Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dispatch: Painful Cuts Coming for State Agencies

Let's hope Kasich makes the necessary, deep cuts talked about in this article.

Let's pray that Gov. Elect Kasich stays true to his word that no taxes will be raised to fill the projected $8 billion Ohio Budget Shortfall. It's too easy to just raise the taxes of the every day, working guy--sure as a certain Willoughby Hills Official recently's just a few dollars. This is a mentality that is bankrupting this country.

A few dollars here...some more unfunded liability there...a tax raise over here.

The next thing you know you have crushing unfunded liabilities on the public's shoulder in which State pension funds are insolvent.

See, it's just easier to raise the people's taxes via manipulating the voters (e.g. It's for the kids, or It's a safety levy) than to cut pay roll or layoff. The problem is people get comfortable in office, want to stay there, and get the PERS credit.

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