Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dave Anderson's Road to Nowhere--Now a road to Federal Court

Dave Anderson and the City of Willoughby have been overspending on Big Government for years.  Municipal golf courses, airports, and real estate speculation!

Back at the end of March Rick Osborne thought it would be a good idea to antogonize the Federal Government with an article blaming them for his inability to plan his real estate development project.

Ahhhh yes.  Dave Anderson chimed in trying to explain why he blew $5.4 million back in 2004 putting in infrastructure at the behest of Rick Osborne.  Steve Lie-tourette chimed in too--always eager to justify (to the donor)--what they were getting for that large donation.

Now the strong arm of the law!

The City of Willoughby and Rick Osborne were sued in Federal Court!  The gist of the suit is that The City and the Developer dumped excavated materials into wetlands.

What a waste.  $100, 000's in legal fees will be spent on top of the $5.4 million already dawn the sewer.

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  1. Seems like this story is replaying in Painesville. Same road to nowhere, same kind of development, same developer?


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