Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dan Troy's Friend & Donor Jimmy Dimmora Says he (Dimora) is Going Right Back to the Comish's Chair This Thursday

Dan Troy's Friend and Donor Jimmy Dimora after a hearing at Federal Court.

Wow! Dimora is just as arrogant as Dan Troy! No wonder they are friends.

More tonight on the Dan Troy--Jimmy Dimora connection.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sexual rumors swirl in Buckeye State

Sexual rumors swirl in Buckeye State; a story resurrected from the 2006 Gubernatorial Race.  This story dogged Ted Strickland in 2006.  In fact, it got so bad an Ohio News Network personality came out and asked Ted Strickland:

"...are you gay or not?"

Video of Ted Strickland being asked "...are you gay?" can be found here.

What would lead someone to ask a sitting congressman who had been married for twenty years "...are you gay?"

Allegedly, Ted Strickland took a congressional aide on a private vacation to Italy, according to the Toledo Blade.  This same aide had been convicted of indecent exposure.

These are reputable sources asking these questions and making these criticisms.

Sunday, September 19, 2010






Great Website

Busy Busy Busy!

Seems like Rep. Mark Schneider (D, OH-63) and...get this Rep. Lorraine Fende (D, OH-62) have been busy, busy, busy during the past week or two.  Why?

The major thorough fairs in MENTOR are littered with Schneider and Fende signs.  Fende signs?  Yep.  Seem that Rep. Fende has posted those mini-billboards all over Mentor.  We counted three outside of the 62nd house district, and saw several yard signs on major thorough fairs in Mentor?

Its east to understand Schneider's placement of signs (1) OH-63 (Mentor) is the district he represents, (2) Schneider has actual competition, AND (3) Schneider has a terrible record that he needs to run away from--tax, tax, tax!

Dave Fiebig signs seem few and far between.  C'mon Councilman Fiebig!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gov. Christie catches heat from Jersey firefighters over pensions -

Gov. Christie catches heat from Jersey firefighters over pensions -

Thousands of angry New Jersey firefighters battling for their pensions unleashed a chorus of boos at Gov. Chris Christie during a convention in Wildwood yesterday, according to a report.

But Christie, who has proposed reducing pension payouts by 5 percent to firefighters who retire after 25 years, lashed back.

"If you guys think you can shout me down, it's going to be a long day," he said, according to The Press of Atlantic City.

Under Christie's proposal, firefighters would have to work an extra five years to get their full pension

Heard On The Street!

This is a new feature of your trusty, faithful blog.

Whispers in Washington: You can't go too long without hearing chatter that GOPers may take dozens of U.S. House of Representatives Seats.  Fine.  That means leadership roles will change; Speaker of the House, Majority Leader, Whips, etc.  Also, Chairmen of Committees, ....

Where is Steve Latourette's name in the Leadership card? Nowhere.

It's been heard on the street that U.S. Representative Steve Latourette's (OH-14) proclivity for adulterous affairs has been used by the GOP establishment to blackball Latourette from the Leadership Slate Card.  In particular, Latourette's last tabloid actions during the Fall 2004 General Election are not looked upon too highly by GOP Leadership.

In other Latourette news, former State Representative Carol- Ann Schindel's niece is now in the employ of Latourette as an administrative liaison.

Didn't Latourette leave his former wife for his Chief-of-Staff Jennifer Laptook?  Watch out Ms. Laptook-Latourette!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ted Strickland Claims He's Down, But Not Out!

Today's Raw Dealer, or Plain Dealer for those of you in Eastlake, has an article over which has Ted Strickland admitting he is getting POUNED in the polls.

It has to be bad, REAL BAD, for Rev. Gov. Ted to admit he is losing.

Wonder if the tax hikes that he signed into law, and voted for by Lorraine Fende & Mark Schneider, has anything to do with the double digit deficit in the polls.  Maybe it's the 400, 000 jobs lost?

Bet it has a lot to do with the tax increases! Rev. Gov. Ted Strickland, Lorraine Fende, and Mark Schneider approved massive fee increases in the State Budget (House Bill 1) AND...AND...THAT'S RIGHT: RAISED INCOME TAXES 4.2%.   See the article here describing the December 17th vote by Lorraine Fende and Mark Schneider and subsequent signature into law by Ted Strickland.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Plain Dealer (basically) Admits Failing Miserablly (via endorsing Cuyahoga Cty Elected Officials in trouble). When will News-Herald Admit its Failures?

