Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Democrats Spending a Lot of Time on Primaries and Tax Levies

Lake and Geauga Candidate and Issue Filings for the March 6 Primary

Commissioners Move to Raise your Taxes (w/your consent)

Only you, well a majority of you, can help the Lake County Commissioners raise property taxes on all of us.  According to the News-less-Herald, avoider of all news the establishment around here doesn't like, "Lake County Commissioners voted Tuesday ...." to give you the chance to raise taxes.

Bob Awful-dish and Dan Troy  should be reminded during their campaigns of the numerous times they have helped raise taxes.  They won't care though.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dan Troy Friend of Frank Russo and Jimmy Dimora is Running for the Ohio House

Lorraine Fende is useless and thankfully leaving the State Legislature.  Side note: After divorcing Daniel Serge years ago, the Mayfield Heights Fire Captain that went to jail for secretly taping children, is marrying the Judge she has been shacking up with for years--Larry Allen.

Now, we have the possibility of having Dan Troy replace her.  It can't get much worse.
Dan, Dan, Dan.  It makes sense now; all those articles with you talking about the size of government and spending.  Those articles didn't seem like you.  It is clear now.


More Choices

That magical time is approaching: the deadline to file petitions to appear on the March Primary Ballot.

Leroy Township Trustee Linda Buhrenne is going to compete for the Republican nomination.

At least we are getting rid of RINO Sines.  At least the entry of another republican candidate will force Dave Fiebig act more conservative.

Primaries are good and bad.  On one hand there is competition in the market place of ideas.  On ther other hand it is possible that candidates are bruised from a political beating.

Taxn' Ted and Judy Moran...nothing good can come from that either.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Do we have another choice?

Welp, the filing deadline is around the corner--and, we have some candidates declaring by pulling and filing petitions.

Never-seen-a-tax-he-didn't-like---TED Andrzejewski has filed petitions to run for County Commissioner.

Tax-Hike-Ted is currently trying to raise taxes on Eastlake so that he can continue to lavish generous pay and benefits on "the workers."  Eastlake residents must be ecstatic that may be able to get rid of Tax-Hike-Ted.  Ted's levy failed last November and now he is going for three more in March!

An old favorite is back again.

Councilman Dave Fiebig fresh off a loss against Lorraine Fende last year and an income tax hike in Willoughby Hills has also pulled petitions to run for County Commissioner.

If you think about it Fiebig would be a good replacement for Sines.  Think back to the almost primary challenge of Eastlake resident Mike Zuren that threatened Councilman Fiebig.  Fiebg was known on these pages as the self described moderate.

As you al know Willoughby Hills is filthy with people who want to raise taxes and reward the workers.  Weger, Somich, Reichelt, Chris Collins, ....Unfortunately, the stench of the recent income tax increase in Willoughby Hills will follow Fiebig.  It may not be fair, but neither is life.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Issue 2 Failure Symptoms Surfacing in Lake County--proposed cuts (threats) and more levies to follow!

Turkey day is over.  Now it is time to face some hard realities.

Let's take the Crown Jewel of Lake County, Eastlake Ohio.

Eastlake is facing around a $2 million in shortfall in its 2012 budget.

The voters in Eastlake had the sense (not in every area on election day) to defeat the 4 mill levy/5 year levy that the elected officials and bargaining units wanted.

Now that SB 5 is dead the City has its usual tools to deal with its expenses: proposed layoffs and levies.

Imagine a world in which SB5 passed.  The City of Eastlake and its elected officials could have told the bargaining units something along the lines of: "hey--our levy didn't pass.  YOU WILL take $2 million in concessions, but everyone keeps their jobs."

No chance of that now.  Just more levies and threats.

Yep.  More threats (the City asking department heads to make lists of proposed cuts to threaten the residents with) and more levies (three proposed for March).

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mourning Over, Game On

OK.  Our mourning period for Issue 2 is done.  It is game on.

SB5 has been killed by a swarm capital sucking parasites.  These pests feed on the fruits (capital--money) of our society by gorging themselves with banked sick days, retirement in the 50's, gold plated benefits packages and leave the rest of us with a bill.

They killed any and all reform of the problems they have caused using and incestuous relationship with elected officials.  In general, most elected officials are deathly afraid of the bargaining units working in their jurisdiction.   These elected officials usually work in concert with the cops, firemen, and other workers to raise our taxes.  The methods are always the same: bully, intimidate, scare, and lie to the public.

More later....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Harry Field's October Surprise: D.U.I. Arrest a couple of years ago

Interesting.  The News-less-Herald has been aware of this for awhile.

So wait a minute.  The acting judge that is working hard to be the next judge was popped for a DUIy?

That's what it looks like.

The News-less-Herald hates the news--it is part of the Local Media/Goverment Complex.

Mentor Municipal Court TRC 0302413B

Well that was fast!

A few days ago we learned that John Eklund will follow Judge Grendell-2, former State Senator Tim Grendell, to fill the OH-18 seat.

For months Taxn' Trustee Galloway has been slithering about the State of Ohio with State Senator Tom Patton trying to grease his way through the narrow pass guarded by the State Senate Republican Caucus.  Too many people despite Taxn' Trustee Galloway.

