Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beware of Anonymous Political Speech: Who's Afraid of Anonymous Political Speech?

Were Publius or the Federal Farmer bad people?  If you are trying to raise taxes in the town you live in to help you union patrons, or clients... probably so!

Ironically, opposition by an Ohio resident to a school levy resulted in a U.S. Supreme Court Decision  affirming that the 1st Amendent guarantees the right to anonymous political speech.

Read the Surpreme Court Decision for yourself here!

Read about the two seminal example here:

1) the Federal Farmer, and

2) Publius.

The local elected officials that want to raise taxes probablly don't care about any of this discussion though...they have unions to pay back, and/or clients to help, or State Senate seats to try to get appointed to.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stark County Sheriff Gives 41 Employees Lay Off Notice

The Canton Repository reported yesterday that the Stark County Sheriff notified 41 employees that they would be laid off December 8th, 2010.  This layoff is the result of the Stark County Sheriff responding to the need to cut his budget by 16%, or $2.6 million for 2011.

Anyone losing a job is terrible, period.

However, the public sector needs a wake-up call: downsizing, reductions in pay and benefits, etc.

Too bad.

We wonder why the Stark County Sheriff didn't just conspire with a political operative like Lake County Sheriff Dan Dunlap did to raise taxes?  Dan Dunlap and Taxn' Trustee Galloway (who has County Officials as clients; hmmmmmmm) conspired to raise the taxes of people in Lake County townships in order to get them to pay for the Sheriff's services.

For instance, Concord Issue 4.  This is also on Painseville Township and Perry Township's ballot.  Disgusting.  Shame on you Dan Dunlap and Taxn' Trustee Galloway!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

We've said many times that the News-Herald is worthless.  Well, its good for having something to discuss, mock, etc.  We have to go on the record about the Plain Dealer: it's a worthless rag too.

This past week-end the Plain Dealer listed its endorsements for legislative races.

The Plain Dealer endorsed Lorraine "the legislative loser" Fende and Mark "carpetbagger" Schneider for OH-62 and OH-63, respectively.  Going with the template, the Pee Dee slammed both Dave fiebig and Ron Young over issues of taxation--basically, Fiebig and Young (really Young) are against tax increases according to the Pee Dee.

Boo hoo.

Here's the skinny.

BobWeger, Dave Reichelt, and the gang screwed Fiebig.  Weger and some on City Council made promises to the police and fire unions that have to be made good (according to them).

Weger and company coupled a tax increase to a change in the city charter that would give residents a right to vote on tax increases--on top of it all--they labeled this crap a safety levy!  Disingenuous.  The Pee Dee played along and blasted Fiebig for voting against the the so-called rights of the voters.

Yeah Right...and Weger's a republican and Reichelt's not a cry baby. LOL!

The same group led by Bob Weger either endorsed Lorraine Fende, or did so by "staying neutral."

Moving along.  The Pee Dee went with it's usual support of those who want to take your money: they endorsed Mark Schneider and slammed Ron Young for being anti-tax.

Right on Ron Young, right on!

Protect our pocket books.  Allow us to save and invest money.  Allow us to feed our children.

BOTTOM LINE: Mark Schneider and Lorraine Fende raised the income taxes of Ohians by $800 million dollars over two years.  This was done on top of $10's of millions of increases in fees and registrations by the State of Ohio.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Raw Dealer Endorsement: Judge Eugene Lucci

The Raw Dealer endorsed Gene Lucci today.

Here's an excerpt:

He does have a few flaws: He's sometimes prickly. And we still find his unorthodox decision that the boundaries of lakefront property to move with the motion of water (instead of being fixed) poorly reasoned. Despite that misinterpretation, Lucci's strong service on the bench earns him a promotion.

I mean, what does "He's sometime prickly." mean?  Are they calling him a p _ _ _ k?  Do you think all the Judge Lucci fan boys are upset about the Raw Dealer's words above?  Will the Judge Lucci fan boys get angry at the Raw Dealer editorial board and threaten them like they did the people who raised legitimate questions about Judge Lucci?  There's a couple of angry folks in Lake County like a certain assistant prosecutor who lost his temper in public over such legitimate criticism and made angry threats--no way for an assistant prosecutor to act! Or, how about a certain Trustee that's a paid democrat party operative running the campaign of a republican judge...?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lakeland Students Should Pay Their Own Way: Morris Beverage Begs for Your Money and Virginia Resident Steve Latourette Endorses Another Tax Hike

Watch Moris Beverage lie to the News-Herald camera and tell us why he needs to quintuple Lakeland's property tax take.  Disgusting.  Hey Beverage!  We paid for our own educations, let people who go to Lakeland pay their own way.

