Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gov.-Elect Kasich Seems to Get It: Pledges a Narrow Focus on Job Creation, a Balanced Budget, and Cutting Taxes

Over at today we learn about Gov.-elect John Kasich's narrow way of thinking: job creation, a balanced budget, and tax cuts.  Hip, Hip, hooray!

Point: Kasich was asked about whether or not he would endorse and work on the effort by Aty-Gen.-elect Mike Dewine's effort to resist Obama Care.  Kasich said he was in favor, but would not actively work on the issue because it would distract him and his staff from: job creation, tax cuts, and a balanced budget.

One little knit-pick: government doesn't create jobs, rather government can make a hospitable climate for job creation.

Too bad Lake County elected officials are not concerned about jobs, tax cuts, and balanced budget without raising taxes and fees.  It's clear that in the City Council Chambers and MAyor's Offices from Willoughby Hills to Willoughby to Mentor to Concord to Perry to the County Commissioner's Chambers---no one cares about tax cuts, a climate to promote job growth, and a balanced budget that does not raise taxes and fees.

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