Here's the inside baseball:  Tom Patton (former democrat) met Taxn' Trustee Galloway at Blue Technologies...worked some of his...and was flipped from D to RINO in the process.  Along the way Taxn' Trustee ticked off a lot of people.  At the same time State Representative Ron Young was honing his conservative acumen and ticking off a lot of people too.  Let's not forget former State Representative Callender; he voted for Taft budget--'nuff said (not really, this is just taking too much space).  Last year Judge Grendell-2 ran for a few too many seats, but decided to abandon them both for an easy job on the bench.  The long and the short is that Taxn' Trustee and Ron Young accumulated too many enemies.  This left only John Eklund and Colleen O'toole as the compromise choices for OH-18.  O'toole is nice enough--but, just wasn't going to cut it.  The only one left standing was John Eklund.

Taxn' Trustee and his sycophants raged!  Nasty facebook posts ensued.  Sources tell us Taxn' Trustee was to rededicate himself to his constituents (read raising their taxes), his business (read working for both sides and threatening potential clients with primaries), ..., and family.  Boo hoo.  He wasn't going to run for office again.  Boo hoo.

Guess was.  Taxn' Trustee and Scott Marn want to be your next County Commissioners.   How can that be?  Taxn' Trustee just said he wasn't running for anything else; he was going to build this business (read recruiting dupe clients to threaten legitimate clients with primaries--that pretty Kyle-Sisk-esque).

Will this be another scenario where Taxn' Trustee pulls petitions for County Commissioner in a bid to scare someone into a deal?  How will Taxn' Trustee's clients benefit from a threatened Commissioner's run?

Hey wait!  Taxn' Trustee wasn't running for anything else!

Well that was fast!

Tune here for a lot more blow-by-blow coverage and analysis.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

News-Herald Catches up on OH-18. You Mad Taxn' Trustee?

The News-less-Herald is always behind...out of the loop...and refusing to publish various news.

They got the (blog) memo on the demise of Taxn' Trustee's hopes of becoming a State Legislator.

You mad Taxn' Trustee?

Tom Patton is raging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Galloway camp weeps...and retools to cut and run to a county race.

...and Harry Field has an October Surprise (well, early November).




Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock: OH-18 Appointment on the Clock!

That's right, it is time.  It is November 2nd.  The Ohio Senate Republican Caucus has a decision to make.  A screening  committee consisting of seven Ohio Senate Republicans will make a recommendation to the Caucus.

The actual appointment will probably not happen until after November 8th--the day Issue 2 goes down--Election Day.

Anyhow, we know the leading contenders are State Rep. Ron Young, Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway, Former State Rep. Jaimie Callender, and the dark horse John Eklund.

The real question is whether State Sen. Tom Patton (former democrat and Galloway client) can whip up the votes for Tax loving Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway.  Can Patton (former democrat and Galloway client) convince the caucus not pick State Rep. Ron Young?

The question no one will answer is whether or not the caucus cares about Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway working for both the Ohio Democratic Party and Ohio Republicans at the same time.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Who in the World (Lake County) Will Replace RINO Sines?

RINO Sines, Lake County Commissioner, and Red State Strategies' Client is not going to run for County Commissioner.  That's old news.

Who is going to run to replace RINO Sines?

Sines' Wikipedia needs some help by the way.  That may become a side project for us.

However, we want to open up the discussion on who will replace RINO Sines.

The filing deadline to participate in the Spring Primary is December 7th.  The party machines hate primaries.

Let's start with the D's.

Now, that old man Larry Allen is out and needs to keep providing for his soon to be bride, Lorraine Fende-Serge, we think he would be a good fit in the State House.

That leaves Lorraine Fende-Serge as a possible candidate for Lake County Commissioner.

The other obvious choice is Judy Moran, Willowick Council President.

Cat fight!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lessons to Learn from Cuyahoga County Corruptions Woes

We will talk about this issue in more detail, especially as it relates to Lake County.

As you all know yesterday's news brought more us another reminder why the inhabitants of offices, board rooms, etc. need to be closely watched and scrutinized.

Former County Commissioner and an alleged co-conspirator have had additional charges filed on them related to extortion, racketeering, and running a criminal enterprise.

This is no surprise.  This is not the new lesson to learn either.

However, in the transcripts of wiretapped conversations we get a glimpse of people who think that they are above the law, do not respect the law, and view the public treasury as an ATM.

Only a fool would think that similar attitudes and behaviors are not had by Lake County Municipal, County, and other leaders.  Perhaps for the moment the headlines have not featured the names of a local Mayor, Councilman, or County Official.  That day may or may not be coming...soon....

Friday, October 21, 2011

What did Judge Grendel Mean? Who was he talking about?

About a year ago then State Sen. Grendel said the following when discussing who could replace him when thought about leaving taking the House Seat he won while serving as the OH-18 State Senator:
What did he mean?  Who was he talking about?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meet Your Next Western Lake County Judge

Best in the Field.

Who else is running against Judge Field?

The Vacated OH-18 Seat

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Here is the list they posted:

* John Advey, no residency available
* Jamie Callender, Concord Township
* Walter “Skip” Claypool, Chester Township
* Wayne Clough, Madison Village
* John Eklund, Chardon
* Christopher Galloway, Concord Township
* Becky Lynch, Mentor
* Colleen O’Toole, Concord Township
* Michael Petruziello, no residency available
* Mark Saric, Chester Township
* Charles Stevens, Chester Township
* Dr. Ted Peterson, no residency available
* State Rep. Ron Young, Leroy Township

OK.  So you can see that our scanning committee has narrowed it down.
Three candidates are well know: former State Rep. Jaimie Callender, State Rep. Ron Young, and TAXN' trustee chris galloway.  John Eklund is a downtown lawyer who could be a compromise candidate.

