Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Willoughby Hills Solution

It has been decided that every time the issue of tax increases to pay for "the help," that is safety forces and the rest of the folks that have their hands in our pocket---Willoughby Hills will be referenced.


C' is mid June and hot.  Laugh a little.

Anyhow, a story over at CNBC caught our attention.  In a nut shell a couple of academic types did a study and concluded that State and Local Government would have to raise taxes $1, 400 per household if they are to fulfill promises to public employees.

Read what we call, "The Willoughby Hills Solution," here.

Yep. We are $2.7 trillion short on the promises that people like those who run Willoughby Hills, Willoughby, Lake County,..., and the State of Ohio.

Shame on you Bob Weger, shame on you Dave Anderson--shame on you all!

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