy Committee" collected $100 contribution from "Dimora Boosters Committee" and $350 from "Plumbers Local COPE 55." A year later...more of the same: "Plumbers Local COPE 55" gives "Citizens for Troy Committee" another $350 check.  How about a litte further back?  On 9/5/2006 "Plumbers Local COPE 55" gave $250 while "Dimora Boosters Committee" gave $150 to"Citizens for Troy Committee."

Mentor-on-the-Lake City Manager Kip Molenaar is Dan Troy's bag man and treasurer. Dan Troy sets 'em up...and Kip Molenar cashes the checks.

It would take several days to go through just the past decade of Dan Troy's fund raising machine.  That's not going to happen here.  Just the high lights will be forthcoming.

The sad thing is its not just corrupt labor union PAC's or corrupt politican's PAC's.  The problem is also your elected officials.

For instance, Willoughby Hills Councilman David Reichelt is a donor to "Citizens for Troy Committee."  On 1/23/2008 Councilman Reichelt kissed the proverbial ring (donated to a Democrat commisioner although he purports to be a Republican) with a $70 check.  Then there is Willoughby Hils Council President Kevin Malecek (BIG donor to Dan Troy)...more on this in the next day (too many names to list for the moment, stay tuned).

Monday, December 27, 2010

Plain Dealer: 2 former Boards of Revision workers indicted on altering records, theft

See the Plain Dealer article here.

You must keep on eye on government, at every level!  Do not be discouraged by your local bureaucrats and elected officials.  Ask questions.  Make public records requests. Speak up!

Yesterday this blog asked, "What ever happened to the F.B.I. investigation of Willoughby Hills' financial records?"

Audits, City Finances, and Whatever Happened to the F.B.I. Investigation of Willoughby Hills' Finances?

A blog entry from early December over at Eastlake Truth stoked the coals of the memory.  The blog entry "Gazzette Propaganda" discusses audits of the City Finances and the proclamation that Eastlake's finances were all good in 2008 and 2009.

However, the name Brian Condron cropped up.  The thinking cap went on.  Where have we heard that name?  hmmmmmm.

Oh. That's right! Before Brian Condron was the finance director in the City of Eastlake he served in the same role in Willoughby Hills from 2000 - 2006.

That's the same period that the F.B.I. subpoenaed finance records from the City of Willoughby Hills.



What was the outcome of this F.B.I. investigation of Willoughby Hills' finances?  Were the discrepancies that concerned the F.B.I. regarding money in Willoughby Hills resolved?

Wait a minute!  Is there not a performance audit going on now in Willoughby Hills...after...that's right after the "safety levy?"

Hopefully the Willoughby Hills performance audit figures out the funny business in Willoughby Hills' books from a few years ago.

Perhaps these issues under investigation in 2007 were rectified.  However, someone needs to answer that question.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dispatch: Strickland's legacy clouded by economy | Columbus Dispatch Politics

Strickland's legacy clouded by economy | Columbus Dispatch Politics

Look, Rev. Gov. Ted--YOU FAILED!

You and Lorrie Fende-Serge and Mark Scheider raised taxes, left us with an $ 8 billion budget hole, and oversaw a loss of 413, 000 jobs.

You, Fende-Serge, and Schneider failed.

Shut-up! Quit whining! Go away!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dispatch: High-ranking state workers moving to protected jobs after Strickland's loss

Ever wonder why "Joe Six Pack" is disgusted with government...when he is told what is really going on?

Read this article.

Now, no one should begrudge another the opportunity to make a living.  However, if you take a job or in a certain career you know the risks.  The professional athlete can get hurt.  The elected official can lose an election.

What about the public employee...or, more specifically the political appointee?

Is it right that Ted Strickland and other Governors transfer their political appointees into the ranks of civil service under the circumstances Strickland just did?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 worst states for retirement

Earlier today it was mentioned here that Ohio is bad place to retire. Here is the source. It's a travesty that elected officials continue to discourage people from living in Ohio by continuing to increase spending and taxes.
10 worst states for retirement
 No. 7: Ohio
Economic factors: Cost of living is 93 percent of the national average, unemployment is at 10.3 percent, and the average state and local tax burden is 10.4 percent.
Climate: Average monthly temperatures range from 26.5 degrees in January to 72.78 degrees in July.
Crime rate: 26th in the nation in violent crime, and 20th in property crime.
Life expectancy: 76.2 years.
Reason for low rank: Ohio is fairly average on most criteria, but both the unemployment rate and the tax burden are in the double-digits.

Ohio Loses TWO Seats in the U.S. House of Representatives

No surprise.  Everyone knows people have left Ohio in droves.

Today over at the Plain Dealer's website the story is discussed.

Why is Ohio LOSING so many people.  Hmmmm.  Maybe's it is because we are the 7th worst State to retire in due to tax rates.  Those same high taxes effect young people, these taxes chase people and business away...sigh.

