Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Local Union Heavily Involved with Elected Officials (DAN TROY) and Politics under MORE Investigation

WOIO's website and its news coverage tonight discussed a subpoena issued to Plumber's Local No. 55.

Lake County Commissioner Dan Troy has been a major benefactor of local and international labor unions...and Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora.

On "Event Date" of 2/5/2008 "Citizens for Troy Committee" collected $100 contribution from "Dimora Boosters Committee" and $350 from "Plumbers Local COPE 55." A year later...more of the same: "Plumbers Local COPE 55" gives "Citizens for Troy Committee" another $350 check.  How about a litte further back?  On 9/5/2006 "Plumbers Local COPE 55" gave $250 while "Dimora Boosters Committee" gave $150 to"Citizens for Troy Committee."

Mentor-on-the-Lake City Manager Kip Molenaar is Dan Troy's bag man and treasurer. Dan Troy sets 'em up...and Kip Molenar cashes the checks.

It would take several days to go through just the past decade of Dan Troy's fund raising machine.  That's not going to happen here.  Just the high lights will be forthcoming.

The sad thing is its not just corrupt labor union PAC's or corrupt politican's PAC's.  The problem is also your elected officials.

For instance, Willoughby Hills Councilman David Reichelt is a donor to "Citizens for Troy Committee."  On 1/23/2008 Councilman Reichelt kissed the proverbial ring (donated to a Democrat commisioner although he purports to be a Republican) with a $70 check.  Then there is Willoughby Hils Council President Kevin Malecek (BIG donor to Dan Troy)...more on this in the next day (too many names to list for the moment, stay tuned).

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