To our shock, the Plain Dealer mentioned next to each name of a disgraced Cuyahoga County Official that it had endorsed them. This is an admission of failure in their own way.

When will the News-Herald admit to failing the public? By failure we mean that it serves as the defacto public relations (PR) firm (read: lap dog) for local elected officials, city councils, appointed boards, elected boards, etc. seeking tax increases.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Bag Man

Read about Jimmy Dimora's and Frank Russo (county employee and county paid) bag man.

Do you think that Dan Troy used a bag man (county employee)  to bag a contribution from Dimora PAC?

Perhaps Troy's bag man could have been Kip Moleenar, Mentor-On-the -Lake, City Administrator and Dan Troy contribution bully.

Think Dan Troy is worried? --About the donations from Dimora PAC?

Jimmy D. tries not to appear worried here, but we wonder if Dan Troy is worried about the donations he has received from Dimora PAC?

Jimmy Dimora reacts after arraignment in federal court

Look out Lake County Judges! We're Watching!

Judge Terry leaves federal court

Judge McCafferty leaving federal court

Whether you are cheating on your spouse, or taking bribes to influence rulings...the people are watching!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Editorial: Pension funds can spend less on travel - The News-Herald Opinion : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Editorial: Pension funds can spend less on travel - The News-Herald Opinion : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Even a blind squirrel finds nut once in a while. Or, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

You get the idea.

The linked article is an opinion piece from the News-Herald, which is hand wringing about those out-of-control public pension funds in Ohio. To little, too late News-Herald. Everyone was talking about this months ago!

The problems is that the News-Herald supports EVERY levy, tax increase, money grab, etc. The News-Herald lacks the credibility to talk about cost cutting and reigning in spending.

We have said it before, and we will say it again: The News-Herald is the defacto public relations firm for Lake County entities wishing to raise taxes. No objectivity. None. Notta.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lorraine "The Legislative Loser" Fende--Preferred Candidate of Willoughby Hills City Council and Mayor Weger?

Made you look!  It's not that far fetched though.

We were out tonight and were accosted by this sign littering Ohio's beautiful 62nd House District.
Lorraine "The Legislative Loser" Fende loves taxes.  Everyone knows that.  Legislative loser Lorraine has voted to increase taxes, roll back tax credits, raise fees, ..., every chance she gets.  Take Fende's vote to roll back a State income tax cut via House Bill 1 last year, which is really an income tax increase.

Hey! Wait a minute...doesn't the Mayor of Willoughby Hills and most of its City Council support raising income taxes?  Yep.

Perhaps that's why Mayor Weger and Willoughby Hills City Council has not endorsed Councilman-at-Large Dave Fiebig, who is also the republican candidate in OH-62.  Fiebig stood up to the Mayor and City Council to oppose the greedy, confiscatory tax increase put on the ballot this fall.

Note: Councilman Nancy Fellows has voiced opposition to the greed, confiscatory tax increase in Willoughby Hills.

It's sad that the rob from the so-called rich and give to the public sector employees mentality has rubbed off on Willoughby Hills from Lorraine Fende.

Maybe if the greedy, confiscatory tax increase to support the police department and fire department passes the police can get blu-ray players for their cruisers when they are sitting at the weigh station...or, perhaps Lorraine Fende can get an earmark in the State Budget for that--like the park.



Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Turning Our Attention: November's Election

Ahhhh.  It's cooled off and we are well rested.

Ready, set, GO!

We need to start talking about this November's election.

Tonight's subject: OH-62.

Lorraine Fende, ex-wife of Mayfield Hts. Fire Captain Daniel Serge, set-up her campaign headquarters on Vine Street.  That's fitting.  Fende reminds me of Vine Street and vice versa (use your imagination).

Sadly, Lorraine will most likely win.  Fende has little to no presence in the community.  Fende never has had much of campaign.  Instead, Fende relies on her boyfriend, Judge Larry Allen, to intimidate local elected officials into supporting her.