Hey!  Maybe Willoughby Hills' City Council and their colleagues throughout Lake County can raise taxes more!

C'mon Mayor Weger, Councilman Reichelt, Councilman Somich, Superintendent Miller... disgraceful school board members...let's get all your colleagues to raise taxes more!  Chase more people out...that way there will be no traffic!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lake County PAC's and Candidates File Spending Reports

The PAC's in Lake County all raised and spent money with one goal: to take money from the voters.



Safety first, that's really something.

That tax hike in Willoughby Hills was about safety?

So, if the levy didn't pass Willoughby Hills would have been unsafe?


The real effect of Willoughby Hills not getting that levy passed is this: police and fire force salaries and benefits would not have gotten raised as much coming up here in the next budget or so.... Bob Weger and some on City Council would have welched on their promise to unions to get them raises after taking a "freeze" last year.

Safety first.  Yeah right.

It's never about your safety.  It's about raising revenue so public employees can get more money (i.e. pay, bennies, etc.).  It's about deals cut by mayors and city council (or, trustees and the like).

It's not about your safety.

NH: "Candidates for Tim Grendell's Ohio House seat to be screened Friday in Bainbridge"

Today's News-Herald, over their website, (sort of) discusses the process that will be used to fill the OH-98 House of Representatives seat that State Senator Tim Grendell will NOT fill.

Booo hooo.

The State Central Committee admonished Tim Grendell via a meaningless resolution: if you want to waste some time read here.


Lake County Republican Party Chairman Dale Fellows said that what Tim Grendell is doing "against the will of the voters," and "It's not consistent with the values of the party...."

Question, Mr. Fellows: is it against the values of the Party for Trustee Chris Galloway to attend your Executive Committee Meetings while being paid by the Ohio Democrat Party to work on campaigns in Lake County?  Is it against the values of the State Central Committee to pay Trustee Galloway's company to do political work while also working for the Ohio Democrat Party?

Where is the feigned outrage over Trustee Galloway's work for the Ohio Democrat Party...while being a "Republican" elected official...and running nasty, divisive campaigns in Lake County...and attending your party's executive committee meetings?

The article states that Fellows went on to say that "The State Party needs to hold the elected officials acceptable for their actions...."

You are correct on that one Mr. Fellows, but you need to extend that logic to your local party.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Today the Columbus Dispatch describes how Governor Elect John Kasich will help the tax payers exact revenge on public sector unions.

Public sectors unions targeted Kasich. Hopefully Kasich will make the unions pay dearly.

See, this article describes the dirty little secret that local mayors and city councils use to pass the blame for out-of-control public sectors union wages, benefits, and pension payments: binding arbitration.

More later.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Columbus Dispatch: Doing Better things with Less Money

"...You can do better things with less money." are the words of Interim Director Terry Russel of the Mentally Ill Alliance in this Columbus Dispatch article on the State Budget.

Hat's off to this special interest director for getting with the program: less money, smaller budgets, and no new taxes.

It's too bad the Mayor of Willoughby Hills (WH) and WH City Council, Township Trustees; Superintendents and School Boards around Lake County can't do the right thing. Instead, these folks manipulate the hearts and minds of the tax payers and raise taxes.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kozlowski wins; recount pending

Kozlowski wins; recount pending

Missed this a few days ago. Word on the street is that recount only gave Debbie Newcomb 1 extra vote. This race is over. Casey Kozlowski is the Representative Elect.

No thanks to U.S. Rep Steve Latourette, the Kozlowski campaign was successful. Latourette is said to have pledged a large, approx. $5, 000, donation to Kozlowski. However, like almost anything Latourette says, that couldn't be trusted; Latourette has well known problems be faithful.

Anyways, Kozlowski deserves congratulations on a hard fought, tactical campaign. Let's hope our neighbors in Ashtabula and Northern Trumbull County see better days; less taxes and less regulation and less government all around.

Dispatch: Painful Cuts Coming for State Agencies

Let's hope Kasich makes the necessary, deep cuts talked about in this article.

Let's pray that Gov. Elect Kasich stays true to his word that no taxes will be raised to fill the projected $8 billion Ohio Budget Shortfall. It's too easy to just raise the taxes of the every day, working guy--sure as a certain Willoughby Hills Official recently said...it's just a few dollars. This is a mentality that is bankrupting this country.

A few dollars here...some more unfunded liability there...a tax raise over here.

The next thing you know you have crushing unfunded liabilities on the public's shoulder in which State pension funds are insolvent.

See, it's just easier to raise the people's taxes via manipulating the voters (e.g. It's for the kids, or It's a safety levy) than to cut pay roll or layoff. The problem is people get comfortable in office, want to stay there, and get the PERS credit.