Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cleveland Plain Liar Piles On: OH-18 and The Grendell's

Today the editorial board of the Cleveland Plain Liar weighed in on the OH-18 to OH-98...wait a second...Grendell switch.

The Plain Liar says Grendell should "pick a seat and butt out."

Wait a second.  Doesn't the Cleveland Plain Liar mettle in everything?  Why does the Cleveland Plain Liar want to limit free political speech?

The Cleveland Plain Liar knows the Grendells can whatever they want, in terms of politics and elections, in Geauga County; that's why the Plain Liar didn't bemoan the voters here.

Grendell wants to ensure the constituents that picked a conservative like him get another conservative.  Grendell knows Taxn' Trustee Galloway and Former Sen. Gardner are bad for North East Ohio.

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  1. Sorry, got to disagree. Mr. Grendell ran for a office and won. Now is not the time to worry about who will finnish his senate term. To be honest he wants to control both seats.


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