Saturday, September 18, 2010

Heard On The Street!

This is a new feature of your trusty, faithful blog.

Whispers in Washington: You can't go too long without hearing chatter that GOPers may take dozens of U.S. House of Representatives Seats.  Fine.  That means leadership roles will change; Speaker of the House, Majority Leader, Whips, etc.  Also, Chairmen of Committees, ....

Where is Steve Latourette's name in the Leadership card? Nowhere.

It's been heard on the street that U.S. Representative Steve Latourette's (OH-14) proclivity for adulterous affairs has been used by the GOP establishment to blackball Latourette from the Leadership Slate Card.  In particular, Latourette's last tabloid actions during the Fall 2004 General Election are not looked upon too highly by GOP Leadership.

In other Latourette news, former State Representative Carol- Ann Schindel's niece is now in the employ of Latourette as an administrative liaison.

Didn't Latourette leave his former wife for his Chief-of-Staff Jennifer Laptook?  Watch out Ms. Laptook-Latourette!

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