Friday, April 22, 2011

Chardon Muny Court Primary: Candidate caught admitting he tried to deceive public

Today the News-Herald discusses how the Chardon Muny Court Primary is getting brutal.

Trustee Matt Lynch, brother of former Euclid Mayor Dave Lynch, is filed a complaint against Dennis Coyne with the Ohio Elections Commission; both are republican party primary candidates, along with Daniel Bond, to replace Judge Mark Hassert.

The interesting part about situation is that Matt Lynch's website has a recorded phone call between Dennis Coyne and the Chief of the Bainbridge Police Department. In the phone call Coyne outright admits he tried to deceive the public! Wow!

One has to wonder who is working for which candidate and who cooked up the offending campaign literature.

This is not even debatable! Coyne was recorded admitting he lied.

Click to go to the website with the audio of the phone call.

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