What's the compromise?  Well, most of the political world hates Taxn' Trustee Galloway--save former Democrat-turned-Republican State Sen. Tom Patton.  Galloway, besides working to increase taxes on everyone, has run a lot of dirty campaigns.  Galloway has worked both sides at once.

Rep. Ron Young on the other hand has not exactly won a lot of friends.  Ron Young has the support and endorsement (behind the scenes) of U.S. Rep. LIEtourette.  However, LIEtourette is taking heat from the unions on Ron Young.

No Young?  No TAXN' trustee galloway?  John Eklund would be a good compromise.
Let's hope for a brutal battle in the primary.  Both Galloway and Callender are candidates for the general.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dusting off the Keyboard

The tipping point has been reached.  We can't let the dust get any thicker on the keyboard.  Too many tax hikes and con men plying their trade.

The flim-flam man Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway got a puff piece (w/video) in the New-Less-Herald the other day.

See the Taxn' Trustee Galloway write-up here.  Watch the video and be prepared to laugh.

How nauseating.  This guy raises taxes all over the county: Dunlap's bail out, the end-run around ORC to collect an income tax, ..., and now he is working on a sales tax increase.

Worse yet--Taxn' Trustee Galloway wants access to more people to raise taxes on.  He wants the OH-18 Senate seat appointment and to run for the new seat in the general.

Look at Galloway's lame website here.

Flim-flam.  Taxn' Trustee Galloway.

Friday, September 9, 2011


That's right, Sen. Grendel is going to be Judge Grendel sometime in late September.

Who will replace Sen. Grendel?  Probably Taxn' Trustee Galloway.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chase Bank in Willoughby Hills robbed for 3rd time in three months -

Chase Bank in Willoughby Hills robbed for 3rd time in three months -

Three times in three months.


How is that safety force levy working for you Mr. Weger? How about you Mr. Scamich? Mr. Reichelt? Chief what's his name--how are you guys even still sitting out there on the side of I90?

Hey Chief Collins, Mayor Waster! Three times in three months?!?

What a laughing stock!


Safety Force Levy Wasted? Another day, Another bank Robbed in Willoughby Hills.

Another day, another bank robbed in Willoughby Hills.  How many banks in Willoughby Hills have been robbed this year?  3? 4? 5?

Perhaps the Willoughby Hills police can spend a few less hours on the express lanes of I90 and do some patrolling in the vicinity of banks?

Do you think Mayor Waster's (Weger's) task force doing the performance audit (after his tax increase) suggested this?

Probably not.

Councilman Scamich and Mayor Waster got their tax increase for the Police and Fire...but, the banks in Willoughby Hills keep getting robbed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jaimie Callender Resigns from Mentor Library Board

Jaimie Callender is ramping up the campaign.

Since there are rumblings that State Senator Tim Grendell may take a job as a judge we think Mr. Callender would be best advised to spend a looooooooooooootttttt of time in Columbus with the Republican Senate Caucus lobbying for Grendell's seat.  That's if--if Grendel takes the judgeship that opened in Geauga County.

Anything to keep Taxn' Trustee Galloway out of Columbus. Anything!

The Willoughby Hills Solution

It has been decided that every time the issue of tax increases to pay for "the help," that is safety forces and the rest of the folks that have their hands in our pocket---Willoughby Hills will be referenced.


C' is mid June and hot.  Laugh a little.

Anyhow, a story over at CNBC caught our attention.  In a nut shell a couple of academic types did a study and concluded that State and Local Government would have to raise taxes $1, 400 per household if they are to fulfill promises to public employees.

Read what we call, "The Willoughby Hills Solution," here.

Yep. We are $2.7 trillion short on the promises that people like those who run Willoughby Hills, Willoughby, Lake County,..., and the State of Ohio.

Shame on you Bob Weger, shame on you Dave Anderson--shame on you all!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Local mayors wail and gnash teeth about State budget

Over at today several local mayors whine and moan about the evil Governor Kaisich's proposed budget.

To our dismay, Willoughby Mayor Dave Anderson showed his true colors yet again. Sigh.

"Willoughby Mayor Dave Anderson, also a republican, said local mayors can't afford to be philosophical when their job is to patch streets, fix sewers, and provide emergency services."

Boo hoo, Mayor Anderson.  Boo hoo.

Perhaps you and your greedy, inefficient cohorts should have thought about that years ago.

Case in point.

Mayor Waster over in Willougbhy Hills and its City Council fooled just enough citizens into believing a tax increase was needed.  This was accomplished by lying about the projected carry over in the City's Budget.  Mayor Waster, Councilman Scamich, and the rest claimed only a $28, 000 carry over.  Woops!  A better than $400, 000 carry over was recorded.  It gets better.  Mayor Waster appointed a committee and had them do a performance audit of the City, AFTER the tax increase, to see where money could be saved.

Just crazy.

Returning to Dave Anderson--take Dave Anderson's Road to Nowhere; the City of Willoughby spent $5 million on roads and utilities to a development that never materialized.  Anderson has kept a City owned Golf Course and Municipal Airport: all major drains on the City Budget.

