Friday, September 3, 2010

Keep an Eye on Them!

Over at today we learn about another elected official in Northeast Ohio that allegedly took bribes from a company doing business with government.  This case occurred in Cuyahoga County again.  Strongsville City Councilman Patrick Coyne who is also a Cuyahoga County Employee AND a Cuyahoga County Democrat Party apparatchick  allegedly took bribes from a Hinckley, Ohio developer in order to influence the award of contracts.

Hmmmmmmm.  Is Lake County immune from all these businesses and elected officials illegally exchanging money, gifts, and favors for the use of political influence?  Certainly not, we bet!  Good question: why isn't anything getting exposed in Lake County?  We certainly can't have the only local government immune to corruption.

Think any local councilmen  or mayors are steering contracts for favors, donations, or business for their business?  Let us know.  Know about a County Commissioner using his car to visit a girlfriend in another part of the state?  We'd like to know about that too.  Know about a judge carousing around town?  Drop us a line.  Heard about a township trustee appointing a friend to a board?  You know where to send that tip!  Or, how about a public employee union conspiring with city council committee to get a pay raise in the future.  Tell us!

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