Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Latourette Earns that Most Liberal Republican in Ohio Rating

Latourette on SB5:

LaTourette said he won't endorse the state collective bargaining bill. 'Being a lawyer, I've never seen the legal system more efficient than sitting down and negotiating over wages and benefits,' the former Lake County prosecutor said.

Latourette called the most liberal Republican Rep. in Ohio.

You are sad Steve. Pathetic. You really did become everything you said you wouldn't when you went to Washington.  You don't even try to hide your horn (RINO horn).

You won't run against Sherrod Brown.  You will bang the drums a little and make some noise, but you won't run.

Enjoy your houses in Virginia (i.e. the lobbyist wife's houses).


  1. Seems Steve doesn't want to catch the backlash of this Bill.
    Recently on C-SPAN during a Transportation seminar I believe he called the new GOP member of Congress "knuckledraggers"? Interesting someone who fears not the Tea Partiers.

  2. LaTourette is exactly right about SB-5. You would do yourself well if you read it and did not drink from the Kevin DeWine Kool-Aid trough.

    Sadly, like here, many people are acting on uninformed emotion and hatred of the unions instead of sound, unemotional and informed judgement.

    LaTourette's votes on NPR, the CR and others will be dealt with in the next election, but agin he is right about SB-5.


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