Friday, January 14, 2011

Fallout: Here comes the intimidation

It is clear that some elected officials in this country are trying to use the recent, tragic events that took place in Arizona for their own benefit.

Two articles that have come to light show that a Member of Congress, U.S. Rep. Billy Long, may be using the F.B.I. to intimidate critics.   In this case a "blogger" critical of Rep. Billy Long has been visited by the F.B.I. and local Sheriff.

"Local Blogger Claims F.B.I. Intimidation" is not a surprising headline.  Read the article here.

Another article asserts that the U.S. Capitol Police has asked Members of Congress to assemble a list of names that they feel are threats.

Wow!  Members of Congress are assembling lists of people to have investigated!

What a sad day for the Republic.

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