Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Sad Times: Michigan town is left pleading for bankruptcy

Today's NYtimes tells us the sad facts of today's financial lanscape: municipalities considering bankruptcy. 

Keep giving your friends in the public employee unions defined benefit pension programs and year-after-year raises (after faux wage freezes) and you too NE Ohio municipalities could face this dilema.

How about this? If the budget can't be balanced...cut all wages and benefits enough to do so? Perhaps lose the recreation department in some cases? Perhaps cut pension payments to retirees?  Just don't come begging to us.

Local Union Heavily Involved with Elected Officials (DAN TROY) and Politics under MORE Investigation

WOIO's website and its news coverage tonight discussed a subpoena issued to Plumber's Local No. 55.

Lake County Commissioner Dan Troy has been a major benefactor of local and international labor unions...and Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora.

On "Event Date" of 2/5/2008 "Citizens for Troy Committee" collected $100 contribution from "Dimora Boosters Committee" and $350 from "Plumbers Local COPE 55." A year later...more of the same: "Plumbers Local COPE 55" gives "Citizens for Troy Committee" another $350 check.  How about a litte further back?  On 9/5/2006 "Plumbers Local COPE 55" gave $250 while "Dimora Boosters Committee" gave $150 to"Citizens for Troy Committee."

Mentor-on-the-Lake City Manager Kip Molenaar is Dan Troy's bag man and treasurer. Dan Troy sets 'em up...and Kip Molenar cashes the checks.

It would take several days to go through just the past decade of Dan Troy's fund raising machine.  That's not going to happen here.  Just the high lights will be forthcoming.

The sad thing is its not just corrupt labor union PAC's or corrupt politican's PAC's.  The problem is also your elected officials.

For instance, Willoughby Hills Councilman David Reichelt is a donor to "Citizens for Troy Committee."  On 1/23/2008 Councilman Reichelt kissed the proverbial ring (donated to a Democrat commisioner although he purports to be a Republican) with a $70 check.  Then there is Willoughby Hils Council President Kevin Malecek (BIG donor to Dan Troy)...more on this in the next day (too many names to list for the moment, stay tuned).

Monday, December 27, 2010

Plain Dealer: 2 former Boards of Revision workers indicted on altering records, theft

See the Plain Dealer article here.

You must keep on eye on government, at every level!  Do not be discouraged by your local bureaucrats and elected officials.  Ask questions.  Make public records requests. Speak up!

Yesterday this blog asked, "What ever happened to the F.B.I. investigation of Willoughby Hills' financial records?"

Audits, City Finances, and Whatever Happened to the F.B.I. Investigation of Willoughby Hills' Finances?

A blog entry from early December over at Eastlake Truth stoked the coals of the memory.  The blog entry "Gazzette Propaganda" discusses audits of the City Finances and the proclamation that Eastlake's finances were all good in 2008 and 2009.

However, the name Brian Condron cropped up.  The thinking cap went on.  Where have we heard that name?  hmmmmmm.

Oh. That's right! Before Brian Condron was the finance director in the City of Eastlake he served in the same role in Willoughby Hills from 2000 - 2006.

That's the same period that the F.B.I. subpoenaed finance records from the City of Willoughby Hills.



What was the outcome of this F.B.I. investigation of Willoughby Hills' finances?  Were the discrepancies that concerned the F.B.I. regarding money in Willoughby Hills resolved?

Wait a minute!  Is there not a performance audit going on now in Willoughby Hills...after...that's right after the "safety levy?"

Hopefully the Willoughby Hills performance audit figures out the funny business in Willoughby Hills' books from a few years ago.

Perhaps these issues under investigation in 2007 were rectified.  However, someone needs to answer that question.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dispatch: Strickland's legacy clouded by economy | Columbus Dispatch Politics

Strickland's legacy clouded by economy | Columbus Dispatch Politics

Look, Rev. Gov. Ted--YOU FAILED!

You and Lorrie Fende-Serge and Mark Scheider raised taxes, left us with an $ 8 billion budget hole, and oversaw a loss of 413, 000 jobs.

You, Fende-Serge, and Schneider failed.

Shut-up! Quit whining! Go away!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dispatch: High-ranking state workers moving to protected jobs after Strickland's loss

Ever wonder why "Joe Six Pack" is disgusted with government...when he is told what is really going on?

Read this article.

Now, no one should begrudge another the opportunity to make a living.  However, if you take a job or in a certain career you know the risks.  The professional athlete can get hurt.  The elected official can lose an election.

What about the public employee...or, more specifically the political appointee?

Is it right that Ted Strickland and other Governors transfer their political appointees into the ranks of civil service under the circumstances Strickland just did?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 worst states for retirement

Earlier today it was mentioned here that Ohio is bad place to retire. Here is the source. It's a travesty that elected officials continue to discourage people from living in Ohio by continuing to increase spending and taxes.
10 worst states for retirement
 No. 7: Ohio
Economic factors: Cost of living is 93 percent of the national average, unemployment is at 10.3 percent, and the average state and local tax burden is 10.4 percent.
Climate: Average monthly temperatures range from 26.5 degrees in January to 72.78 degrees in July.
Crime rate: 26th in the nation in violent crime, and 20th in property crime.
Life expectancy: 76.2 years.
Reason for low rank: Ohio is fairly average on most criteria, but both the unemployment rate and the tax burden are in the double-digits.

Ohio Loses TWO Seats in the U.S. House of Representatives

No surprise.  Everyone knows people have left Ohio in droves.

Today over at the Plain Dealer's website the story is discussed.

Why is Ohio LOSING so many people.  Hmmmm.  Maybe's it is because we are the 7th worst State to retire in due to tax rates.  Those same high taxes effect young people, these taxes chase people and business away...sigh.

Hey!  Maybe Willoughby Hills' City Council and their colleagues throughout Lake County can raise taxes more!

C'mon Mayor Weger, Councilman Reichelt, Councilman Somich, Superintendent Miller... disgraceful school board members...let's get all your colleagues to raise taxes more!  Chase more people out...that way there will be no traffic!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lake County PAC's and Candidates File Spending Reports

The PAC's in Lake County all raised and spent money with one goal: to take money from the voters.



Safety first, that's really something.

That tax hike in Willoughby Hills was about safety?

So, if the levy didn't pass Willoughby Hills would have been unsafe?


The real effect of Willoughby Hills not getting that levy passed is this: police and fire force salaries and benefits would not have gotten raised as much coming up here in the next budget or so.... Bob Weger and some on City Council would have welched on their promise to unions to get them raises after taking a "freeze" last year.

Safety first.  Yeah right.

It's never about your safety.  It's about raising revenue so public employees can get more money (i.e. pay, bennies, etc.).  It's about deals cut by mayors and city council (or, trustees and the like).

It's not about your safety.

NH: "Candidates for Tim Grendell's Ohio House seat to be screened Friday in Bainbridge"

Today's News-Herald, over their website, (sort of) discusses the process that will be used to fill the OH-98 House of Representatives seat that State Senator Tim Grendell will NOT fill.

Booo hooo.

The State Central Committee admonished Tim Grendell via a meaningless resolution: if you want to waste some time read here.


Lake County Republican Party Chairman Dale Fellows said that what Tim Grendell is doing "against the will of the voters," and "It's not consistent with the values of the party...."

Question, Mr. Fellows: is it against the values of the Party for Trustee Chris Galloway to attend your Executive Committee Meetings while being paid by the Ohio Democrat Party to work on campaigns in Lake County?  Is it against the values of the State Central Committee to pay Trustee Galloway's company to do political work while also working for the Ohio Democrat Party?

Where is the feigned outrage over Trustee Galloway's work for the Ohio Democrat Party...while being a "Republican" elected official...and running nasty, divisive campaigns in Lake County...and attending your party's executive committee meetings?

The article states that Fellows went on to say that "The State Party needs to hold the elected officials acceptable for their actions...."

