Monday, September 6, 2010

Governor walks in Euclid for workers - The News-Herald News AND Mark Schneider Walking in Lake County

Governor walks in Euclid for workers - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Seems fitting: Governor Strickland went to Euclid to support unions and tax increases to support unions.

Doesn't it seem like Strickland should have also went to Willoughby Hills to support public sector unions and tax increases too? It's obvious that Euclid and Willoughby Hills are the same page: taxes, fees and high union wages.

Today's tells us how Mark Schneider is out pounding the pavement, door-to-door, to get re-elected.

Do you think Mark Schneider is telling the people he voted for a State Budget that raised millions of dollars by increasing fees (e.g. the automobile registration fee after you are 5 days late, or the fee to register your professional license from the State); House Bill 1?  Or, do you think that Schneider is telling the people how he voted to raise the State income tax retroactively for 2009 and 2010 stealing almost $900 million from tax payers.


  1. You are misleading your three readers again... for the record, Euclid increased their city income tax to 2.85% in 1994 - which means that for the last 16 years, Euclid's city income tax has been almost double that of the Willoughby Hills 1.5% rate. If WH voters approve the proposed increase, WH will still be almost a full percentage point lower. Did you take any math in school?

  2. Mark Schneider's in a swing district in a year where the governor of his party seeking re-election is DOA. If Strickland had to go to Euclid to drum up support, all is not well with the Democratic base. That's really bad at Labor Day.
    Riverside School District is the second district in Lake County to put a levy on the ballot because of unfunded mandates through House Bill 1. Check out the price tage: 4.84 mills. Lorraine Fende did it to Willoughby-Eastlake School District residents and Schneider has now done it to Riverside.
    Votes to make Strickland the "education governor who fixed school funding" have consequences. If you live in District 63 and haven't woke up to the reality to get Ron Young back in office I don't know what will do that for you.
    Perhaps the sticker shock of the 3 additional money levies in Painesville Township will.

  3. Anon (1):

    ummmm? Misleading? No. We won't even waste our time justifying.

    Let's get this straight; Mayor Weger and Councilman Somich think that making Willoughby Hills as highly taxed as surrounding cities is a good thing--that's a selling point for Weger's and Somich's tax increase?

    Who cares if Willoughby Hills isn't as highly taxed as Euclid. So what. Have you looked at Euclid lately? Loehman's hlaza and the Richmond Heights/Willoughby Hills border is just the start of things....

    The need for an income tax increase in Willoughby Hills is simply a payback by the City Council's personal committee to the public sector unions in Willoughby Hills. Plain and simple.

    Perhaps Willoughby Hills could save money by bidding out the work Willoughby Hills Auto Repair does on the City's police cruisers. Has Willoughby Hills ever bid that work out? Just askn'.

    Anyhow, our readership is higher than three people! It's closer to four or five!

    Let's see. We marked the IP addresses of comments that were signed by Councilman Dave Riechelt, Councilman Somich, Willoughby Hills' Police Department's server, and the former editor of the News-Herald. That's four readers!!


    Ahhhhh the server logs tell the whole little school girls.

  4. Another thing about Schneider pounding the pavement is reading which way the wind is blowing and learning at the school of the MasonMafia.
    The Political Kingmaker in Cuyahoga County must have a crash course for his assistant prosecutors on how to hit the campaign trail.
    Schneider also knows that Strickland and Fisher are done at this point. Knowing that he's on his own, he's doing what a good Bill Mason disciple would do: knock on as many doors as possible.
    But he's not even telling people he's a Democrat. He insists he's an independent, yet Schneider rarely, if ever, challenged Democratic House leaders. Scheider calls that independence?
    Ron Young has a track record of challenging the GOP establishment in Columbus.

  5. On Schneider the Mansonite: agreed.

    Schneider is tax hiking, carpet bagging piker.


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