Monday, November 15, 2010

Cut Cut Cut

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Fantastic!  Speaker-elect William Batcheleder is promising , without TAX INCREASES, to balance a $51 billion budget that includes a projected $8 billion budget hole; No more federal stimulus money either.

We can anticipate a 15% - 20% cut to "education."  Note the quotation marks.  See, education really means teacher benefits & salary and administrator benefits and salary.  Ohio is 46th in the nation for so-called "education" dollars being spent on actual education and 8th in the nation on the amount of money spent on administrators.


The problem for the tax payer is local elected officials and school boards work hand-in-hand with public sector unions, and their lobbyists, to make-up the cuts with tax levies.  You can count on school boards to manipulate the the voters with cries of "It's about the Kids!" as they ask for more of your money.  In addition to the wailing and moaning Local Mayors and City Councils (partners in crime) will either endorse outright, or endorse by saying nothing at all the proposed levies.  The usual suspects in Willoughby, Willoughby Hills, ..., Mentor, etc. will help the cause with endorsements.

It's never about the kids.  It's about teachers, administrators, union leaders, and their respective lobbyists. It's also about the exercise of raw power by union leaders and lobbyists to raise your taxes.

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  1. More good news.

    In a surprise reversal, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (R) of Kentucky announced today that he will join House GOP leaders in voting to ban “earmarks”.


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