Monday, October 24, 2011

Who in the World (Lake County) Will Replace RINO Sines?

RINO Sines, Lake County Commissioner, and Red State Strategies' Client is not going to run for County Commissioner.  That's old news.

Who is going to run to replace RINO Sines?

Sines' Wikipedia needs some help by the way.  That may become a side project for us.

However, we want to open up the discussion on who will replace RINO Sines.

The filing deadline to participate in the Spring Primary is December 7th.  The party machines hate primaries.

Let's start with the D's.

Now, that old man Larry Allen is out and needs to keep providing for his soon to be bride, Lorraine Fende-Serge, we think he would be a good fit in the State House.

That leaves Lorraine Fende-Serge as a possible candidate for Lake County Commissioner.

The other obvious choice is Judy Moran, Willowick Council President.

Cat fight!


  1. On the R side...How about Mayor Anderson of Willoughby?

  2. Hmmmm. Anderson is well known RINO that narrowly missed several years back. Anderson likes BIG intrusive local government. Anderson plays nice with local democrats, e.g. won't endorse R's, endorses D's, supports every tax levy, supports government boon doggles at the behest of local wealthy business owners.

    Let's see failed project (1) at he behest of local big shot; Willoughby Commons for the Osbornes, or "Dave Anderson's Road to Nowhere." (2) Handing Jim Brown his own private airport at tax payer's expense.

    Wow. Anderson would fit right in.

  3. Hit the nail on the head!

  4. How about Bob Murphy of Wickliffe. He left Troy shaking last commish election.

  5. Bob Murphy means well, but is NOT a serious candidate. Murphy can do sound bites, but not substance. Ultimately, Murphy is not willing to do what it takes: raise $$$$$$ and use his own $$$$$$$.


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