It get's worse.

Willoughby City Council pays about $19, 500 per year for the health insurance of several City Council members.

Take Jeff Black.  Councilman Jeff Black is an attorney with a private practice.  Perhaps he could pay his own health insurance?  That's 1/3 of a cop's salary.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dave Anderson's Road to Nowhere--Now a road to Federal Court

Dave Anderson and the City of Willoughby have been overspending on Big Government for years.  Municipal golf courses, airports, and real estate speculation!

Back at the end of March Rick Osborne thought it would be a good idea to antogonize the Federal Government with an article blaming them for his inability to plan his real estate development project.

Ahhhh yes.  Dave Anderson chimed in trying to explain why he blew $5.4 million back in 2004 putting in infrastructure at the behest of Rick Osborne.  Steve Lie-tourette chimed in too--always eager to justify (to the donor)--what they were getting for that large donation.

Now the strong arm of the law!

The City of Willoughby and Rick Osborne were sued in Federal Court!  The gist of the suit is that The City and the Developer dumped excavated materials into wetlands.

What a waste.  $100, 000's in legal fees will be spent on top of the $5.4 million already dawn the sewer.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brooklyn Raising Taxes a part of the Story

No one missed yesterday's headline: "Brooklyn losing American Greetings, its largest and most high-profile employer."

In recent days revelations of AG's largest shareholder's, the Weiss family, owning a stake in the Crocker Park Development which will be adjacent to the ne HQ have surfaced.

This undoubtedly played a role in the relocation of the HQ.  Furthermore, the dog and pony show and rhetoric about a move was clearly orchestrated to fatten up the move with corporate welfare.

However, Brooklyn's raising of City income taxes could not have helped.

Raising City income taxes were just the nail in the coffin.

Mayor Waster, Councilman Scamich, ..., local school boards and the like are not going to help the cause of a dying region by raising taxes to keep pay, benefits, bonuses and other perks coming to public employees.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Chardon Muny Court Primary: Candidate caught admitting he tried to deceive public

Today the News-Herald discusses how the Chardon Muny Court Primary is getting brutal.

Trustee Matt Lynch, brother of former Euclid Mayor Dave Lynch, is filed a complaint against Dennis Coyne with the Ohio Elections Commission; both are republican party primary candidates, along with Daniel Bond, to replace Judge Mark Hassert.

The interesting part about situation is that Matt Lynch's website has a recorded phone call between Dennis Coyne and the Chief of the Bainbridge Police Department. In the phone call Coyne outright admits he tried to deceive the public! Wow!

One has to wonder who is working for which candidate and who cooked up the offending campaign literature.

This is not even debatable! Coyne was recorded admitting he lied.

Click to go to the website with the audio of the phone call.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Does public-records plaintiff seek access, or cash? | Columbus Dispatch Politics

Does public-records plaintiff seek access, or cash? | Columbus Dispatch Politics

The guy in this article seems to have turned the table on John Q. Law.

In a nut shell, a guy made a public records request per Ohio Revised Code (ORC) for 20 years of 911 recordings--form 1975 - 1995--from the Ohio City of New Philadelphia. The City could not produce the records pursuant ORC. ORC provides that the party that does not produce the requested records can be fined a $1, 000 for non-compliance per request per day. So, the guy calculates that he is entitled to $4.9 mil and asks for the money.

Law suits follow.

OK. You elected officials that read these pages will howl that this is a frivolous request and a frivolous law suit.

Just because the government and its agents can't do their job does it make the request frivolous?

Perhaps some public records requests will go into some Lake County entities.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just Who is Harry Field?

Growing tired of seeing the Harry Field signs around town?  You must be tired of "Best in the Field."

It is not just the corny slogan that is troubling--it is also that Judy Moran is campaign committee treasurer. That's right, another member of the Willowick Democrat Mafia wants to help keep a strangle hold on Lake County.  The Willowick ties run deep.

Lorraine Fende, Judge Larry Allen's girl friend, cut her political teeth on the payroll of Willowick as council member, council president, and Mayor.

Harry Field is Larry Allen's magistrate.  See the Willowick tie-in?

So Larry Allen and Lorraine Fende want to foist Harry Field on us do they?

Let's hope not.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Schneider Heads to Jail for 5 days

90 day jail sentence. 85 days suspended. Six month license suspension. $675 fine.

Mentor Municipal Court TRC 1100215A

Friday, April 8, 2011

UPDATED: Breaking: Rob Frost to Step Down Later this Year

Delusional Rob Frost, paid Chairman of the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County (RPCC), thinks he can win a Seat in the U.S. House.

Yeah right...and the republicans will win something in Cuyahoga County.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Candiate Watch

Willoughby Muny Court: Karen Kowal V. Harry Field

Current OH-18 Senate District: Some (D) V. Jaimie Callender (R) or Taxn' Trustee Galloway (allegedly R)

Current OH-62: Larry Allen (D) V. Some (R)

Current OH-63:  Some (D) V. Ron Young (R)

Where does Lorraine Fende fit in?  Where does Dan Troy fit in?  Politicans, due largely to their ego, don't play nice and won't do what is best for the people or the party.  The smart play for the Dems would be Dan Troy running for the State House, and Lorraine Fende running for the Senate Seat.  That won't happen though.

