Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Candidates Push Messages at Mentor Chamber of Commerce

The News-Herald provides coverage of yesterday's Mentor of Chamber of Commerce event at which many local and a few state-wide candidates spoke.

We've spoken to many people that were at this event.  One consensus is that everybody knows that the OH-63 race is over EXCEPT Mark Schneider.  Hey, Schneider...get a clue!  Your done!

Moving along.

How about Lake County Sheriff Dan Dunlap cheer leading for Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway's tax hike to pay for a police district?!?  It seems that Dan Dunlap is Taxn' Trustee Galloway's bag man for the tax hike. Taxn' Trustee Galloway can't appear too close to this tax hike because he is trying hard to get the Senate Seat Appointment to fill the the Seat that Tim Grendell will vacate.  We all know that Tim Grendell will stomp the "also-ran" competition despite the outside help provided to his competition.

This leads us to the LARGER question: who is on the short list to replace Tim Grendell?  We know that the person working hardest to replace Tim Grendell might have a hard time explaining the fact that he accepted payment from the Ohio Democrat Party in the past two years...not to mention his police district levy (read tax increase).


  1. Galloway in my opinion works closely with Democrats for himself and not the good of Republicans or conservative values. Galloway ran for Concord trustee last time as a ticket with the big M (a Democrat). Leads you to wonder if he was appointed to the senate - would we have another rhino in the senate? I don't believe Galloway can't run his own life, and certainly as a conservative Republican I don't want him representing me - I'm glad I don't live in Concord! I hope the Republican central committees from the various counties aren't that knieve to appoint Galloway to Grendell's spot if he gets elected.

  2. Taxn' Trustee Galloway has taken a lot of money from the Ohio Demicrat Party; disclosures at the Secretary if State's Office prove more than $10,000 is the past few years!!!!

    Wonder what his friends have to say about this?

    Anyway, Taxn' Trustee Galloway believes his former coworker State Senator(former democrat) is his inside man at the State Senate Republican Caucus (this is the entity that would appoint someone to the vacant seat).


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