You are correct on that one Mr. Fellows, but you need to extend that logic to your local party.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Today the Columbus Dispatch describes how Governor Elect John Kasich will help the tax payers exact revenge on public sector unions.

Public sectors unions targeted Kasich. Hopefully Kasich will make the unions pay dearly.

See, this article describes the dirty little secret that local mayors and city councils use to pass the blame for out-of-control public sectors union wages, benefits, and pension payments: binding arbitration.

More later.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Columbus Dispatch: Doing Better things with Less Money

"...You can do better things with less money." are the words of Interim Director Terry Russel of the Mentally Ill Alliance in this Columbus Dispatch article on the State Budget.

Hat's off to this special interest director for getting with the program: less money, smaller budgets, and no new taxes.

It's too bad the Mayor of Willoughby Hills (WH) and WH City Council, Township Trustees; Superintendents and School Boards around Lake County can't do the right thing. Instead, these folks manipulate the hearts and minds of the tax payers and raise taxes.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kozlowski wins; recount pending

Kozlowski wins; recount pending

Missed this a few days ago. Word on the street is that recount only gave Debbie Newcomb 1 extra vote. This race is over. Casey Kozlowski is the Representative Elect.

No thanks to U.S. Rep Steve Latourette, the Kozlowski campaign was successful. Latourette is said to have pledged a large, approx. $5, 000, donation to Kozlowski. However, like almost anything Latourette says, that couldn't be trusted; Latourette has well known problems be faithful.

Anyways, Kozlowski deserves congratulations on a hard fought, tactical campaign. Let's hope our neighbors in Ashtabula and Northern Trumbull County see better days; less taxes and less regulation and less government all around.

Dispatch: Painful Cuts Coming for State Agencies

Let's hope Kasich makes the necessary, deep cuts talked about in this article.

Let's pray that Gov. Elect Kasich stays true to his word that no taxes will be raised to fill the projected $8 billion Ohio Budget Shortfall. It's too easy to just raise the taxes of the every day, working guy--sure as a certain Willoughby Hills Official recently said...it's just a few dollars. This is a mentality that is bankrupting this country.

A few dollars here...some more unfunded liability there...a tax raise over here.

The next thing you know you have crushing unfunded liabilities on the public's shoulder in which State pension funds are insolvent.

See, it's just easier to raise the people's taxes via manipulating the voters (e.g. It's for the kids, or It's a safety levy) than to cut pay roll or layoff. The problem is people get comfortable in office, want to stay there, and get the PERS credit.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OH-18: Taxn' Trustee Galloway's Chance Just Got a Little Worse

Sen. Grendell Smacks Down Taxn' Trustee Galloway; this article describes the memorandum written by Grendell to the State Senate Republican Caucus.

Bwa ha ha ha!

Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway, as we've noted, wants to be the person to get appointed to the OH-18 Senate Seat vacated by Sen. Tim Grendell if he were take the OH-98 House seat.

In Grendell;s own words he wants a "real fiscally conservative, family values republican" to replace him. That's Sen. Grendell's words precisely.

So, that means that he considers the applicants: Bob Gardner, David Fiebig, and Jaimie Callender to be less than Conservative...or, "RINO's" as it is referred to.  Grendell also MUST believe that Taxn' Trustee Galloway is a RINO too...c'mon, Galloway has been proven to work for democrats (e.g. paid Ohio Democrat Party Consultant).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

993 Vote Man: Thomas Wright Punks Judge Lucci

...and the Lucci fan boys wept.  How could this happen?  Our beloved Judge Lucci took out Judge Colleen O'toole...he had the high paid campaign consultant...woops.

It's "official," sort of.  The certified five county vote total is that Thomas Wright 106, 869 while Judge Eugene Lucci has 105, 876.

The Lucci/Galloway team un-seated a sitting republican judge in the primary and lost the general election by 993 votes.

Recount forth coming.


Antics in Ashtabula County?


Alienated voters?

How did the Lucci/Galloway team blow this race?

News-Herald:Lake County Sheriff's budget under gun

Woah! Woah! Woah!

Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway and Sheriff Dan Dunlap just raised taxes on some Lake County Residents to support road patrols in townships.

So, why is the the Sheriff's budget so stressed?!

Today's News-Herald describes how Commissioner Dan Troy lamented that the county tax payers are footing the bill for policing Lake County Townships.

What's going on here?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kozlowski campaign earns Newcomb’s ire

Kozlowski campaign earns Newcomb’s ire

Yes, this story comes from the region to the East of us known as Ashtabula County....

This is good news worthy of repeating here.

It seems that soon to be former State Rep. Debbie Newcomb is up set about "reckless" campaign whose tone was "the worst in her political career."

Good riddens Ms. Newcomb. Get another job.

Sources indicate that after all the provisional votes have been counted Casey Kozlowski is up more than forty votes, and that Trumbul County only has a dozen or so provisionals to count.

Columbus Dispatch: State Office Workers Await Axe

Some State Workers Fear lay off due to GOP Sweep

Other State workers know bureaucracy is large animal that needs a lot of people to keep it alive. The interesting part of this article is that we the Tax Payer find out their about 5, 700 patronage jobs.

Cleveland Plain Liar Piles On: OH-18 and The Grendell's

Today the editorial board of the Cleveland Plain Liar weighed in on the OH-18 to OH-98...wait a second...Grendell switch.

The Plain Liar says Grendell should "pick a seat and butt out."

Wait a second.  Doesn't the Cleveland Plain Liar mettle in everything?  Why does the Cleveland Plain Liar want to limit free political speech?

The Cleveland Plain Liar knows the Grendells can whatever they want, in terms of politics and elections, in Geauga County; that's why the Plain Liar didn't bemoan the voters here.

Grendell wants to ensure the constituents that picked a conservative like him get another conservative.  Grendell knows Taxn' Trustee Galloway and Former Sen. Gardner are bad for North East Ohio.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gov.-Elect Kasich Seems to Get It: Pledges a Narrow Focus on Job Creation, a Balanced Budget, and Cutting Taxes

Over at cleveland.com today we learn about Gov.-elect John Kasich's narrow way of thinking: job creation, a balanced budget, and tax cuts.  Hip, Hip, hooray!

Point: Kasich was asked about whether or not he would endorse and work on the effort by Aty-Gen.-elect Mike Dewine's effort to resist Obama Care.  Kasich said he was in favor, but would not actively work on the issue because it would distract him and his staff from: job creation, tax cuts, and a balanced budget.

One little knit-pick: government doesn't create jobs, rather government can make a hospitable climate for job creation.

Too bad Lake County elected officials are not concerned about jobs, tax cuts, and balanced budget without raising taxes and fees.  It's clear that in the City Council Chambers and MAyor's Offices from Willoughby Hills to Willoughby to Mentor to Concord to Perry to the County Commissioner's Chambers---no one cares about tax cuts, a climate to promote job growth, and a balanced budget that does not raise taxes and fees.

News-Herald Piles on: OH-18

The News-Herald, always in last place, when it comes to reporting anything important or interesting piled on today in the "race" to replace Tim Grendell as the OH-18 State Senator.

The News-Herald must of gotten wind that Tim Grendell may not take the OH-98 House seat he won, which would cause the OH-18 vacancy...we've spent enough time on the causes already.

Let's just laugh a little harder at Taxn' Trustee Galloway.  Bwa ha ha ha ha ha.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lake County Assistant Prosecutor that worked on Lucci Campaign Appears before him too

Jeffrey York gets 15 years in prison - news-herald.com#blogcomments

This is disturbing.  The Lake County Assistant Prosecutor, named in this article, which pursued the case against Jeffery York was very active on Judge Lucci's campaign this year.

Is it fair for an assistant prosecutor who was a Lucci campaign supporter, attended Lucci fund raisers, and was threatening toward critics also appears before Lucci?

Doesn't seem fair.

Can a fair trial be had in Lake County if this conduct is pervasive?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

PD confirms what we reported: Grendell May NOT take OH-98 Seat

That's right!  The PD has confirmed what we told you already: Tim Grendell may stay in the OH-18 Senate seat and pass up the OH-98 House seat.

