Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Protesters greet Kozlowski during visit to Conneaut

Protesters greet Kozlowski during visit to Conneaut

Casey Kozlowski certainly was in the lion's den at the Conneaut City Council meeting. Angry pro-public-employ-union council members armed with window dressing resolutions and angry public employees foaming at the mouth greeted Kozlowski at the Council meeting.

Kozlowski is in a tough spot. OH-99 is D. No doubt about it.

The Ohio House would no doubt pass SB5 with amendements, however, it is not clear if Kozlowski will stand by his principals with his vote. Think about that carefully.

House leadership (Batchelder) could count up the votes and figure out which Representatives could be allowed to ceremonially vote "No" on an amended bill.

This would allow Kozlowski to pacify the deranged public employee protesters, union bosses, pro-union council members and the like.

How about Lake County?

Ron Young will not let us down.

Lorraine Fende is an idiot beholden to unions.


  1. Foaming at the mouth? Really.
    Kozlowski should stand by his principals.
    Makes no difference with this type ofgamesmanship he will endup being a one termer.

  2. Ron Young is a hypocrite. How are all those minority contracts for him and his wife working out?


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