The current OH-62 race which Troy SHOULD run for will most likely see Larry Allen first Dave Fiebig.

The most fun part of all this will be the scorched earth primary between Jaimie Callender and Taxn' Trustee Galloway.

BREAKING: Rob Frost to Resign as Republican Party of Cuyahoga County Chairman.

Frost is delusional. Frost thinks he can win an election.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Willoughby Hills budgets with caution -

Willoughby Hills budgets with caution - We have held WH's elected officials feet to the fire, and more tranparency has resulted. LAst year when we beat their tax hike back they progressively told more of their story to the NH and public. However, no one has talked much about the lying that was done over the amount of carry-over. When Weger and the gang started the tax hike process last year he claimed that carry-over would be about $30, 000. Woops! The article above has carry-over around $430, 000! Small mistake. Weger and the gang got their tax hike anyhow.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NH Asks: Why do Businesses Fail in this Economy?

Over at the NH's website they as "Why do Businesses Fail in this Economy?"

There are many reasons.

One reason is taxes and tax increases.  Oh, another: fees.

Willoughby Hills decided to punish some people who work in its cooperation limits with a tax hike.  Eastlake decided to heap fees on internet cafes.  Townships and school boards have increased property taxes.

Don't follow the lead of the small minded leaders and raise taxes.  Please don't hurt our employers.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Today, Mark Schneider has a court appearance for his alleged driving under the influence.  We are watching for the Plea Deal that he is negotiating.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Memo to Local Elected Officials: Tax Raises have Consequences

Caterpillar tells Illinois (paraphrasing) "you raised our income taxes, so we may leave!"

In a nut shell, the CEO of Caterpillar is unhappy that the State of Illinois raised income taxes 66%. Many governors from nearby States, and as far as Texas, wrote to the CEO and said "hey, come here! we have lower taxes!"

Good stuff.

So, in Ohio many local entities raised taxes and lied about the reasons they need to do it (read Willoughby Hills, Willoughby Eastlake Schools, Lakeland Community College, Concord and other Townships). Cities like Willoughby rushed to negotiate contracts and give their bargaining units raises.

Fast forward January 2011: John Kaisich and Shannon Jones roll into town (CBUS). Public sector unions attacked. Local government fund slashed.

Right on, right on.

At least the county commissioners cut the budget, maybe it was only about 6%.  It is actually shocking.  No immediate discussion of raising the sales tax.  County departments told to live with it.  Shocking.

We do see clearly now the lying that went on over the past year: Willoughby Hills' elected officials and Lakeland Officials and Willoughby-East Lake Board Members and Taxn' Trustee Galloaw (with other trustees), out of breath.

The picture is clear: these people lied about the need for tax increases.  Take Willoughby Hills.  There was $100's of carry over, not the approximately $30, 000 people were told.  These people lied.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Latourette Earns that Most Liberal Republican in Ohio Rating

Latourette on SB5:

LaTourette said he won't endorse the state collective bargaining bill. 'Being a lawyer, I've never seen the legal system more efficient than sitting down and negotiating over wages and benefits,' the former Lake County prosecutor said.

Latourette called the most liberal Republican Rep. in Ohio.

You are sad Steve. Pathetic. You really did become everything you said you wouldn't when you went to Washington.  You don't even try to hide your horn (RINO horn).

You won't run against Sherrod Brown.  You will bang the drums a little and make some noise, but you won't run.

Enjoy your houses in Virginia (i.e. the lobbyist wife's houses).

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

State lays off 99 tax workers | Columbus Dispatch Politics

State lays off 99 tax workers | Columbus Dispatch Politics

The tax department seems like a great place to start with layoffs.

This article points out common sense reforms that need to be utilized in every State Office. For instance, since 80% of people e-file their taxes the amount of visits to regional walk-in centers went down drastically. Less employees needed. We can not just keep the payroll bloated to be nice and the union rosters swollen.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Protesters greet Kozlowski during visit to Conneaut

Protesters greet Kozlowski during visit to Conneaut

Casey Kozlowski certainly was in the lion's den at the Conneaut City Council meeting. Angry pro-public-employ-union council members armed with window dressing resolutions and angry public employees foaming at the mouth greeted Kozlowski at the Council meeting.

Kozlowski is in a tough spot. OH-99 is D. No doubt about it.

The Ohio House would no doubt pass SB5 with amendements, however, it is not clear if Kozlowski will stand by his principals with his vote. Think about that carefully.

House leadership (Batchelder) could count up the votes and figure out which Representatives could be allowed to ceremonially vote "No" on an amended bill.

This would allow Kozlowski to pacify the deranged public employee protesters, union bosses, pro-union council members and the like.

How about Lake County?

Ron Young will not let us down.

Lorraine Fende is an idiot beholden to unions.

The Details: Governor Kaisich's "Jobs Budget"

Kasich said those governmental units will get money back by sharing services and relief from the state on such issues as requirements to pay prevailing (union) wages.
About 400 school districts are expected to see increases in state-generated funding. Kasich said aid to both K-12 and higher education "slightly increases" in his budget. The increases in state aid amount to $170 million for K-12 schools, $62 million for higher education, said Budget Director Tim Keen.

Here is Governor Kaisich's Budget and its estimated savings.  There will be a summary coming soon from the Governor's office.