Bwaaa ha ha ha ha!

That would be hilarious!

Perhaps Grendel does or does not take the OH-98 seat--Taxn' Trustee Galloway must be ticked even at the prospect of this!

The PD said the following today regarding Grendell's feelings:

The Chesterland Republican said his concern is getting a Senate successor appointed who shares his conservative values. If that's not possible, he is prepared to stay right where he is.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh gosh--this is too good!  What this means is that Taxn' Trustee Galloway is not conservative enough.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

This couldn't have been scripted any better--ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Anyhow, the article points out that former State Senator Gardner and Councilman-at-Large Fiebig have applied to State Sentate Republican Caucus.

Clearly, Grendell will have to stay.

Gardner is widely known to support abortion rights.  Also, Fiebig in his own words is a self-described moderate--that was councilman Fiebig's own description of himself in his facebook profile until changed it when he got a primary competitor.

To be honest, though Fiebig would be preferable to any of the other people that want the job.

OH-18: Another Thought on the Contenders

This past Spring (2010) Judge Eugene Lucci mounted a primary challenge to 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Colleen O'toole.  The primary was fierce!  Judge O'toole waited too long...no wait...never brought out the big guns.  Instead, the Lucci campaign's fanboys campaigned fiercely.  Letters from sycophant lawyers went out to voters stating that Judge O'toole was a liberal, that she was unqualified, blah, blah, blah.

The Lucci campaign fanboys raged on, some even threatened the critics.  Judge Lucci was triumphant in the primary--and the Lucci fanboys and sycophant lawyers rejoiced!

Fast forward to today.

Judge Lucci (read Red State Strategies whose principle is Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway) lost the race and handed the seat to democrat Tom Wright.

Now, Taxn' Trustee Galloway wants to be your OH-18 State Senator.  Word on the street is that an old friend and former democrat State Senator Tom Patton is working hard for Taxn' Trustee Galloway.  Word also has it some of Taxn' Trustee Galloway's clients (e.g. Commissioner Ray Sines) and potential client Dan Dunlap are working the phones to bolster former democrat Tom Patton's activities.

So, do you think Taxn' Trustee Galloway should get an appointment by the State Republican Senate Caucus after taking out a republican Appeals Court Judge?

Lucci fanboys rage on!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today's Leadership Election in the U.S. House: Where is Rep. Latourette...

Here is a picture of U.S. Rep. John Boehner giving an acceptance speech after being elected Speaker of the House for the Congress that will be seated in Jan 2011.  In the Front row are Republican members from Ohio's delegation, for instance, Jim Rennaci.

Hmmmmm.  Where Steve Latourette?  Why wasn't Latourette elected leadership?  Why isn't Latourette in the front row with the Ohio delegation? Hmmmmm.

Over at Cleveland.com today Latourette is quoted:
“Ohio not only has a seat at the table, Ohio is the owner of the table and invites other people to the table to have the discussion,” said Bainbridge Township GOP Rep. Steve LaTourette. “Policy for the nation, at least in the House, is going to be set in Ohio.
Why isn't Latourette getting a prime committee chairmanship?

Hope those were good times Rep. Latourette!  You cost yourself a leadership role.  No one but you.

OH-18 Senate Seat: The Gloves are Coming Off--say NO! to Taxn' Trustee Galloway!

This blog has discussed on-and-off the implications of State Senator Tim Grendell's election to the OH-98 House of Representatives Seat.  This blog has also been privy to a lot of inside information regarding who MIGHT be Tim Grendell's successor.

It seems that the News-Herald finally caught onto this issue, over at their website today.

As this blog has pointed out Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway of Concord Township is seeking the seat.  Also, mentioned are former State Rep. Jaimie Callender, Bainbridge Township Trustee Matt Lynch, 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, former State Senator Bob Gardner, and Former State Rep. Matt Dolan.

Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway is a disaster of a pick.  First off, this appointment is for a State Senate Seat by the State Senate Republican Caucus.  Chris Galloway should be disqualied right here.  Why?

Taxn' Trustee Galloway has been a paid consultant for the Ohio Democratic Party.  Chris Galloway's Red State Strategies has been paid twice for work by the Ohio Democratic Party:   Galloway's firm was paid $3,947.83 on 10/28/2009 and $10,848.55 on 11/09/09.  See the documents below.

Chris Galloway should not be considered as a replacement for Tim Grendell on this basis alone.  Flat out.

However, things get worse for Galloway.  Galloway has earned the name Taxn' Trustee because he worked to raise taxes on his residents by getting a "safety levy" passed.  Yikes!  Galloway worked to raise taxes!  It gets worse.  A client of Chris Galloway, Lake County Commissioner Ray Sines, politically benefited by the tax increase; that is, Galloway helped potential client Sheriff Dan Dunlap balance the budget in Lake County thereby taking pressure off of Ray Sines.

Can it get any worse for a Galloway campaign to replace Grendell?  Oh Yes!

Recently, someone asked can we trust a Taxn' Trustee that doesn't even own property in Concord Township, or OH-18 for that matter?  No we can't.

See, Taxn' Trustee has an inside man.  State Senator Tom Patton is working to get Galloway appointed.  Tom Patton is a former democrat that Galloway used to work with.

Sources tell us Tim Grendell may not even take the OH-98 seat and stay in the Senate.  That would be great!

Last thought:  What do Taxn' Trustee Galloway's pals think about him being a paid democrat party operative?  Do they suggest Taxn' Trustee Galloway is thrown out of his party, censured, ????

Red State Strategies

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cut Cut Cut

NOTE:  Sorry for the formatting on this video clip.  Ohio News Network (ONN) uses Adobe's Shockwave Player, so you need this plug-in to watch the video.  The video plays as a small frame within the Adobe Shockwave Player.

Fantastic!  Speaker-elect William Batcheleder is promising , without TAX INCREASES, to balance a $51 billion budget that includes a projected $8 billion budget hole; No more federal stimulus money either.

We can anticipate a 15% - 20% cut to "education."  Note the quotation marks.  See, education really means teacher benefits & salary and administrator benefits and salary.  Ohio is 46th in the nation for so-called "education" dollars being spent on actual education and 8th in the nation on the amount of money spent on administrators.


The problem for the tax payer is local elected officials and school boards work hand-in-hand with public sector unions, and their lobbyists, to make-up the cuts with tax levies.  You can count on school boards to manipulate the the voters with cries of "It's about the Kids!" as they ask for more of your money.  In addition to the wailing and moaning Local Mayors and City Councils (partners in crime) will either endorse outright, or endorse by saying nothing at all the proposed levies.  The usual suspects in Willoughby, Willoughby Hills, ..., Mentor, etc. will help the cause with endorsements.

It's never about the kids.  It's about teachers, administrators, union leaders, and their respective lobbyists. It's also about the exercise of raw power by union leaders and lobbyists to raise your taxes.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cleveland Plain Liar's Brent Larkin: Latourette Serious Contendor for 2010 US Senate Seat

God help us.

Over at Cleveland.com today Brent Larkin discusses the implications of the Republican controlled legislature's redistricting next year.  Larkin discussed how race politics (needing to keep Marcia Fudge around) will squeeze Dennis Kucinich out of his job in 2012.  Larkin partly blames the fact that republicans will gerrymander the districts, thereby giving Steve Latourette a "safe seat."

God help us.

Has anyone noticed that Steve Latourette has never been considered for leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives?  C'mon.  Laotourette has been in the House of Representatives for 16 years and is from the same state as the incoming Speaker of the House.  What's the problem?

Latourette's indiscretions caught up with him.  That's what happened.

Friday, November 12, 2010

It Sure Pays to Work for Eastlake--Public Records Reveal Generous Salary and Benefits

Here is the salary data for 124 Public Employees of the City of Eastlake.  What a well paid bunch.

