Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 worst states for retirement

Earlier today it was mentioned here that Ohio is bad place to retire. Here is the source. It's a travesty that elected officials continue to discourage people from living in Ohio by continuing to increase spending and taxes.
10 worst states for retirement
 No. 7: Ohio
Economic factors: Cost of living is 93 percent of the national average, unemployment is at 10.3 percent, and the average state and local tax burden is 10.4 percent.
Climate: Average monthly temperatures range from 26.5 degrees in January to 72.78 degrees in July.
Crime rate: 26th in the nation in violent crime, and 20th in property crime.
Life expectancy: 76.2 years.
Reason for low rank: Ohio is fairly average on most criteria, but both the unemployment rate and the tax burden are in the double-digits.

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