Saturday, November 26, 2011

Issue 2 Failure Symptoms Surfacing in Lake County--proposed cuts (threats) and more levies to follow!

Turkey day is over.  Now it is time to face some hard realities.

Let's take the Crown Jewel of Lake County, Eastlake Ohio.

Eastlake is facing around a $2 million in shortfall in its 2012 budget.

The voters in Eastlake had the sense (not in every area on election day) to defeat the 4 mill levy/5 year levy that the elected officials and bargaining units wanted.

Now that SB 5 is dead the City has its usual tools to deal with its expenses: proposed layoffs and levies.

Imagine a world in which SB5 passed.  The City of Eastlake and its elected officials could have told the bargaining units something along the lines of: "hey--our levy didn't pass.  YOU WILL take $2 million in concessions, but everyone keeps their jobs."

No chance of that now.  Just more levies and threats.

Yep.  More threats (the City asking department heads to make lists of proposed cuts to threaten the residents with) and more levies (three proposed for March).

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