Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cleveland Plain Liar: Anti-Tax Pledges Add Intrigue to Upcoming Budget Process

Today, Aaron Marshal (covers the Ohio State House Beat) whined about the anti-tax pledges that Governor-Elect Kasich and many who won Ohio Legislature races took.

The tenor of the article was clear: Aaron Marshal and the Cleveland Plain Liar staff are upset that those nasty republicans won with a message of reducing taxes, cutting the size of government (by elminating departments and hopefully State employees), and balancing the budget without tax hikes.

Let's hope Governor-elect Kasich and Speaker Elect Batchelder follow through on promises to reduce the number of State Departments, and hopefully lay off State employees.

Remember that it was the Cleveland Plain Liar Editorial Board that mocked Representative-Elect Ron Young when it endorsed Mark Schneider for the OH-63 seat; the article mocked Ron Young for having a "silly stance" on tax issues.  Guess it's the Cleveland Plain Liar Editorial Staff that looks silly now!

There is serious business for the Ohio Legislature and Governor Elect Kasich to tackle: balaning a budget with an $8 billion projected shortfall without raising taxes, fees, and the like.

Good thing Lorraine "The Legislative Loser" Fende is relegated to the minority and Schneider can go back to Cuyahoga County!

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