Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brooklyn Raising Taxes a part of the Story

No one missed yesterday's headline: "Brooklyn losing American Greetings, its largest and most high-profile employer."

In recent days revelations of AG's largest shareholder's, the Weiss family, owning a stake in the Crocker Park Development which will be adjacent to the ne HQ have surfaced.

This undoubtedly played a role in the relocation of the HQ.  Furthermore, the dog and pony show and rhetoric about a move was clearly orchestrated to fatten up the move with corporate welfare.

However, Brooklyn's raising of City income taxes could not have helped.

Raising City income taxes were just the nail in the coffin.

Mayor Waster, Councilman Scamich, ..., local school boards and the like are not going to help the cause of a dying region by raising taxes to keep pay, benefits, bonuses and other perks coming to public employees.



  1. This is probably in the same circle as Painesville ignoring the Lake Hospital system and as a result they moved to Concord Twp. all the rest was hype. Cleveland Clinic never left its orginal site? Cities must respect present business operating in their city and not spend all their time looking for the NEW golden calf. Brooklyn pulled a Painesville.

  2. Brooklyn Municipal Income Tax Rate = 2.5%

    Westlake Municipal Income Tax Rate = 1.5%


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