Buckeye Institute - Local Salary-Eastlake

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OH-99: Latourette Didn't Deliver Promised Help

Yeah Yeah.  OH-99 is Ashtabula County and six precincts in Northern Trumbull  County.  However, former Lake County Resident U.S. Rep. Steve Latourette, who now resides in Virginia, could have helped Casey Kozlowski secure victory.  Latourette is said to have promised the Kozlowski campaign a donatation of $5, 000.  Latourette did NOT deliver.

See, Casey Kozlowski is up by 51 votes over incumbent Democrat Debbie Newcomb.

Why would the incumbent U.S. Rep. from Virgina not help a young, upstart from his district?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cleveland Plain Liar: Anti-Tax Pledges Add Intrigue to Upcoming Budget Process

Today, Aaron Marshal (covers the Ohio State House Beat) whined about the anti-tax pledges that Governor-Elect Kasich and many who won Ohio Legislature races took.

The tenor of the article was clear: Aaron Marshal and the Cleveland Plain Liar staff are upset that those nasty republicans won with a message of reducing taxes, cutting the size of government (by elminating departments and hopefully State employees), and balancing the budget without tax hikes.

Let's hope Governor-elect Kasich and Speaker Elect Batchelder follow through on promises to reduce the number of State Departments, and hopefully lay off State employees.

Remember that it was the Cleveland Plain Liar Editorial Board that mocked Representative-Elect Ron Young when it endorsed Mark Schneider for the OH-63 seat; the article mocked Ron Young for having a "silly stance" on tax issues.  Guess it's the Cleveland Plain Liar Editorial Staff that looks silly now!

There is serious business for the Ohio Legislature and Governor Elect Kasich to tackle: balaning a budget with an $8 billion projected shortfall without raising taxes, fees, and the like.

Good thing Lorraine "The Legislative Loser" Fende is relegated to the minority and Schneider can go back to Cuyahoga County!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

News-Herald Proves itself Incoherent on Top of Being Irrelevant

The News-Herald reached a new low the other day.  On November 1st it published an editorial claiming that the cost of education is rising at an alarming rate.

The title:

"Editorial: Higher Education Cost Must Come Down"

is down right embarrassing in light of this News-Herald Editorial Board endorsing Issue 1 (Lakeland Community College Levy) and ever public school levy.

How does a sane person endorse a public community college levy and every public school levy, then lament the cost of education?

The News-Herald Editorial Staff just made the the paper incoherent on top of it being irrelevant.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lorraine Fende: Even More Useless for the Next Two Years--Blame Bob Weger and Most of Willoughby Hills City Council

Lorraine Fende is useless.  Everyone knows she is the accidental candidate forced into politics by her father many years ago.

Moving along...Fende has been useless for two years: she has nothing substantiative to the legislation coming from Columbus.  Fende's only accomplishment: tax hikes.

Fende has stayed in office by intimidating elected officials into endorsing her--how?  Lorraine Fende's relationship with Judge Larry Allen is powerful--just ask Willoughby Mayor Dave Anderson.

Fende's only use of her influence on legislation has been promised appropriations--just ask Mayor Bob Weger about the money he was promised for Willoughby Hills.  This promised appropriation helped Fende get Weger's endorsement.

This brings up the last point: Dave Fiebig.

Dave Fiebig had almost everything going his way: an at-large elected official in a modestly affluent community, the right party designation this year--yet he lost by a slim margin.

OH-62 results.

Fende beat Fiebig by 491 votes.  491 votes! That is a 1.76% margin!  What?  Fende has beat almost everyone 60-40 during the past few elections.


Perhaps if Weger, Reichelt, and company did something to help Dave Fiebig he could have sent Fende back to Larry Allen's couch full time.


Now that Fende is in the minority for her last term she will be even more useless for the next two years.

Listen to a Winner: Ron Young

The Raw Dealer, or Cleveland Plain Liar, gave Ron Young a back handed slap during the article in which in endorsed Mark Schneider.  Basically, the Plain Liar said that Ron Young hates taxes and will do anything to lower taxes.  The Plain Liar is right.  This helped Ron Young return to the Ohio State House.

Listen to a winner: Ron Young

The 893 Vote Man: Tom Wright--Or, 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Debacle

With 100% of the votes counted according to the The Ohio Secretary of State (note: there are more absentees and provisionals that can be counted) Tom Wright leads Gene Lucci by 893 votes.

Detailed results here.

Hats off to Red State Strategies (Taxn' Trustee Chris Calloway Principal) for losing the race.  The key to this debacle for Lucci and Galloway?  Ashtabula County.  Oh the wailing and moaning started already. Boo hoo.

Looking at the above link it is clear that the Lucci campaign (read Red State Strategies) really screwed up Ashtabula County--or, ticked someone off.

Listen to a Loser: Mark Schneider

What was the biggest surprise of Election Day? - news-herald.com

What was the biggest surprise of Election Day? - news-herald.com

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This Blog Called 'em All!

This blog called 'em all correctly yesterday!  Hat tip this blog...back pat this blog.

Higher taxes.  Fende, Young, Troy, Zupancic.

UPDATE: LUCCI LOSING 11TH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS! WRIGHT HAS 50.21% VS. LUCCI 49.79%.  This would be too funny. Seriously. Taxn' Trustee Galoway loses the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, but gets his tax increase.  No recount is going to wipe out the 893 vote margin.

Monday, November 1, 2010

In a few hours...

In a few hours...Lake County and some of its municipalities will have an increased tax burden. Issue 1 will most likely pass...sigh.

C'mon...with the endorsements of people like Dave Anderson and Steve Latourette...and the the threat of students being turned away...why wouldn't the people of lake county vote to increase Morris Beverage's take of our property taxes five fold?

Issue 2...sigh. Dan Dunlap's bailout!  Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway has made sure everyone knows that protection from the Sheriff will come at a price!

There are many other issues.  School levies galore...it's about the kids! Or, is it about Keith Miller collecting a six figure pension and a six figure salary?

Willoughby Hills' income tax increase--errrrr, Safety Force Levy... probably going to pass.  See, Bob Weger and several City Council members have also made it clear that police and fire protection will come at a higher price.

Now onto the the people: Fende, Young, Troy, and Zupancic will win. It would be upsetting but not shocking if Mark Schneider can hang on, but Ron Young should be able to win by a few points.

Wednesday morning will bring a whole new issue to the table: OH-18's Senate Seat Vacancy that will occur in January. Taxn' Trustee Galloway has been working hard....but, as fate would have it Jamie Callender could be trying to return to the State House.  Bob Gardner is also said to be interested.

Galloway will have a hard time explaining a couple of things emerging this week....

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beware of Anonymous Political Speech: Who's Afraid of Anonymous Political Speech?

Were Publius or the Federal Farmer bad people?  If you are trying to raise taxes in the town you live in to help you union patrons, or clients... probably so!

Ironically, opposition by an Ohio resident to a school levy resulted in a U.S. Supreme Court Decision  affirming that the 1st Amendent guarantees the right to anonymous political speech.

Read the Surpreme Court Decision for yourself here!

Read about the two seminal example here:

1) the Federal Farmer, and

2) Publius.

The local elected officials that want to raise taxes probablly don't care about any of this discussion though...they have unions to pay back, and/or clients to help, or State Senate seats to try to get appointed to.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stark County Sheriff Gives 41 Employees Lay Off Notice

The Canton Repository reported yesterday that the Stark County Sheriff notified 41 employees that they would be laid off December 8th, 2010.  This layoff is the result of the Stark County Sheriff responding to the need to cut his budget by 16%, or $2.6 million for 2011.

Anyone losing a job is terrible, period.

However, the public sector needs a wake-up call: downsizing, reductions in pay and benefits, etc.

Too bad.

We wonder why the Stark County Sheriff didn't just conspire with a political operative like Lake County Sheriff Dan Dunlap did to raise taxes?  Dan Dunlap and Taxn' Trustee Galloway (who has County Officials as clients; hmmmmmmm) conspired to raise the taxes of people in Lake County townships in order to get them to pay for the Sheriff's services.

