Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kozlowski wins; recount pending

Kozlowski wins; recount pending

Missed this a few days ago. Word on the street is that recount only gave Debbie Newcomb 1 extra vote. This race is over. Casey Kozlowski is the Representative Elect.

No thanks to U.S. Rep Steve Latourette, the Kozlowski campaign was successful. Latourette is said to have pledged a large, approx. $5, 000, donation to Kozlowski. However, like almost anything Latourette says, that couldn't be trusted; Latourette has well known problems be faithful.

Anyways, Kozlowski deserves congratulations on a hard fought, tactical campaign. Let's hope our neighbors in Ashtabula and Northern Trumbull County see better days; less taxes and less regulation and less government all around.

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