Onto Councilman-at-Large Dave Fiebig.  Councilman Fiebig is a nice guy.  However, despite Fiebig's token opposition to Willoughby Hill$' tax hike we have to point out that he did not do enough to oppose the money grab.  Unfortunately, Fiebig can not raise the capital to knock out Fende.  That's disappointing.  Fiebig will see little to no support from the State House Republican Caucus...damn them!

Fende sucks. Fende is a legislative loser.  Fende raises taxes at every chance she gets.

God, please give Fiebig some money!  Please, God...give Fiebig an effective campaign.

THE REAL QUESTION TONIGHT: WHY HASN'T ANY OF WILLOUGHBY HILL$' ELECTED OFFICIAL$ ENDORSED Dave FIEBIG?  Voting records shows Ray Somich, Dave Reichelt, Nancy Fellows, and Bob Weger are republicans (even though their support for tax increases don't show they are republicans); but where is their endorsement?  Fiebig's list of endorsements don't show any of Willoughby Hill$' elected officials endorsing Fiebig?

What's wrong Mayor Weger?  Why not endorse Dave?  Is there an earmark in the State budget coming to you?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Governor walks in Euclid for workers - The News-Herald News AND Mark Schneider Walking in Lake County

Governor walks in Euclid for workers - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Seems fitting: Governor Strickland went to Euclid to support unions and tax increases to support unions.

Doesn't it seem like Strickland should have also went to Willoughby Hills to support public sector unions and tax increases too? It's obvious that Euclid and Willoughby Hills are the same page: taxes, fees and high union wages.

Today's tells us how Mark Schneider is out pounding the pavement, door-to-door, to get re-elected.

Do you think Mark Schneider is telling the people he voted for a State Budget that raised millions of dollars by increasing fees (e.g. the automobile registration fee after you are 5 days late, or the fee to register your professional license from the State); House Bill 1?  Or, do you think that Schneider is telling the people how he voted to raise the State income tax retroactively for 2009 and 2010 stealing almost $900 million from tax payers.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

M-L councilman learns he can no longer serve on Board of Revisions - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

M-L councilman learns he can no longer serve on Board of Revisions - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Uh oh...looks like some of Cuyahoga County's bad practices have made it to Lake County.

Now, the linked story originally ran in the NH on 8/11/2010. However, revelations in the past week about the chicanery going on over at the Cuyahoga County Board of Revisions caused us to go back and look at the situation in Lake County--that is, the illegal appointment of a Mentor-on-the-Lake Councilman to the Lake County Board of Revisions.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lake County, JFS union employees reach deal - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Lake County, JFS union employees reach deal - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Reached a deal?

Wow! " increase in compensation from July 1st for at least 12 months."

You don't say. How about a pay cut for the union? Has a public employee ever taken a pay cut or decrease benefits?

Keep an Eye on Them!

Over at today we learn about another elected official in Northeast Ohio that allegedly took bribes from a company doing business with government.  This case occurred in Cuyahoga County again.  Strongsville City Councilman Patrick Coyne who is also a Cuyahoga County Employee AND a Cuyahoga County Democrat Party apparatchick  allegedly took bribes from a Hinckley, Ohio developer in order to influence the award of contracts.

Hmmmmmmm.  Is Lake County immune from all these businesses and elected officials illegally exchanging money, gifts, and favors for the use of political influence?  Certainly not, we bet!  Good question: why isn't anything getting exposed in Lake County?  We certainly can't have the only local government immune to corruption.

Think any local councilmen  or mayors are steering contracts for favors, donations, or business for their business?  Let us know.  Know about a County Commissioner using his car to visit a girlfriend in another part of the state?  We'd like to know about that too.  Know about a judge carousing around town?  Drop us a line.  Heard about a township trustee appointing a friend to a board?  You know where to send that tip!  Or, how about a public employee union conspiring with city council committee to get a pay raise in the future.  Tell us!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Willoughby Hills eyeing income tax hike - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Willoughby Hills eyeing income tax hike - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Looks like Mayor Weger and Councilman Somich had a rally for their money grab, I mean tax increase last night.

This article has a lot of funny quotes, which we will deal with tonight.

The best was when Weger said he wanted the City to be at the same level cities around Willoughby Hills...hahahaha...that's funny. Weger resents that other cities have higher tax burdens.

Or, how about this--Somich agreed about attracting younger residents. Yeah. Raising taxes will do that.

More later.