Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beware of Anonymous Political Speech: Who's Afraid of Anonymous Political Speech?

Were Publius or the Federal Farmer bad people?  If you are trying to raise taxes in the town you live in to help you union patrons, or clients... probably so!

Ironically, opposition by an Ohio resident to a school levy resulted in a U.S. Supreme Court Decision  affirming that the 1st Amendent guarantees the right to anonymous political speech.

Read the Surpreme Court Decision for yourself here!

Read about the two seminal example here:

1) the Federal Farmer, and

2) Publius.

The local elected officials that want to raise taxes probablly don't care about any of this discussion though...they have unions to pay back, and/or clients to help, or State Senate seats to try to get appointed to.


  1. Watching the Painesville City School levy on the ballot and did you know the President of the Painesville City School board is delinquent in his very own taxes? Check the auditors site folks. Yet this guy voted to put a 6.2 school levy on the ballot. If everyone was paying his or her taxes would we have to foot the the bill for the deadbeats sitting in positions making these decisions?

  2. Painesville city school board proof:
    look under tax tab...


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