The Jobs Budget                                                                                           

The Savings Book                                                                                           

Kasich's budget slashes aid to local goverments, libraries | Columbus Dispatch Politics

Kasich's budget slashes aid to local goverments, libraries | Columbus Dispatch Politics


The only problem is the Bob Weger's, the Dave Anderson's, the Keith Millers, the Morris Beverage (lying Morris Beverage) will be sticking their hands out for more.

Lier Morris Beverage made it clear that he foresaw this state budget and finally admitted in the News-less-Herald that the levy snookered Lake County into approving (via misleading mailers) was to fight a budget cut.

Good thing Dave Anderson and Bob Weger negotiated all those contracts recently with safety forces.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kasich budget will include cuts, cuts, more cuts | Columbus Dispatch Politics

Kasich budget will include cuts, cuts, more cuts | Columbus Dispatch Politics

You can already hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth (not just form public sector sponges either).

Remember with the Rev. former Gov. Strickland threatened to cut (actually) proposed cuts to the libraries. Oh gosh. It was bad. Angry librarians put signs up next to the scratched DVDs urging people to write Rev. former Gov. Ted.

Now, with cuts to the local Gov. fund likely coming you can here, "Safety Levy!" being screamed by money hungry union friendly mayors and city councils.

Some have prepared.

The liar that is the head of Lake Land Community College said he saw this coming, but deceived the public with threats of turning people away.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lake Metroparks proposes zero-growth budget -

Lake Metroparks proposes zero-growth budget -

"Included in the budget is $8.56 mil for salaries, $1.23 mil for retirement benfits, and $983, 200 for health care."


That's for 126 employees! That is an AVERAGE TOTAL COMPENSATION OF $85, 501 (salary+bennies), or $67, 936 in direct salary on average.

That's the "middle class" that war is currently being waged on.

Life is good when you work for Ellen Folley Kessler and all the people and bussinesses that benefit from Lake Metro Parks.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Commisioners to Jim Brown and Dave Anderson: Go find your own money!

Commisioners to Jim Brown and Dave Anderson: Go find your own money!

The News-Herald today obtained quotes from all three Lake county Commisioners that translate to: Hey! If you want your own Airport (in Jim Brown's case) use your own money! Also, we are not going to correct your poor financial decisions (in Dave Anderson's case) to get involved with a failing airport that can't sustain itself.

Since the taxpayers won't be buying, Jim Brown won't be getting his own airport...for now! You better beleive that Jim Brown and Dave Anderson will by lobbying for other people's money to buy (in Jim Brown's case) and/or run (in the case of both Brown and Dave Anderson) the airport.

Monday, March 7, 2011

NH: Public hearing on Lost Nation Airport set for Tuesday

There is a public meeting tommorow regarding the fate of Lost Nation Airport.

The bottom line: Lost Nation is failed, hobby airport.  The City of Willoughby, or any City of its size, has absolutely no business owning and operating an airport.  Lake County, with its whopping 230,000 residents, has no business getting involved with Lost Nation Airport.  The driving force behind Willoughby dumping Lost Nation on the County is Jim Brown and his friends.

Jim Brown (Classic Automotive Group and Classic Aviation) wants his own (essentially) private airport.  Brown built a hanger at Lost Nation.

Question: If Jim Brown and his friends think the airport is so valuable--why don't they buy the Lost Nation Airport?

Answer: Jim Brown won't his his own money if he can use the public's money.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Grendell and Patton: This is talking about you!

While organized labor tends to support Democratic candidates, there are a number of Republican senators with ties to labor groups, especially police and fire unions, who have been reluctant to sever those ties by supporting this bill.

This is a Quote from the Raw Dealer about the Ohio Senate passing SB5.

Tim, you are so transparent.  Your campaign finance reports tell the story.  You too Tom Patton.

Grendell for Good Government is a taker of Public Union money.  Here is an example of Grendell taking money from the Fraternal Order of Police.  Wait.  Didn't Grendell try to exempt safety forces from SB5?

Grendell for Good Govt                                                                                           

Senate Bill 5 moves to floor for vote (UPDATED) -

Senate Bill 5 moves to floor for vote (UPDATED) -

To our amazement, the News-Herald is actually covering relavent news in near real time. Shocking.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

UPDATED: Sen Shannon Jones to introduce OMNIBUS of amendments to SB 5

Today State Sen Shannon Jones will introduce an omnibus resolution of amendments to SB5. A hearing will occur today with no vote. The committe that will have hearing today us expected to vote on Wednedsay or Thursday.

Coverage in the Dispatch, here.

The News-Less Herald is silent as usual.  The Raw Dealer does little better.

Wonder why Tom Patton is so quiet?

Ralph King and the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots cover Hollywood Tim Grendell's postering, here.

Tim, you have hacked off so many people that Latourette's job may be out of your reach for ever.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What? Layoffs? What Happened to Galloway's and Dunlap's Tax Hike?

Layoffs hitting the Lake County Sherif's Department.

Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway, his friends, and Sherif Dan Dunlap worked hard to raise the taxes of residents of Lake County that are guaranteed protection via the Sherif.

Some called this Taxn' Trustee Galloway's "bailout" for (client) Commissioner Ray Sines and potential Client Dan Dunlap.

So, why the layoffs in the Lake County Sherif's Department?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Q: Who are the most liberal in Ohio?