For instance, Concord Issue 4.  This is also on Painseville Township and Perry Township's ballot.  Disgusting.  Shame on you Dan Dunlap and Taxn' Trustee Galloway!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

We've said many times that the News-Herald is worthless.  Well, its good for having something to discuss, mock, etc.  We have to go on the record about the Plain Dealer: it's a worthless rag too.

This past week-end the Plain Dealer listed its endorsements for legislative races.

The Plain Dealer endorsed Lorraine "the legislative loser" Fende and Mark "carpetbagger" Schneider for OH-62 and OH-63, respectively.  Going with the template, the Pee Dee slammed both Dave fiebig and Ron Young over issues of taxation--basically, Fiebig and Young (really Young) are against tax increases according to the Pee Dee.

Boo hoo.

Here's the skinny.

BobWeger, Dave Reichelt, and the gang screwed Fiebig.  Weger and some on City Council made promises to the police and fire unions that have to be made good (according to them).

Weger and company coupled a tax increase to a change in the city charter that would give residents a right to vote on tax increases--on top of it all--they labeled this crap a safety levy!  Disingenuous.  The Pee Dee played along and blasted Fiebig for voting against the the so-called rights of the voters.

Yeah Right...and Weger's a republican and Reichelt's not a cry baby. LOL!

The same group led by Bob Weger either endorsed Lorraine Fende, or did so by "staying neutral."

Moving along.  The Pee Dee went with it's usual support of those who want to take your money: they endorsed Mark Schneider and slammed Ron Young for being anti-tax.

Right on Ron Young, right on!

Protect our pocket books.  Allow us to save and invest money.  Allow us to feed our children.

BOTTOM LINE: Mark Schneider and Lorraine Fende raised the income taxes of Ohians by $800 million dollars over two years.  This was done on top of $10's of millions of increases in fees and registrations by the State of Ohio.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Raw Dealer Endorsement: Judge Eugene Lucci

The Raw Dealer endorsed Gene Lucci today.

Here's an excerpt:

He does have a few flaws: He's sometimes prickly. And we still find his unorthodox decision that the boundaries of lakefront property to move with the motion of water (instead of being fixed) poorly reasoned. Despite that misinterpretation, Lucci's strong service on the bench earns him a promotion.

I mean, what does "He's sometime prickly." mean?  Are they calling him a p _ _ _ k?  Do you think all the Judge Lucci fan boys are upset about the Raw Dealer's words above?  Will the Judge Lucci fan boys get angry at the Raw Dealer editorial board and threaten them like they did the people who raised legitimate questions about Judge Lucci?  There's a couple of angry folks in Lake County like a certain assistant prosecutor who lost his temper in public over such legitimate criticism and made angry threats--no way for an assistant prosecutor to act! Or, how about a certain Trustee that's a paid democrat party operative running the campaign of a republican judge...?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lakeland Students Should Pay Their Own Way: Morris Beverage Begs for Your Money and Virginia Resident Steve Latourette Endorses Another Tax Hike

Watch Moris Beverage lie to the News-Herald camera and tell us why he needs to quintuple Lakeland's property tax take.  Disgusting.  Hey Beverage!  We paid for our own educations, let people who go to Lakeland pay their own way.

At least tell us the truth and say that you need to contribute to the Safety Force's Pension fund, hire more unionized employees, etc.

Just disgusting.

What's even more disgusting is Virginia resident Steve Latourette, who occasionally sleeps in Bainbridge Township, endorsed another levy he won't have to pay.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hard Hitting Congressional Campaign Video

This video is hard hitting.  We wish we could insert Mayor Bob Weger into this video to give it a local spin, or Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway, or Willoughby Eastlake Schools Superintendent Keith Miller, or Lakeland's Morris Berverage.

Calling each of them "the tax man" would fit too!

Hide your wallets, hide your paychecks, hide your _________;  (insert Bob Weger or Keith Miller, or etc.) is coming to tax you! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Candidates Push Messages at Mentor Chamber of Commerce

The News-Herald provides coverage of yesterday's Mentor of Chamber of Commerce event at which many local and a few state-wide candidates spoke.

We've spoken to many people that were at this event.  One consensus is that everybody knows that the OH-63 race is over EXCEPT Mark Schneider.  Hey, Schneider...get a clue!  Your done!

Moving along.

How about Lake County Sheriff Dan Dunlap cheer leading for Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway's tax hike to pay for a police district?!?  It seems that Dan Dunlap is Taxn' Trustee Galloway's bag man for the tax hike. Taxn' Trustee Galloway can't appear too close to this tax hike because he is trying hard to get the Senate Seat Appointment to fill the the Seat that Tim Grendell will vacate.  We all know that Tim Grendell will stomp the "also-ran" competition despite the outside help provided to his competition.

This leads us to the LARGER question: who is on the short list to replace Tim Grendell?  We know that the person working hardest to replace Tim Grendell might have a hard time explaining the fact that he accepted payment from the Ohio Democrat Party in the past two years...not to mention his police district levy (read tax increase).

Sunday, October 10, 2010


We've said it before, and we will say it again.  The News-Herald is nothing more than a public relations firm for local entities seeking tax levies, increases, etc.

NH endordes another levy--time to cancel!

OH-62 and OH-63 Good News and the Obvious

Good news: Sources confirm for us that State Rep. Mark Schneider is done--stick a fork in him.  The Ohio House Democrat Caucus considers Schneider's "top line number" too low, and they have canceled ad buys in the TV market.

Obvious: Sources also tell us, as if this was a surprise, anyone in the know considers Lorraine Fende the winner of OH-62.  That's sad.  Fende is an old, tired, tax 'n spend Vine Street look-alike.  A ham sandwich would be better than Lorraine Fende.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

...OH-62 and OH-63, Continued.

Last night we promised more commentary about the House races in Lake County, in particular, OH-63.

OH-63 has been a very, very, very, very, very, ..., extremely disappointing race.  Why?  There has been little to no race in OH-63--aside from the many Mark Schneider signs littering Mentor and the other OH-63 municipalities.

Some thoughts.  Mark Schneider is strong campaigner, but a carpet bagging; tax raising; money grubbing lawyer who has taken a lot of campaign money from Cuyahoga County.  Mark Schneider raised income taxes 4.2% for 2009 and 2010, and raised numerous fees by voting for House Bill 1.  Schneider can smile, knock on doors, shake hands, and stick his hand out to unions very well though.

Furthermore, the Ohio House Democrats MUST hold OH-63, MUST! in order to hold the majority. Finally, former State Rep. Ron Young is as conservative as they come--and well known to hate taxes.  Young's hatred of taxes is second to none.


Schneider = bad, big democrat machine, big government, tax hikes, fees, all "labored" up, on the union take----and CONNECTED TO CROOKED COUNTY PROSECUTOR BILL MASON.  That's right, Schneider was an assistant Crooked County Prosecutor who has accepted donations for from Mason.

Young = hater of all things tax, strong social conservative, beat squishy Ray Sines, small business owner.

The equation seems right for both House Caucuses to target the race!  However, we don't see any of those menacing TV ads, hear any radio ads, etc.

What gives?

The pulse of things is that Mark Schneider has been given up on by the Ohio House Democrat Caucus.  If things continue to stay the course tax, tax, tax, tax and spend, spend, spend, spend Mark Schneider will have to go to Bob Dicello's office more often and help him with his lame radio show.

We wonder if State Senator soon to be Representative Grendell will be upset that his good friend Mark Schneider will get beaten by Ron Young.  Grendell hates Young.  A Young win will not bode well for Grendell's run House Speaker.

God save us.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OH-62 and OH-63

Anyone wonder why NO paid media has been running in Ohio's 62nd and 63rd House Districts?

Getting tired of seeing ads for Candidates and/or incumbents from Summit and Lorain Counties you have never heard of?

