Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grendell's Disgusting Stand on Senate Bill 5 (SB 5)

These pages have always been nice to State Sen. Tim Grendell.  Throughout Grendell's attention grabbing antics, death matches with his party on the local and state level, and support for Mark Schneider--these pages always gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Grendell's luck has ran out.

"I believe in general the bill goes too far," Grendell said. "When talking about labor situations, you need to have a balance. If problems with the current system are too costly to taxpayers and too favorable to employers we need to address those issues.
"As written, Senate Bill 5 essentially tips the balance in a way that eliminates any protections for people who work as public employees."
It's just disgusting Tim.  Sick.

Do you really think that taking the side of public unions is going to help you replace Steve Latourette one day?  Are the unions going to help repair the relationships with local and State Party people you hacked off?


Being conservative would have helped you.

Tim, it's quite clear now why the mention of your name illicits a role of the eyes from anyone who knows anything about politics around here.

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  1. Grendell in on the mark with this one. This is a piece of crap that will be challenged in court and may lose.

    Who is here to say the police, fire, and teachers are the problem with Ohio??


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