Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mourning Over, Game On

OK.  Our mourning period for Issue 2 is done.  It is game on.

SB5 has been killed by a swarm capital sucking parasites.  These pests feed on the fruits (capital--money) of our society by gorging themselves with banked sick days, retirement in the 50's, gold plated benefits packages and leave the rest of us with a bill.

They killed any and all reform of the problems they have caused using and incestuous relationship with elected officials.  In general, most elected officials are deathly afraid of the bargaining units working in their jurisdiction.   These elected officials usually work in concert with the cops, firemen, and other workers to raise our taxes.  The methods are always the same: bully, intimidate, scare, and lie to the public.

More later....

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