At least tell us the truth and say that you need to contribute to the Safety Force's Pension fund, hire more unionized employees, etc.

Just disgusting.

What's even more disgusting is Virginia resident Steve Latourette, who occasionally sleeps in Bainbridge Township, endorsed another levy he won't have to pay.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hard Hitting Congressional Campaign Video

This video is hard hitting.  We wish we could insert Mayor Bob Weger into this video to give it a local spin, or Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway, or Willoughby Eastlake Schools Superintendent Keith Miller, or Lakeland's Morris Berverage.

Calling each of them "the tax man" would fit too!

Hide your wallets, hide your paychecks, hide your _________;  (insert Bob Weger or Keith Miller, or etc.) is coming to tax you! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Candidates Push Messages at Mentor Chamber of Commerce

The News-Herald provides coverage of yesterday's Mentor of Chamber of Commerce event at which many local and a few state-wide candidates spoke.

We've spoken to many people that were at this event.  One consensus is that everybody knows that the OH-63 race is over EXCEPT Mark Schneider.  Hey, Schneider...get a clue!  Your done!

Moving along.

How about Lake County Sheriff Dan Dunlap cheer leading for Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway's tax hike to pay for a police district?!?  It seems that Dan Dunlap is Taxn' Trustee Galloway's bag man for the tax hike. Taxn' Trustee Galloway can't appear too close to this tax hike because he is trying hard to get the Senate Seat Appointment to fill the the Seat that Tim Grendell will vacate.  We all know that Tim Grendell will stomp the "also-ran" competition despite the outside help provided to his competition.

This leads us to the LARGER question: who is on the short list to replace Tim Grendell?  We know that the person working hardest to replace Tim Grendell might have a hard time explaining the fact that he accepted payment from the Ohio Democrat Party in the past two years...not to mention his police district levy (read tax increase).

Sunday, October 10, 2010


We've said it before, and we will say it again.  The News-Herald is nothing more than a public relations firm for local entities seeking tax levies, increases, etc.

NH endordes another levy--time to cancel!

OH-62 and OH-63 Good News and the Obvious

Good news: Sources confirm for us that State Rep. Mark Schneider is done--stick a fork in him.  The Ohio House Democrat Caucus considers Schneider's "top line number" too low, and they have canceled ad buys in the TV market.

Obvious: Sources also tell us, as if this was a surprise, anyone in the know considers Lorraine Fende the winner of OH-62.  That's sad.  Fende is an old, tired, tax 'n spend Vine Street look-alike.  A ham sandwich would be better than Lorraine Fende.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

...OH-62 and OH-63, Continued.

Last night we promised more commentary about the House races in Lake County, in particular, OH-63.

OH-63 has been a very, very, very, very, very, ..., extremely disappointing race.  Why?  There has been little to no race in OH-63--aside from the many Mark Schneider signs littering Mentor and the other OH-63 municipalities.

Some thoughts.  Mark Schneider is strong campaigner, but a carpet bagging; tax raising; money grubbing lawyer who has taken a lot of campaign money from Cuyahoga County.  Mark Schneider raised income taxes 4.2% for 2009 and 2010, and raised numerous fees by voting for House Bill 1.  Schneider can smile, knock on doors, shake hands, and stick his hand out to unions very well though.

Furthermore, the Ohio House Democrats MUST hold OH-63, MUST! in order to hold the majority. Finally, former State Rep. Ron Young is as conservative as they come--and well known to hate taxes.  Young's hatred of taxes is second to none.


Schneider = bad, big democrat machine, big government, tax hikes, fees, all "labored" up, on the union take----and CONNECTED TO CROOKED COUNTY PROSECUTOR BILL MASON.  That's right, Schneider was an assistant Crooked County Prosecutor who has accepted donations for from Mason.

Young = hater of all things tax, strong social conservative, beat squishy Ray Sines, small business owner.

The equation seems right for both House Caucuses to target the race!  However, we don't see any of those menacing TV ads, hear any radio ads, etc.

What gives?

The pulse of things is that Mark Schneider has been given up on by the Ohio House Democrat Caucus.  If things continue to stay the course tax, tax, tax, tax and spend, spend, spend, spend Mark Schneider will have to go to Bob Dicello's office more often and help him with his lame radio show.

We wonder if State Senator soon to be Representative Grendell will be upset that his good friend Mark Schneider will get beaten by Ron Young.  Grendell hates Young.  A Young win will not bode well for Grendell's run House Speaker.