Easy to explain:

In OH-62 The House Caucuses (Democrat and Republican) view the race to be a poor investment.  Lorraine Fende wins 60-40 no matter how much money is thrown at her (e.g. Taxn' Trustee Galloway got $500, 000 handed to him and still got stomped).  Now, Taxn' Trustee Galloway is busy trying to get appointed to the Senate Seat held by Tim Grendell (Grendell will vacate the seat once he runs away with OH-98 necessitating the Ohio Senate Caucus to pick a replacement ).  Oooops. We forgot to mention Councilman-at-Large Dave Fiebig.  Seems like a nice guy.  Moving along....  Since Lorraine Fende uses her "relationship" with Judge Larry Allen to intimidate elected officials she has been able to hold a death grip on OH-62.

Bottom line: Fende doesn't even have or need a website to win....  So, why advertise?

Note:  We wonder if a paid Ohio Democrat Party Consultant with ties to State Sen. Tom Patton (former democrat) can really get appointed to a Senate Seat by the Ohio Senate Republican Caucus.

More on OH-63...tonight....

PD Endorsement List Grows, News-Herald Trailing FAR Behind (as usual)

PD 2010 endorsements, updated to reflect Richard Cordray announcement.

We will let the Raw Dealer's own words speak for themselves
Four years ago, after the very skilled incumbent Jim Petro chose not to seek re- election, Ohio voters picked Democrat Marc Dann to be their attorney general. It turned out to be a spectacular mistake.
It's funny how the Raw Dealer leaves out the fact it endorsed the former disgraced and soiled Marc Dann--it's shocking that they leave this out and blame the voters they helped mislead.  Shame on you Raw Dealer!  The Raw Dealer cites Dewine's campaign ads that mock Cordray for not intervening in Crooked (cuyahoga) County as a big reason for their decision; that is, the Raw Dealer says that the State Attorney General should not have gotten involved.  What?  Why did the State of Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification get involved in investigating Sheriff McFaul (McFelon)?

Excuse me Pee Dee, why was it ok for agents of the State of Ohio to raid the Sheriff McFelon's Office?  Sheriff McFelon was already being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Intimidation (FBI).   Where is the rebuke of the State of Ohio there??

Better yet, why did the Pee Dee wait until after Sheriff McFelon's last re-election to start publishing its faux investigation articles?  The Pee Dee would have you think it knew nothing about anything until days after McFelon's last re-election. BS.  The Pee Dee waited so that Crooked County's Democrat Party (it's Executive Committee) could hand select a replacement to be rubber stamped by it's Central Committee.

No wonder you employ Connie Schultz Brown.

News-Herald endorsements far behind.

Richard Cordray's mock, faux comb-over should have disqualified him.

Pondering explosive news....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

News-Herald Endorsements Starting to Roll In

Here come the News-Herald endorsements!

We'll save some suspense this month: the News-Herald will endorse every tax hike in Lake County

But, for starters today's fish wrap endorsed Maureen O'Oconnor for Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice.

PD Endorsement of Latourette

The Plain Dealer announced that it endorsed Steve Latourette.

We have expressed many difficulties with U.S. Rep. Latourette: moral failings and several votes like his infamous Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).

The truth is America can't afford to keep the current leadership that Congress has--no way, no how.

That makes us have to bite our tongue and agree with the Plain Dealer.

With Latourette you know what you get.

We all know Rep. Latourette will NOT be climbing the leadership ladder next winter though.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Funding Fende: Lorraine Fende Takes Big Bucks from Labor Union Implicated in Cuyahoga County Corruption

Let's take a look at Lorraine "the Legislative Loser" Fende's contributors:

Good overview


Fende has taken money from a Labor Union tied to Cuyahoga County Corruption!


Lorraine Fende has taken almost $2, 000 from Plumber's Local 55.

Dan Troy and his Friends Frank Russo and Jimmy Dimora

Yeah, yeah...this photo ran over a week ago...its a bad reproduction from a printed paper.

Look at Dan Troy just smiling away with Frank Russo (Felon, disgraced former....) and Jimmy Dimora.

'Nuff said.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

NH: Lucci, Wright to face off in 11th District

NH coverage on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Any comment by us on Judge Lucci draws the venom of a couple of people in Lake County...not that we care about that one bit though!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dan Troy's Friend & Donor Jimmy Dimmora Says he (Dimora) is Going Right Back to the Comish's Chair This Thursday

Dan Troy's Friend and Donor Jimmy Dimora after a hearing at Federal Court.

Wow! Dimora is just as arrogant as Dan Troy! No wonder they are friends.

More tonight on the Dan Troy--Jimmy Dimora connection.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sexual rumors swirl in Buckeye State

Sexual rumors swirl in Buckeye State; a story resurrected from the 2006 Gubernatorial Race.  This story dogged Ted Strickland in 2006.  In fact, it got so bad an Ohio News Network personality came out and asked Ted Strickland:

"...are you gay or not?"

Video of Ted Strickland being asked "...are you gay?" can be found here.

What would lead someone to ask a sitting congressman who had been married for twenty years "...are you gay?"

Allegedly, Ted Strickland took a congressional aide on a private vacation to Italy, according to the Toledo Blade.  This same aide had been convicted of indecent exposure.

These are reputable sources asking these questions and making these criticisms.

Sunday, September 19, 2010






Great Website


Busy Busy Busy!

Seems like Rep. Mark Schneider (D, OH-63) and...get this Rep. Lorraine Fende (D, OH-62) have been busy, busy, busy during the past week or two.  Why?

The major thorough fairs in MENTOR are littered with Schneider and Fende signs.  Fende signs?  Yep.  Seem that Rep. Fende has posted those mini-billboards all over Mentor.  We counted three outside of the 62nd house district, and saw several yard signs on major thorough fairs in Mentor?

Its east to understand Schneider's placement of signs (1) OH-63 (Mentor) is the district he represents, (2) Schneider has actual competition, AND (3) Schneider has a terrible record that he needs to run away from--tax, tax, tax!

Dave Fiebig signs seem few and far between.  C'mon Councilman Fiebig!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gov. Christie catches heat from Jersey firefighters over pensions - NYPOST.com

Gov. Christie catches heat from Jersey firefighters over pensions - NYPOST.com

Thousands of angry New Jersey firefighters battling for their pensions unleashed a chorus of boos at Gov. Chris Christie during a convention in Wildwood yesterday, according to a report.

But Christie, who has proposed reducing pension payouts by 5 percent to firefighters who retire after 25 years, lashed back.

"If you guys think you can shout me down, it's going to be a long day," he said, according to The Press of Atlantic City.

Under Christie's proposal, firefighters would have to work an extra five years to get their full pension

Heard On The Street!

This is a new feature of your trusty, faithful blog.

Whispers in Washington: You can't go too long without hearing chatter that GOPers may take dozens of U.S. House of Representatives Seats.  Fine.  That means leadership roles will change; Speaker of the House, Majority Leader, Whips, etc.  Also, Chairmen of Committees, ....

Where is Steve Latourette's name in the Leadership card? Nowhere.

It's been heard on the street that U.S. Representative Steve Latourette's (OH-14) proclivity for adulterous affairs has been used by the GOP establishment to blackball Latourette from the Leadership Slate Card.  In particular, Latourette's last tabloid actions during the Fall 2004 General Election are not looked upon too highly by GOP Leadership.

In other Latourette news, former State Representative Carol- Ann Schindel's niece is now in the employ of Latourette as an administrative liaison.

Didn't Latourette leave his former wife for his Chief-of-Staff Jennifer Laptook?  Watch out Ms. Laptook-Latourette!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ted Strickland Claims He's Down, But Not Out!

Today's Raw Dealer, or Plain Dealer for those of you in Eastlake, has an article over cleveland.com which has Ted Strickland admitting he is getting POUNED in the polls.

It has to be bad, REAL BAD, for Rev. Gov. Ted to admit he is losing.

Wonder if the tax hikes that he signed into law, and voted for by Lorraine Fende & Mark Schneider, has anything to do with the double digit deficit in the polls.  Maybe it's the 400, 000 jobs lost?

