Monday, January 3, 2011

Ohio's 129th General Assembly Sworn Today: Who will have the courage to make $8 - $10 billion in cuts?

The new Republican controlled 129th Ohio General Assembly was sworn in today.

Let's cut to the chase.

Ohio is facing a $8 - $10 billion projected budget deficit.  Governor-elect Kasich and 21 of the legislators sworn in today signed an anti-tax pledge.


This means that these folks MUST make $8 - $10 billion in cuts to the next budget and NOT raise $8 - $10 billion in revenue.

Kasich proposes the budget...and the General Assembly must approve it.

Of course, State Senator Tim Grendell signed the anti-tax pledge.

Other signees of interest are Governor-elect Kasich, Rep. Ron Young (OH-63), Rep. Mike Dovilla (OH-18), and Rep. Casey Kozlowski (OH-99).

Rep. Ron Young's reputation proceeds him.  Young was in part responsible for one of the largest tax cuts in Ohio History.  We have some concerns about him though.  We have heard that he is concerned that he did not get enough done during his last terms in office due to his conservative stances.  Watch Young with a cautious eye.

Two more interesting freshmen legislators are Mike Dovilla and Casey Koslowski.  Dovilla represents the Strongsville area.  Dovilla beat Matt Patten.  Koslowski represents all of Ashtabula County and tiny, tiny part of northern Trubmull County.  Thank God Koslowski got rid of Debbie Newcomb.

Little is known about Dovilla and Koslowski in action.  They have said the right things and have signed the pledge.

The real question is: does Kasich, Young, Dovilla, Koslowski, and the rest of the signees have the courage to make $8 -$10 billion in cuts?

Anti Tax Pledge

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