A: U.S. Sherrod Brown and U.S. Rep Steve Latourette!

New vote rating ties Ohio's Sherrod Brown for most liberal in Senate, Jim Jordan for House's most conservative (Plain Dealer Open Blog)

"Bainbridge Township's Steve LaTourette rated 159th, making him the state's most liberal Republican out of the House of Representatives's 435 members."

Sherrod Brown is no surprise.  Brown is a liberal, Pan-Leninist Scumbag.


No surprise to your mighty blog.  Regular readers know that these pages hold Latourette's feet to the fire.

This should make Latourette perfect to face Sherrod Brown.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No Sympathy: Lake County commissioners, Election Board battling out budget

The News-Herald actually covered something interesting today. They reported that the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Elections are squabbling over the budget.

It seems for whatever reason that the Board of Commissioners is taking a stand with BOE and giving them less money than they want.  The Commissioners even have suggested furlough days!  Good.

Dan Troy, according to the article, suggested shutting the BOE down for two weeks.

That's a good start Dan.  How about shutting it down and furloughing the employees for four weeks?  Maybe two different two week shut downs?

At first pass the BOE employees at least two relatives of Elected Officials representing Lake County.  It's almost certain there is at least another.

Anyways, we are flat broke in this country.  Every level of government is bankrupt.


Official Statement from Sen. Grendell's Office

Thank you for contacting Senator Grendell regarding SB 5.

First of all, Senator Grendell does not support the bill in this form.
He does not support the total elimination of binding arbitration.
Senator Grendell is looking at other options and researching
alternatives employed by other states. The state of New Jersey has
imposed an economic based cap on binding arbitration and Senator
Grendell is exploring this possibility as well as other alternatives.
Again, Senator Grendell does not support SB 5 in this form and he
suggests that you contact Senator Jones (email:
the sponsor of the bill and make her aware of your thoughts regarding
the bill.  

Thank you for contacting Senator Grendell and please don't hesitate to
contact the office if we can be of any assistance to you in the future.
"We are broke in this state because time and time again politicians of both political parties ran from the tough decisions and punted them down the road for another day," Walker said in an address to state residents Tuesday night.

--Gov. Scott Walker last night (from Reuters article)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dems in Indy defect now to block votes on union legislation.

Seats on one side of the Indiana House were nearly empty today as House Democrats departed the the state rather than vote on anti-union legislation.

A source tells the Indianapolis Star that Democrats are headed to Illinois, though it was possible some also might go to Kentucky. They need to go to a state with a Democratic governor to avoid being taken into police custody and returned to Indiana.

Seitz laments handling of collective-bargaining bill

Seitz laments handling of collective-bargaining bill

Seitz, Grendell, Patton, ..., you other wobblies--you are disgusting and a disgrace.

Dispatch: Teachers unions oppose boosting retirement share

Teachers unions oppose boosting retirement share

Surprised? Think the unions are going to cooperate on ways to fix the budget? Nope.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grendell's Disgusting Stand on Senate Bill 5 (SB 5)

These pages have always been nice to State Sen. Tim Grendell.  Throughout Grendell's attention grabbing antics, death matches with his party on the local and state level, and support for Mark Schneider--these pages always gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Grendell's luck has ran out.

"I believe in general the bill goes too far," Grendell said. "When talking about labor situations, you need to have a balance. If problems with the current system are too costly to taxpayers and too favorable to employers we need to address those issues.
"As written, Senate Bill 5 essentially tips the balance in a way that eliminates any protections for people who work as public employees."
It's just disgusting Tim.  Sick.

Do you really think that taking the side of public unions is going to help you replace Steve Latourette one day?  Are the unions going to help repair the relationships with local and State Party people you hacked off?


Being conservative would have helped you.

Tim, it's quite clear now why the mention of your name illicits a role of the eyes from anyone who knows anything about politics around here.


Recent tweets from U.S. Rep Steve Latourette:


 Steve LaTourette 
The Continuing Resolution (H.R. 1) seeks to cut 100 billion off the President's  request.  


 Steve LaTourette 
The House has approved $61B in  , the largest discretionary spending cut in history: 

Boy oh boy...less than 1 week goes by and Latourette and the Republicans cave in on $39 billion.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ohio Democrats can't stall collective-bargaining vote by fleeing | Columbus Dispatch Politics

Ohio Democrats can't stall collective-bargaining vote by fleeing | Columbus Dispatch Politics

Yeah, but Sen Tim Grendell is on the fence? Against the bill? Is Grendell really a conservative? Is Grendell thinking that standing with Labor Unions will help him to the U.S. House if Latourette moves on?

Rumor has it

Yesterday we showed a list of wobbly State Senators that are having a hard time deciding whether or not to support Senate Bill (SB) 5.

Rumor has it Tim Grendell is not going to support SB 5.

We will keep you posted.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wis. governor: GOP won't be 'bullied' by union bill protesters - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Wis. governor: GOP won't be 'bullied' by union bill protesters - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Please God, give these Governor's and the respective State Legislators the strength to follow through on what is being promised now: the crushing blow to collective bargaining, the right to strike, the end of binding arbitration, and increased payment by public employees to the cost of their benefits.