Bet it has a lot to do with the tax increases! Rev. Gov. Ted Strickland, Lorraine Fende, and Mark Schneider approved massive fee increases in the State Budget (House Bill 1) AND...AND...THAT'S RIGHT: RAISED INCOME TAXES 4.2%.   See the cleveland.com article here describing the December 17th vote by Lorraine Fende and Mark Schneider and subsequent signature into law by Ted Strickland.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Plain Dealer (basically) Admits Failing Miserablly (via endorsing Cuyahoga Cty Elected Officials in trouble). When will News-Herald Admit its Failures?

To our shock, the Plain Dealer mentioned next to each name of a disgraced Cuyahoga County Official that it had endorsed them. This is an admission of failure in their own way.

When will the News-Herald admit to failing the public? By failure we mean that it serves as the defacto public relations (PR) firm (read: lap dog) for local elected officials, city councils, appointed boards, elected boards, etc. seeking tax increases.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Bag Man

Read about Jimmy Dimora's and Frank Russo (county employee and county paid) bag man.

Do you think that Dan Troy used a bag man (county employee)  to bag a contribution from Dimora PAC?

Perhaps Troy's bag man could have been Kip Moleenar, Mentor-On-the -Lake, City Administrator and Dan Troy contribution bully.

Think Dan Troy is worried? --About the donations from Dimora PAC?

Jimmy D. tries not to appear worried here, but we wonder if Dan Troy is worried about the donations he has received from Dimora PAC?

Jimmy Dimora reacts after arraignment in federal court

Look out Lake County Judges! We're Watching!

Judge Terry leaves federal court

Judge McCafferty leaving federal court

Whether you are cheating on your spouse, or taking bribes to influence rulings...the people are watching!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Editorial: Pension funds can spend less on travel - The News-Herald Opinion : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Editorial: Pension funds can spend less on travel - The News-Herald Opinion : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Even a blind squirrel finds nut once in a while. Or, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

You get the idea.

The linked article is an opinion piece from the News-Herald, which is hand wringing about those out-of-control public pension funds in Ohio. To little, too late News-Herald. Everyone was talking about this months ago!

The problems is that the News-Herald supports EVERY levy, tax increase, money grab, etc. The News-Herald lacks the credibility to talk about cost cutting and reigning in spending.

We have said it before, and we will say it again: The News-Herald is the defacto public relations firm for Lake County entities wishing to raise taxes. No objectivity. None. Notta.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lorraine "The Legislative Loser" Fende--Preferred Candidate of Willoughby Hills City Council and Mayor Weger?

Made you look!  It's not that far fetched though.

We were out tonight and were accosted by this sign littering Ohio's beautiful 62nd House District.
Lorraine "The Legislative Loser" Fende loves taxes.  Everyone knows that.  Legislative loser Lorraine has voted to increase taxes, roll back tax credits, raise fees, ..., every chance she gets.  Take Fende's vote to roll back a State income tax cut via House Bill 1 last year, which is really an income tax increase.

Hey! Wait a minute...doesn't the Mayor of Willoughby Hills and most of its City Council support raising income taxes?  Yep.

Perhaps that's why Mayor Weger and Willoughby Hills City Council has not endorsed Councilman-at-Large Dave Fiebig, who is also the republican candidate in OH-62.  Fiebig stood up to the Mayor and City Council to oppose the greedy, confiscatory tax increase put on the ballot this fall.

Note: Councilman Nancy Fellows has voiced opposition to the greed, confiscatory tax increase in Willoughby Hills.

It's sad that the rob from the so-called rich and give to the public sector employees mentality has rubbed off on Willoughby Hills from Lorraine Fende.

Maybe if the greedy, confiscatory tax increase to support the police department and fire department passes the police can get blu-ray players for their cruisers when they are sitting at the weigh station...or, perhaps Lorraine Fende can get an earmark in the State Budget for that--like the park.



Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Turning Our Attention: November's Election

Ahhhh.  It's cooled off and we are well rested.

Ready, set, GO!

We need to start talking about this November's election.

Tonight's subject: OH-62.

Lorraine Fende, ex-wife of Mayfield Hts. Fire Captain Daniel Serge, set-up her campaign headquarters on Vine Street.  That's fitting.  Fende reminds me of Vine Street and vice versa (use your imagination).

Sadly, Lorraine will most likely win.  Fende has little to no presence in the community.  Fende never has had much of campaign.  Instead, Fende relies on her boyfriend, Judge Larry Allen, to intimidate local elected officials into supporting her.

Onto Councilman-at-Large Dave Fiebig.  Councilman Fiebig is a nice guy.  However, despite Fiebig's token opposition to Willoughby Hill$' tax hike we have to point out that he did not do enough to oppose the money grab.  Unfortunately, Fiebig can not raise the capital to knock out Fende.  That's disappointing.  Fiebig will see little to no support from the State House Republican Caucus...damn them!

Fende sucks. Fende is a legislative loser.  Fende raises taxes at every chance she gets.

God, please give Fiebig some money!  Please, God...give Fiebig an effective campaign.

THE REAL QUESTION TONIGHT: WHY HASN'T ANY OF WILLOUGHBY HILL$' ELECTED OFFICIAL$ ENDORSED Dave FIEBIG?  Voting records shows Ray Somich, Dave Reichelt, Nancy Fellows, and Bob Weger are republicans (even though their support for tax increases don't show they are republicans); but where is their endorsement?  Fiebig's list of endorsements don't show any of Willoughby Hill$' elected officials endorsing Fiebig?

What's wrong Mayor Weger?  Why not endorse Dave?  Is there an earmark in the State budget coming to you?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Governor walks in Euclid for workers - The News-Herald News AND Mark Schneider Walking in Lake County

Governor walks in Euclid for workers - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Seems fitting: Governor Strickland went to Euclid to support unions and tax increases to support unions.

Doesn't it seem like Strickland should have also went to Willoughby Hills to support public sector unions and tax increases too? It's obvious that Euclid and Willoughby Hills are the same page: taxes, fees and high union wages.

Today's Cleveland.com tells us how Mark Schneider is out pounding the pavement, door-to-door, to get re-elected.

Do you think Mark Schneider is telling the people he voted for a State Budget that raised millions of dollars by increasing fees (e.g. the automobile registration fee after you are 5 days late, or the fee to register your professional license from the State); House Bill 1?  Or, do you think that Schneider is telling the people how he voted to raise the State income tax retroactively for 2009 and 2010 stealing almost $900 million from tax payers.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

M-L councilman learns he can no longer serve on Board of Revisions - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

M-L councilman learns he can no longer serve on Board of Revisions - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Uh oh...looks like some of Cuyahoga County's bad practices have made it to Lake County.

Now, the linked story originally ran in the NH on 8/11/2010. However, revelations in the past week about the chicanery going on over at the Cuyahoga County Board of Revisions caused us to go back and look at the situation in Lake County--that is, the illegal appointment of a Mentor-on-the-Lake Councilman to the Lake County Board of Revisions.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lake County, JFS union employees reach deal - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Lake County, JFS union employees reach deal - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Reached a deal?

Wow! "...no increase in compensation from July 1st for at least 12 months."

You don't say. How about a pay cut for the union? Has a public employee ever taken a pay cut or decrease benefits?

Keep an Eye on Them!

Over at cleveland.com today we learn about another elected official in Northeast Ohio that allegedly took bribes from a company doing business with government.  This case occurred in Cuyahoga County again.  Strongsville City Councilman Patrick Coyne who is also a Cuyahoga County Employee AND a Cuyahoga County Democrat Party apparatchick  allegedly took bribes from a Hinckley, Ohio developer in order to influence the award of contracts.

Hmmmmmmm.  Is Lake County immune from all these businesses and elected officials illegally exchanging money, gifts, and favors for the use of political influence?  Certainly not, we bet!  Good question: why isn't anything getting exposed in Lake County?  We certainly can't have the only local government immune to corruption.

