Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Turning Our Attention: November's Election

Ahhhh.  It's cooled off and we are well rested.

Ready, set, GO!

We need to start talking about this November's election.

Tonight's subject: OH-62.

Lorraine Fende, ex-wife of Mayfield Hts. Fire Captain Daniel Serge, set-up her campaign headquarters on Vine Street.  That's fitting.  Fende reminds me of Vine Street and vice versa (use your imagination).

Sadly, Lorraine will most likely win.  Fende has little to no presence in the community.  Fende never has had much of campaign.  Instead, Fende relies on her boyfriend, Judge Larry Allen, to intimidate local elected officials into supporting her.

Onto Councilman-at-Large Dave Fiebig.  Councilman Fiebig is a nice guy.  However, despite Fiebig's token opposition to Willoughby Hill$' tax hike we have to point out that he did not do enough to oppose the money grab.  Unfortunately, Fiebig can not raise the capital to knock out Fende.  That's disappointing.  Fiebig will see little to no support from the State House Republican Caucus...damn them!

Fende sucks. Fende is a legislative loser.  Fende raises taxes at every chance she gets.

God, please give Fiebig some money!  Please, God...give Fiebig an effective campaign.

THE REAL QUESTION TONIGHT: WHY HASN'T ANY OF WILLOUGHBY HILL$' ELECTED OFFICIAL$ ENDORSED Dave FIEBIG?  Voting records shows Ray Somich, Dave Reichelt, Nancy Fellows, and Bob Weger are republicans (even though their support for tax increases don't show they are republicans); but where is their endorsement?  Fiebig's list of endorsements don't show any of Willoughby Hill$' elected officials endorsing Fiebig?

What's wrong Mayor Weger?  Why not endorse Dave?  Is there an earmark in the State budget coming to you?

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