God save us.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OH-62 and OH-63

Anyone wonder why NO paid media has been running in Ohio's 62nd and 63rd House Districts?

Getting tired of seeing ads for Candidates and/or incumbents from Summit and Lorain Counties you have never heard of?

Easy to explain:

In OH-62 The House Caucuses (Democrat and Republican) view the race to be a poor investment.  Lorraine Fende wins 60-40 no matter how much money is thrown at her (e.g. Taxn' Trustee Galloway got $500, 000 handed to him and still got stomped).  Now, Taxn' Trustee Galloway is busy trying to get appointed to the Senate Seat held by Tim Grendell (Grendell will vacate the seat once he runs away with OH-98 necessitating the Ohio Senate Caucus to pick a replacement ).  Oooops. We forgot to mention Councilman-at-Large Dave Fiebig.  Seems like a nice guy.  Moving along....  Since Lorraine Fende uses her "relationship" with Judge Larry Allen to intimidate elected officials she has been able to hold a death grip on OH-62.

Bottom line: Fende doesn't even have or need a website to win....  So, why advertise?

Note:  We wonder if a paid Ohio Democrat Party Consultant with ties to State Sen. Tom Patton (former democrat) can really get appointed to a Senate Seat by the Ohio Senate Republican Caucus.

More on OH-63...tonight....

PD Endorsement List Grows, News-Herald Trailing FAR Behind (as usual)

PD 2010 endorsements, updated to reflect Richard Cordray announcement.

We will let the Raw Dealer's own words speak for themselves
Four years ago, after the very skilled incumbent Jim Petro chose not to seek re- election, Ohio voters picked Democrat Marc Dann to be their attorney general. It turned out to be a spectacular mistake.
It's funny how the Raw Dealer leaves out the fact it endorsed the former disgraced and soiled Marc Dann--it's shocking that they leave this out and blame the voters they helped mislead.  Shame on you Raw Dealer!  The Raw Dealer cites Dewine's campaign ads that mock Cordray for not intervening in Crooked (cuyahoga) County as a big reason for their decision; that is, the Raw Dealer says that the State Attorney General should not have gotten involved.  What?  Why did the State of Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification get involved in investigating Sheriff McFaul (McFelon)?

Excuse me Pee Dee, why was it ok for agents of the State of Ohio to raid the Sheriff McFelon's Office?  Sheriff McFelon was already being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Intimidation (FBI).   Where is the rebuke of the State of Ohio there??

Better yet, why did the Pee Dee wait until after Sheriff McFelon's last re-election to start publishing its faux investigation articles?  The Pee Dee would have you think it knew nothing about anything until days after McFelon's last re-election. BS.  The Pee Dee waited so that Crooked County's Democrat Party (it's Executive Committee) could hand select a replacement to be rubber stamped by it's Central Committee.

No wonder you employ Connie Schultz Brown.

News-Herald endorsements far behind.

Richard Cordray's mock, faux comb-over should have disqualified him.

Pondering explosive news....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

News-Herald Endorsements Starting to Roll In

Here come the News-Herald endorsements!

We'll save some suspense this month: the News-Herald will endorse every tax hike in Lake County

But, for starters today's fish wrap endorsed Maureen O'Oconnor for Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice.

PD Endorsement of Latourette

The Plain Dealer announced that it endorsed Steve Latourette.

We have expressed many difficulties with U.S. Rep. Latourette: moral failings and several votes like his infamous Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).

The truth is America can't afford to keep the current leadership that Congress has--no way, no how.

That makes us have to bite our tongue and agree with the Plain Dealer.

With Latourette you know what you get.

We all know Rep. Latourette will NOT be climbing the leadership ladder next winter though.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Funding Fende: Lorraine Fende Takes Big Bucks from Labor Union Implicated in Cuyahoga County Corruption

Let's take a look at Lorraine "the Legislative Loser" Fende's contributors:

Good overview


Fende has taken money from a Labor Union tied to Cuyahoga County Corruption!


Lorraine Fende has taken almost $2, 000 from Plumber's Local 55.

Dan Troy and his Friends Frank Russo and Jimmy Dimora

Yeah, yeah...this photo ran over a week ago...its a bad reproduction from a printed paper.

Look at Dan Troy just smiling away with Frank Russo (Felon, disgraced former....) and Jimmy Dimora.

'Nuff said.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

NH: Lucci, Wright to face off in 11th District

NH coverage on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Any comment by us on Judge Lucci draws the venom of a couple of people in Lake County...not that we care about that one bit though!