Lord in the Great State of Ohio, be with Governor Kaisich; be with State Sen. Jones, AND ESPECIALLY BE WITH THE FOLLOWING STATE SENATORS that might be wobbly:

  • Senator Majority Leader Jimmy Stewart (R-Albany)
  • Sen. Frank LaRose (R-Fairlawn)
  • Sen. Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati)
  • Sen. Scott Oelslager (R-Canton)
  • Sen. Gayle Manning (R-North Ridgeville)
  • Sen. Jim Hughes (R-Columbus)
  • Sen. Bill Beagle (R-Tipp City)

News-Herald: Eastlake cyber cafés could soon face regulations like those in nearby cities -

Eastlake cyber cafés could soon face regulations like those in nearby cities -

Yeah. That is the ticket. Enact new laws to tax the opening of new businesses. That is a way to grow the economic base, yeah.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dispatch: Officials praise limits on unions

Another Day, another raucous protest by union thugs in Columbus

Union thugs boo those they disagree with, and local officials beg for help in negotiating with said thugs.

Wonder if Bob Weger was down in Columbus with the unions thugs?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dispatch: Collective-bargaining bill leads busy Senate week

Unions thugs descend on State House

Thank God for the Ohio Government Section of the Columbus Dispatch. The good Lord knows that the News-Less Herald and the Cleveland Raw Dealer cover little to nothing about State Government and its impact on this region.

Anyhow, this page has discussed and linked to articles about Sen Shannon Jones' valiant efforts to castrate the Public Employee Unions in Ohio.

S.B. 5 would end collective bargaining and the right of public employee unions right to strike. The bill would also end binding arbitration.

Governor Kaisich has gone so far as to threaten to put this bill in the State Budget!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

GOP proposal means big changes for teacher contracts | Columbus Dispatch Politics

GOP proposal means big changes for teacher contracts | Columbus Dispatch Politics


A truer statement can not be thought of right now (than the following form this article):

"Unions have always taken the viewpoint that they are not going to give anything unless they get something. Schools these days can't give them very much at all."

Saturday, February 12, 2011

News-Herald: Mentor hires outside attorney for OVI case involving former state Rep. Mark Schneider

We have to admit that it is surprising that the News-Herald is continuing to cover the Mark Schneider DUI fiasco.

We will give credit where it is due: the News-Herald.

Read the NH's continuing coverage here.

The right thing to do is to appoint a special visiting judge and prosecutor to handle Mark Schneider DUI case.

The Klammer mafia in Lake County has deep ties.  Do you really think hiring John O'Donnel to prosecute Schneider does anything to ensure a fair, impartial case?  O'Donnel has been a life long Lake County resident!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Public-worker unions ready to fight GOP proposals | Columbus Dispatch Politics

Public-worker unions ready to fight GOP proposals | Columbus Dispatch Politics

Right on, right on! Let's fight it out!

Let's hope Kaisich and legislator hangs tough.

Squash the public employee unions.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ohio Senate Republicans move to wipe out collective bargaining for all state workers | Columbus Dispatch Politics

Ohio Senate Republicans move to wipe out collective bargaining for all state workers | Columbus Dispatch Politics

Now is the time for the Legislature and Governor to put their proverbial boot on the throat of the public employee unions.

Perhaps with these reforms the disgraceful manipulation of the tax payers by go-along-to-get-along empty suits (e.g. Willoughby Hills, Willoughby-Eastlake School Board, Lake Land Board, etc.) will come to an end.  See, the taxpayers have no representatives--rather, empty suits and skirts at City Halls and in Boards of Education work with public employee unions to manipulate the tax payers.

More to follow.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog: New political column to debut Sunday -

Blog: New political column to debut Sunday -

John Hutchenson will prattle on in the same way Dave Jones did.

The News-less-Herald essentially functions as a public relations firm for city councils, school boards, and other appointed boards that seek to raise taxes and employee their friends and family.

Look at Ellen Foley Kessler and her sister Deborah Foley. Ted Klammer appoints Ellen Folley Kessler to Lake Metro Parks Board...Ellen helps Deborah get United Way of Lake County Executive Director Job ($117, 000 per year)...Deborah gets appointed to Mentor Library Board...and the band marches on.

Grendell, LaTourette named to committees -

Grendell, LaTourette named to committees -

Notice something. Latourette is NOT in leadership of an sort. He got assigned to be a vice chairmen of a sub-committee, and the board that over sees the Smithsonian.

That's pretty embarassing. This guy has been in Congress for around 16 years and is a senior member of the Ohio Delegation...but, no leadership.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Columbus Dispatch: Retirement funds: All state workers will pay for fixes

Public Employees will have to fix their own broken system

If we had a decent news organization around here their would be some coverage on the public employee pension fund boards rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Instead, we have the News-less-Herald reporting on the Lake Metro Parks, etc.

There is so much to say about this article. However, the most important part is that unions and their pension funds heard the message: NO NEW TAXES TO SUPPORT YOUR ADDICTION TO THE PUBLIC TIT!

The funny part about this article is that one union official said, "Our membership certainly knows that tax payers are hurting these past few years, but studies have shown the funding level from the employer side (read taxpayers) since about the mid 1990's has been shown to be inadequate...."

Simply disgusting.

Enough is enough. No more mayors and city councils raising taxes to fund their friends' retirement in turn for help getting re-elected.

The dirty secret is the council members working that lowly part time job also vest time in public pension funds for their "service." Also, they buy time towards retirement.