Saturday, October 16, 2010

Raw Dealer Endorsement: Judge Eugene Lucci

The Raw Dealer endorsed Gene Lucci today.

Here's an excerpt:

He does have a few flaws: He's sometimes prickly. And we still find his unorthodox decision that the boundaries of lakefront property to move with the motion of water (instead of being fixed) poorly reasoned. Despite that misinterpretation, Lucci's strong service on the bench earns him a promotion.

I mean, what does "He's sometime prickly." mean?  Are they calling him a p _ _ _ k?  Do you think all the Judge Lucci fan boys are upset about the Raw Dealer's words above?  Will the Judge Lucci fan boys get angry at the Raw Dealer editorial board and threaten them like they did the people who raised legitimate questions about Judge Lucci?  There's a couple of angry folks in Lake County like a certain assistant prosecutor who lost his temper in public over such legitimate criticism and made angry threats--no way for an assistant prosecutor to act! Or, how about a certain Trustee that's a paid democrat party operative running the campaign of a republican judge...?

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