Thursday, April 7, 2011

Candiate Watch

Willoughby Muny Court: Karen Kowal V. Harry Field

Current OH-18 Senate District: Some (D) V. Jaimie Callender (R) or Taxn' Trustee Galloway (allegedly R)

Current OH-62: Larry Allen (D) V. Some (R)

Current OH-63:  Some (D) V. Ron Young (R)

Where does Lorraine Fende fit in?  Where does Dan Troy fit in?  Politicans, due largely to their ego, don't play nice and won't do what is best for the people or the party.  The smart play for the Dems would be Dan Troy running for the State House, and Lorraine Fende running for the Senate Seat.  That won't happen though.

The current OH-62 race which Troy SHOULD run for will most likely see Larry Allen first Dave Fiebig.

The most fun part of all this will be the scorched earth primary between Jaimie Callender and Taxn' Trustee Galloway.

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