Monday, October 18, 2010

We've said many times that the News-Herald is worthless.  Well, its good for having something to discuss, mock, etc.  We have to go on the record about the Plain Dealer: it's a worthless rag too.

This past week-end the Plain Dealer listed its endorsements for legislative races.

The Plain Dealer endorsed Lorraine "the legislative loser" Fende and Mark "carpetbagger" Schneider for OH-62 and OH-63, respectively.  Going with the template, the Pee Dee slammed both Dave fiebig and Ron Young over issues of taxation--basically, Fiebig and Young (really Young) are against tax increases according to the Pee Dee.

Boo hoo.

Here's the skinny.

BobWeger, Dave Reichelt, and the gang screwed Fiebig.  Weger and some on City Council made promises to the police and fire unions that have to be made good (according to them).

Weger and company coupled a tax increase to a change in the city charter that would give residents a right to vote on tax increases--on top of it all--they labeled this crap a safety levy!  Disingenuous.  The Pee Dee played along and blasted Fiebig for voting against the the so-called rights of the voters.

Yeah Right...and Weger's a republican and Reichelt's not a cry baby. LOL!

The same group led by Bob Weger either endorsed Lorraine Fende, or did so by "staying neutral."

Moving along.  The Pee Dee went with it's usual support of those who want to take your money: they endorsed Mark Schneider and slammed Ron Young for being anti-tax.

Right on Ron Young, right on!

Protect our pocket books.  Allow us to save and invest money.  Allow us to feed our children.

BOTTOM LINE: Mark Schneider and Lorraine Fende raised the income taxes of Ohians by $800 million dollars over two years.  This was done on top of $10's of millions of increases in fees and registrations by the State of Ohio.


  1. After endorsing Kasich and Portman, there's no way the PD could keep that record alive.

    A liberal rag is a liberal rag. They always go back to their default position.

  2. I hope you're not holding on to the theory that Ron Young and Tim Grendell hate each other. I had a message left for me today from Grendell giving his unwavering support to Ron Young.

  3. Fiebig screwed himself. He has never taken the time to learn about the operations of the city. He never attends or helps at city functions. And most of us don't care where he stands on taxes, it was his attempt to block voting that ticked us off.

    He has no honor, his is simply the puppet for the Lake County Republican machine. Furthermore he is no Republican, he a Libertarian basically an anarchist. We really don't need people of his ilk representing our party.

  4. Municipal income tax questions:

    Why do some Republicans hate Federal and state income tax increases but seem to embrace Ohio municipal income tax increases?

    If the WH income tax increase passes, which nearby community will be first to attempt to raise the bar to 2.5%? No fair counting Brooklyn whose voters already raised their income tax from 2% to 2.5% last spring. I guess they thought the American Greetings employees were getting off too easy.

    Does every local politician and school official really understand that the country is in the midst of an economic crisis? Just think TARP, big bank bailouts, quantitative easing, mortgage foreclosure crisis, record high unemployment, armies in Iraq and Afghanistan to be paid for, etc.

    Why did the voters of Euclid ever agree to a 2.85% municipal income tax and many years ago?


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