Think any local councilmen  or mayors are steering contracts for favors, donations, or business for their business?  Let us know.  Know about a County Commissioner using his car to visit a girlfriend in another part of the state?  We'd like to know about that too.  Know about a judge carousing around town?  Drop us a line.  Heard about a township trustee appointing a friend to a board?  You know where to send that tip!  Or, how about a public employee union conspiring with city council committee to get a pay raise in the future.  Tell us!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Willoughby Hills eyeing income tax hike - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Willoughby Hills eyeing income tax hike - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Looks like Mayor Weger and Councilman Somich had a rally for their money grab, I mean tax increase last night.

This article has a lot of funny quotes, which we will deal with tonight.

The best was when Weger said he wanted the City to be at the same level cities around Willoughby Hills...hahahaha...that's funny. Weger resents that other cities have higher tax burdens.

Or, how about this--Somich agreed about attracting younger residents. Yeah. Raising taxes will do that.

More later.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lorraine Fende's ex-husband back in the news

Mayfield Heights fire captain to be arraigned today - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

We reported that fire captain Daniel Serge is State Rep. Lorraine Fende's ex-husband when this story first broke. Of course, the News-Herald failed to mention anything about fire captain Serge's link to Rep. Fende.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Former Cuyahoga (Crooked) County Sheriff Gerald McFaul was sentenced to one year of house arrest and ordered to pay $151,000 in fines and restitution in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court today.  McFaul also received a six month suspended jail sentence.  The sentence today was the result of McFaul's guilty plea to two felony counts of theft in office and a misdemeanor ethics violation.

This case was handled by a Lucas County Ohio Prosecutor and presided over by a retired Geauga County Judge.

One year of house arrest and a six month suspended jail sentence for Gerald "The Political Animal" McFaul?!?


This travesty of justice proves that the political class takes care of its own.  No pesky jury to get in the way here!  Instead, McFaul's gangster lawyer John Climaco probably negotiated this slap on the wrist.  Climaco has represented plenty of people tied to organized crime. John Climaco also represents embattled Cuyahoga County Auditor Frank Russo.

What kind of message is being sent to the elected officials on the take?  The next time a local councilman, mayor, or other official steers a contract...takes a bribe...cuts a deal with a union...do you think a year of probation will scare them?

Former sheriff Gerald McFaul sentenced to house arrest

Friday, July 23, 2010

WH tax hike heads to ballot - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

WH tax hike heads to ballot - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

That's right, the story reads: "According to city estimates, about $76, 000 will come from city residents and $546, 000 from businesses." More than one half of a million dollars will be sucked out of businesses to feed Willoughby Hills, according to the article.

It's sad that Bob Weger continues to be dismissive toward other's ideas. According to Councilwoman Nancy Fellows, "This issue has affected council like none before." She also said "It's compromised friendships." Trust us...some friendships were hurt, but other relationships prospered...especially some business relationships.

WH tax hike heads to ballot - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

WH tax hike heads to ballot - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

That's right, the story reads: "According to city estimates, about $76, 000 will come from city residents and $546, 000 from businesses." More than one half of a million dollars will be sucked out of businesses to feed Willoughby Hills, according to the article.

It's sad that Bob Weger continues to be dismissive toward other's ideas. According to Councilwoman Nancy Fellows, "This issue has affected council like none before." She also said "It's compromised friendships." Trust us...some friendships were hurt, but other relationships prospered...especially some business relationships.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Tax Tsunami On The Horizon - Investors.com

The Tax Tsunami On The Horizon - Investors.com

That's right! On top of all the local tax levies, local income tax increases, the retroactive state income tax increase, fees, ..., here comes the federal income tax increases:

"The lowest bracket for the personal income tax, for instance, moves up 50% — to 15% from 10%. The next lowest bracket — 25% — will rise to 28%, and the old 28% bracket will be 31%. At the higher end, the 33% bracket is pushed to 36% and the 35% bracket becomes 39.6%."

It's just foolish to raise taxes right now, foolish.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lake County's Freedom Fighters: fighting for democracy!

We found this picture over at Councilman Reichelt's webpage. From left to right, Councilman-at-large Dave Reichelt, Council President Kevin Malecek, and Mayor Bob Weger.  Nice photo-op.  We thought it would be good to share with the public some of the smiling faces that are working to preserve democracy in Lake County.

After all, these freedom fighters said in today's New-Herald fighting against the tax increase--woops--giving the residents the right to choose is undemocratic.

"I was very disappointed at the committee's action (July 12)," Weger said. "Nancy Fellows and David Fiebig (are) on the finance committee and they just feel they don't have enough information.

"They're basically holding up the democratic process of letting the people decide whether or not they want this. We need to think of the needs of the city and the health, safety and welfare of the citizens.

Side note: Councilman Reichelt hasn't said a lot publicly, just on your anti-democratic blog here.

Time to pay back those safety forces!

WH Council to make taxing decision - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

WH Council to make taxing decision - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

We don't even know where to start with this article, so the scathing commentary will come later. However, we must point out that Bob Weger is a disingenuous, manipulative drama queen. Certain members of The Willoughby Hills City Council are little pawns in lazy Weger's game of duping the voters with superficial spending cuts and rhetoric.

Weger and certain WH Councilmen are reading from the same script: talking about "the democratic process," safety forces etc.

This levy is a payback for the wage freeze negotiated with the police...if Weger et al don't deliver they are afraid the WH police will stop writing tickets. Can't have those ticket writing machines in dodge chargers stop brining in the bucks!?!

Here's an idea, how about finding out if it is cheaper to get vehicles repaired other than at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair, at the top rate, Mr. Weger. Wasn't the owner a contributor to his campaign??

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vince Russo Arrested at Willoughby Hills Home: The Russo's have helped Bob Aufuldish maintain a death grip on Lake County

Willoughby Hills resident Vince Russo was arrested at his home yesterday.   See the google map below to show where Russo lives according to the Lake County Auditor.  Several news stations covered the Russo family leaving the Willoughby Hills home to catch up with Vince Russo before his 2:00 PM court date yesterday, after which he answered questions in the video below.

Vince Russo and his flamboyant father, Cuyahoga County Auditor Frank Russo, have dablled in Lake  County Politics.  That's right!  The Russo family have helped Lake County Commisioner Bob Aufuldish keep his death grip on a Commisioner's seat. 

Bob Aufuldish went dirty, real dirty, to defeat Willoughby Hills Councilman Ray Somich in the 11/07/07 election.  Aufuldish savagely smeared Councilman Somich in the last days of the election... probably using cash and resources which the Russo's helped in getting.

In the days to come WE will be discussing the Russo's influence in Lake County, particularly in helping the Aufuldish death grip on the county.

Vince Russo indicted on corruption charges

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

JUST ASKN': where have the Concord Township Trustee meeting minutes gone lately?

Perhaps the person who prepares and posts the Concord Township meeting minutes retreated to a lower taxed area..., say Florida.  Maybe, that's why there have been no meeting minutes posted for four months.

We have been looking for Concord Township Trustee meeting minutes for the past few months.  However, it seems that there are no meeting minutes posted for Trustee meetings AFTER the 4/21/10 meeting.

See here.  No minutes past 4/21/10.  There is a disclaimer on the webpage that says that meeting minutes will not appear until approved by the Trustees.

According to a link for Concord Township's Trustee meetings video archives there have been four (4) Trustee meetings since the 4/21/10.  See here.

Here's why we are "just askn:"
Concord Twp Trustee 4-21-10
According to Page two (2) of the 4/21/10 Trustee meeting, the Trustee Correspondance section, Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway had nothing to say about the Police District levy.  Instead, the Taxn' Trustee punted to the Lake County Township Association.

We keep looking for the Trustee Meeting minutes to see if there is any new talk about the Police District Levy...but, there's nothn', notta, zip, ...no meeting minutes.

So, where are the Concord Township Trustee meeting minutes for the past four meetings?

Just askn'!?!