Monday, November 1, 2010

In a few hours...

In a few hours...Lake County and some of its municipalities will have an increased tax burden. Issue 1 will most likely pass...sigh.

C'mon...with the endorsements of people like Dave Anderson and Steve Latourette...and the the threat of students being turned away...why wouldn't the people of lake county vote to increase Morris Beverage's take of our property taxes five fold?

Issue 2...sigh. Dan Dunlap's bailout!  Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway has made sure everyone knows that protection from the Sheriff will come at a price!

There are many other issues.  School levies's about the kids! Or, is it about Keith Miller collecting a six figure pension and a six figure salary?

Willoughby Hills' income tax increase--errrrr, Safety Force Levy... probably going to pass.  See, Bob Weger and several City Council members have also made it clear that police and fire protection will come at a higher price.

Now onto the the people: Fende, Young, Troy, and Zupancic will win. It would be upsetting but not shocking if Mark Schneider can hang on, but Ron Young should be able to win by a few points.

Wednesday morning will bring a whole new issue to the table: OH-18's Senate Seat Vacancy that will occur in January. Taxn' Trustee Galloway has been working hard....but, as fate would have it Jamie Callender could be trying to return to the State House.  Bob Gardner is also said to be interested.

Galloway will have a hard time explaining a couple of things emerging this week....


  1. You are way too gloomy about the tax issues for my taste.

    Give us some credit that a majority won't be duped by the local ruling elites on parade.

  2. Anonymous,

    I understand how you may feel that the view on tax increases is gloomy here...past data (the passage of tax issues) in Lake County indicate that the people are easily manipulated.

    For instance, all a super intendent and school board needs to do is say "it's about the kids," or a local city council says "it's about safety" and the masses are easily duped.

  3. On the state Senate - District 18 - spot, look out for Matt Dolan to head back to Columbus after losing Corruption County executive (for those in Cleveland, that's Cuyahoga).
    Forget Galloway, the former State Senator from Myrtle Beach and Jamie Callender.


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