Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NH: "Candidates for Tim Grendell's Ohio House seat to be screened Friday in Bainbridge"

Today's News-Herald, over their website, (sort of) discusses the process that will be used to fill the OH-98 House of Representatives seat that State Senator Tim Grendell will NOT fill.

Booo hooo.

The State Central Committee admonished Tim Grendell via a meaningless resolution: if you want to waste some time read here.


Lake County Republican Party Chairman Dale Fellows said that what Tim Grendell is doing "against the will of the voters," and "It's not consistent with the values of the party...."

Question, Mr. Fellows: is it against the values of the Party for Trustee Chris Galloway to attend your Executive Committee Meetings while being paid by the Ohio Democrat Party to work on campaigns in Lake County?  Is it against the values of the State Central Committee to pay Trustee Galloway's company to do political work while also working for the Ohio Democrat Party?

Where is the feigned outrage over Trustee Galloway's work for the Ohio Democrat Party...while being a "Republican" elected official...and running nasty, divisive campaigns in Lake County...and attending your party's executive committee meetings?

The article states that Fellows went on to say that "The State Party needs to hold the elected officials acceptable for their actions...."

You are correct on that one Mr. Fellows, but you need to extend that logic to your local party.

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