Thursday, September 16, 2010

Plain Dealer (basically) Admits Failing Miserablly (via endorsing Cuyahoga Cty Elected Officials in trouble). When will News-Herald Admit its Failures?

To our shock, the Plain Dealer mentioned next to each name of a disgraced Cuyahoga County Official that it had endorsed them. This is an admission of failure in their own way.

When will the News-Herald admit to failing the public? By failure we mean that it serves as the defacto public relations (PR) firm (read: lap dog) for local elected officials, city councils, appointed boards, elected boards, etc. seeking tax increases.


  1. Don't hold your breath for this to happen at a paper in a newspaper chain that has been bleeding cash. The next big day at the NH is Sept. 30, the day the Audit Bureau of Crculations releases numbers of April 1 to Sept. 30. Watch for a further readership drop.
    They have been applying tourniquets all over as the newsroom has been downsized. The last thing on the mind of the NH brass is lost credibility because they have never seen a levy they despised.

  2. I agree completely with your sentiment. Smarmy articles lead to friendly local political contacts which lead to more smarmy articles. The process is therefore faster and cheaper for the NH.

    At least the NH provides an online comment board. However, it appears they pay the gatekeeper to work only a few hours each day.


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