Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog: New political column to debut Sunday -

Blog: New political column to debut Sunday -

John Hutchenson will prattle on in the same way Dave Jones did.

The News-less-Herald essentially functions as a public relations firm for city councils, school boards, and other appointed boards that seek to raise taxes and employee their friends and family.

Look at Ellen Foley Kessler and her sister Deborah Foley. Ted Klammer appoints Ellen Folley Kessler to Lake Metro Parks Board...Ellen helps Deborah get United Way of Lake County Executive Director Job ($117, 000 per year)...Deborah gets appointed to Mentor Library Board...and the band marches on.

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  1. Whats is John Hutchensons background?
    Can't agree with you more about the Newsless-Herald, they don't even try to hide it.


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