Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No Sympathy: Lake County commissioners, Election Board battling out budget

The News-Herald actually covered something interesting today. They reported that the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Elections are squabbling over the budget.

It seems for whatever reason that the Board of Commissioners is taking a stand with BOE and giving them less money than they want.  The Commissioners even have suggested furlough days!  Good.

Dan Troy, according to the article, suggested shutting the BOE down for two weeks.

That's a good start Dan.  How about shutting it down and furloughing the employees for four weeks?  Maybe two different two week shut downs?

At first pass the BOE employees at least two relatives of Elected Officials representing Lake County.  It's almost certain there is at least another.

Anyways, we are flat broke in this country.  Every level of government is bankrupt.


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