Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This Blog Called 'em All!

This blog called 'em all correctly yesterday!  Hat tip this blog...back pat this blog.

Higher taxes.  Fende, Young, Troy, Zupancic.

UPDATE: LUCCI LOSING 11TH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS! WRIGHT HAS 50.21% VS. LUCCI 49.79%.  This would be too funny. Seriously. Taxn' Trustee Galoway loses the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, but gets his tax increase.  No recount is going to wipe out the 893 vote margin.


  1. I am the one gloomy this morning.

    You were right, the political celebrities dupe average Lake County voters. I believed there was so much energy surrounding small government (ie, vote for Ron Young and then vote for the Lakeland levy and the Dunlap bailout in Painesville Township?) That doesn't make sense.

    As someone who lost his job more than one year ago I can't afford the MRDD levy, Lakeland levy or the Dunlap bailout.

    We needed the mass production of the signs I saw in the city of Painesville last weekend. It read: "NO $" in black and white. I believe the replacement levy there was defeated.

  2. We're planning to move out of Lake. It's clear Friends of Dimora and Russo have taken over and Lake is on the path of high taxes to support a political class over anything else as a goal.

    However, Troy better not get too comfortable (or any of the other Commissioners for that matter). For such a well known candidate, he won by only a handful of votes.

  3. My election day comments:

    Lake County residents are either the smartest people in the US for spending so much money on education or the dumbest people for being snookered so often to approve education levy increases.

    Willoughby Hills has kicked the can only a short distance down the road.

    Thank god the Republicans now control the House and federal tax cuts will probably remain in place so that we in Lake County are not double slammed by tax increases.

    Day after election comment. The Fed has begun quantitative easing 2. Savings interest rates will be near zero for the foreseeable future.

  4. WOW, by reading this blog you would think that Lake County is the worst place in the world to live; high taxes and getting higher, corrupt politicians (do you approve of any one?), on and on whine, whine, whine. I am sure you are so disatisfied in Lake County that you will be moving on soon. Good luck where ever you end up.


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