Friday, September 17, 2010

Ted Strickland Claims He's Down, But Not Out!

Today's Raw Dealer, or Plain Dealer for those of you in Eastlake, has an article over which has Ted Strickland admitting he is getting POUNED in the polls.

It has to be bad, REAL BAD, for Rev. Gov. Ted to admit he is losing.

Wonder if the tax hikes that he signed into law, and voted for by Lorraine Fende & Mark Schneider, has anything to do with the double digit deficit in the polls.  Maybe it's the 400, 000 jobs lost?

Bet it has a lot to do with the tax increases! Rev. Gov. Ted Strickland, Lorraine Fende, and Mark Schneider approved massive fee increases in the State Budget (House Bill 1) AND...AND...THAT'S RIGHT: RAISED INCOME TAXES 4.2%.   See the article here describing the December 17th vote by Lorraine Fende and Mark Schneider and subsequent signature into law by Ted Strickland.

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